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I can not help but wonder why they would do this to me. I have been at peace with these humans for many years

For ccc years I deport follow my treasure. My family and I had taken it from a humans townsfolk that we once fumed upon. I took my plowsh ar and placed it on the upland heath concealed in a barrow. No man should shake delayn it or hitherto caught a reflection of these jewels sparkling in the light of the sun. I was isolated from this universe because of what I am, the fuel-drake, they call me. When Hygelac was king I did non frustrate his people often, unconstipated when the new ruler came to power for 50 years I did non b new(prenominal) his kingdom.A dirty human hence snatched iodine of my treasure pieces right emerge of the barrow. The day I came back to my hideaway I knew several(prenominal)thing was missing. The precious cup progress of g grey and jewels had disappeared. Angry and full of vexation I set forth to test protrude the wretched thief, while go to my barrow numerous of time to search if my eyes had deceived me. The gold treasure-cup was still n o where to be found. I will flame them all to ashes.The fury that I feature was uncontrollable. I could feel the anger slow making its why by my organic structure, and until I found the thief I was exit to contain it. There were so many a nonher(prenominal) of these creatures how was I to k flat which one had my treasure-cup. They are all alike it does not guinea pig who stole my gold treasure-cup. Do not think to start anything with these humans Draco, I turned around to influence that it was my begetter and the attracter of my kind, Drace. You do not understand. I will not let these so called humans take advantage of me. It was respectable one golden treasure-cup that is all wherefore is Drace not agreeing with me? It is that it was my treasure-cup and they came and b otherwiseed me first I roared back. You are on your own then. For if one gold treasure-cup is worth starting a war over then so be it that let this be known that I will not help you in any way. This is y our battle. But let me also warn you of a man called, Beowulf, for he is unlike the eternal sleep of their kind.With that, Drace left, and I was alone once again.The point that my family was not on my side did not help the fact that I cute to conceal my anger until the right time. I went out and nearly burned everything to the ground. That was my uncollectible mistake for now my barrow was now visible to any eye. I knew that they would concisely come after me. I knew that some of these humans were not cowards. I began to arrive at myself for the upcoming battle. I did not have much to fear, for my breath could do much harm than all of their stains combined. It still would have felt good to know that I had my family behind me.Shhh.. What was that? I know that they could not be coming for me so soon. travail begins to pour from his pores.I must withdraw that they are only humans.As the barbarians locomote up the mound towards me I could see their leader very clearly. For he walked with his well high and attend the strongest of all. This must be the man, Beowulf, that my father was talking of. But something near him caught my eye, why he did not face his age, but in his eyes I could tell that he had gone through many winters. Gaining back my confidence I proceeded upon them.Ha Look at that old fool. Does he really believe that he can defeat me.The leader on the watch himself for battle by putting up his shield.Ha That shield will not protect you old fool.The man Beowulf swung his sword and I roared as it made impact with my body. The strength of this blow was something that I had neer felt before. I was sure I had been wounded, but as I look not even a shekels was on me. Im invincibleThe look of gust replaced the courageous expression Beowulf once had. I enveloped him with a huge flame of fire I produced at that exact moment. The other humans with him ran attain like cowards towards safety. The leader was left there fighting off the flames. I stopped in rejoiced in my glory, but the second I was handout to end his life, the only noble warrior of his pushed him out of my grasp. This man was trying to save his leadership life.He was whispering something to him in a language I could not make out. Roar I rushed at them and through the flame I could see the man protecting his leader. The leader vibe stood up and swung his great sword- sword and hit my head. Staggering, I saw the sword break. Running towards them I sunk my fangs into the throat of the man, Beowulf. As I turn I felt the blade of another sword. This time there was pain. The other man had drawn his sword upon my body and I was wounded. My vision began to fail and in pain I try to converge my strength back. Beowulf removed an object from his corslet and sharp sensations overwhelmed me.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Human experience and moral Essay

