Sunday, December 30, 2018

I can not help but wonder why they would do this to me. I have been at peace with these humans for many years

For ccc years I deport follow my treasure. My family and I had taken it from a humans townsfolk that we once fumed upon. I took my plowsh ar and placed it on the upland heath concealed in a barrow. No man should shake delayn it or hitherto caught a reflection of these jewels sparkling in the light of the sun. I was isolated from this universe because of what I am, the fuel-drake, they call me. When Hygelac was king I did non frustrate his people often, unconstipated when the new ruler came to power for 50 years I did non b new(prenominal) his kingdom.A dirty human hence snatched iodine of my treasure pieces right emerge of the barrow. The day I came back to my hideaway I knew several(prenominal)thing was missing. The precious cup progress of g grey and jewels had disappeared. Angry and full of vexation I set forth to test protrude the wretched thief, while go to my barrow numerous of time to search if my eyes had deceived me. The gold treasure-cup was still n o where to be found. I will flame them all to ashes.The fury that I feature was uncontrollable. I could feel the anger slow making its why by my organic structure, and until I found the thief I was exit to contain it. There were so many a nonher(prenominal) of these creatures how was I to k flat which one had my treasure-cup. They are all alike it does not guinea pig who stole my gold treasure-cup. Do not think to start anything with these humans Draco, I turned around to influence that it was my begetter and the attracter of my kind, Drace. You do not understand. I will not let these so called humans take advantage of me. It was respectable one golden treasure-cup that is all wherefore is Drace not agreeing with me? It is that it was my treasure-cup and they came and b otherwiseed me first I roared back. You are on your own then. For if one gold treasure-cup is worth starting a war over then so be it that let this be known that I will not help you in any way. This is y our battle. But let me also warn you of a man called, Beowulf, for he is unlike the eternal sleep of their kind.With that, Drace left, and I was alone once again.The point that my family was not on my side did not help the fact that I cute to conceal my anger until the right time. I went out and nearly burned everything to the ground. That was my uncollectible mistake for now my barrow was now visible to any eye. I knew that they would concisely come after me. I knew that some of these humans were not cowards. I began to arrive at myself for the upcoming battle. I did not have much to fear, for my breath could do much harm than all of their stains combined. It still would have felt good to know that I had my family behind me.Shhh.. What was that? I know that they could not be coming for me so soon. travail begins to pour from his pores.I must withdraw that they are only humans.As the barbarians locomote up the mound towards me I could see their leader very clearly. For he walked with his well high and attend the strongest of all. This must be the man, Beowulf, that my father was talking of. But something near him caught my eye, why he did not face his age, but in his eyes I could tell that he had gone through many winters. Gaining back my confidence I proceeded upon them.Ha Look at that old fool. Does he really believe that he can defeat me.The leader on the watch himself for battle by putting up his shield.Ha That shield will not protect you old fool.The man Beowulf swung his sword and I roared as it made impact with my body. The strength of this blow was something that I had neer felt before. I was sure I had been wounded, but as I look not even a shekels was on me. Im invincibleThe look of gust replaced the courageous expression Beowulf once had. I enveloped him with a huge flame of fire I produced at that exact moment. The other humans with him ran attain like cowards towards safety. The leader was left there fighting off the flames. I stopped in rejoiced in my glory, but the second I was handout to end his life, the only noble warrior of his pushed him out of my grasp. This man was trying to save his leadership life.He was whispering something to him in a language I could not make out. Roar I rushed at them and through the flame I could see the man protecting his leader. The leader vibe stood up and swung his great sword- sword and hit my head. Staggering, I saw the sword break. Running towards them I sunk my fangs into the throat of the man, Beowulf. As I turn I felt the blade of another sword. This time there was pain. The other man had drawn his sword upon my body and I was wounded. My vision began to fail and in pain I try to converge my strength back. Beowulf removed an object from his corslet and sharp sensations overwhelmed me.

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