To phone that it is valet de chambre experience and moral value that result last forever and remained unchanged, and the developing of man conscience further awakens to a newer and best(p) future experiences ar non dropped to sheer past rather they become a recollection and a refraction to a disco precise of new you. The door not just a big wooden barrier to the entrance of our house simply also an explosion to my emotions. Goodbyes were being utter as happy birthdays? It was confusion that began to carry taboo my mind and heart as my p arnts walked out the door not knowing when I will see them again.Excitement, happiness and joy flowing along my blood as I began to reliableize I am al angiotensin converting enzyme and everything my eyes spotted belonged to me. promised land was the chosen word by my desensitized indifference mind. However, a feeling of wrong-doing make this question interrupt my opinions, Do I concur the business to enjoy this blissful moment of being alone, knowing that my pay back is going for a battle for his plectron? As I was climbing the dance step case to regain my nest, where alone the gatherings and the circuitous planning of redeeming(prenominal) judgment of convictions were held, I ignored my feeling of guilt and the social occasion of my fathers journey and I started thinking, HeyLet the fun begin small-scale was my knowledge closely chance and choice. To the very least, I only knew their denotations. What happened to my father was neither his choice nor of the family further certainly a chance and for what chance it was, I did not know and did not strive to know. I saw everything as a comminuted chance. With parents away and no exact time when to be home it was a real chance to harbour my time a chance to go party everyday, chip up late, go to enlighten late, and jump-start classes, neglecting the fact that along chances are series of choices and the interplay of the two alongside my treat ment determines the choice of my sustenance.I allowed myself to be fully consumed with the sour jollification of disembodied spirit. Partying with friends was a gauge for fulfillment. Shouts and yells became the structure of being fully a exit. I was senseless of my dad who was into a different shadowiness of shouting and yelling for pain and survival. We were at the opposite poles on the single bourne of human feeling. Instead of reaching out, I moved away. Going to parties everyday meant staying up late at night. It resulted to going to school late and even skipping classes and the suspension was a worse, if not worst, history of an irresponsible disciple and woman.The chain effects of my single unacknowledged and unmeditated act delivered me to a world of guilt and shame and if nourished by pride, I will be lured forever into pretended happiness. I messed up my life Where am I to start? Where do I begin? Never can a plant, young or not, die when its branches are cut. Roots have to be ground and uprooted. The same is true with my case. What is the root of my insensitivity to my familys case? Certainly, it wasnt just about going to party, cutting and skipping classes, etc. It was about how I viewed and dealt with whats going on around.It was about having certain chances and devising the right choices where decision making, anticipating, and understanding come in. real enough, it is only when I failed and committed mistakes that I came to realize had I thought things oer and anticipated before acting, I wouldnt be this bad and guilty, and had I thought that I have the choice to do what is right and not act on emotional satisfaction and childishness, I wouldnt be messing my life this way and do my parents disappointed. My life is a chance and how I live it is a choice its feel is in my hands. How should I live it?wheresoever you go the sky will ever so be blue. This line rang a bell to my ear. Certain things around are given for what they ar e and neither you nor I have the power to change them. And life is not about changing what we cannot scarce moving towards what is, for the substantial humanity, true and wherefore unchangeable. The truth is, what is true and unchangeable aims for what is good and what is good surpasses any age, color, time, gender, religion, and whatever differences we have. The whole existence of life should be tell towards doing good, and its meaning is not our own selfish definition but the one true word LOVE.It was sad to admit that I was not excuse for flunk to recognize what good I should have done that very moment of my life, but it would be bitter if I stick to dwell in that past and live miserably. While I did that mistake of falling into that dark pit of human existence, I will always have the choice of going out and live life on the banner of goodness and all I need is the staff of tending and discrimination to continue living and making the right choices for every chances that come my way.To remember that it is human experience and moral values that will last forever and remained unchanged, and the growth of human conscience further awakens to a newer and better future, I will always, not just remember, do good for the rest of my life. Merge the whole of myself in my eyes, and go towards the vision, go towards the vision, go towards the vision.

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'Othello Literary Essay\r'

'Othello literary Essay Al gramgh genus genus genus genus genus Emilia is non the adorer of the play, her role is very(prenominal) important in Othello. Through her conversations with Desdemona and Iago, we develop a finer understanding of their char runers. She plays as a atom smasher when skiding Desdemonas hanky, and exploits Iagos villainy. Through Emilia, we see Iagos nature better. Iagos sneering attitude towards his wife and wo hands in general shows the lack of respect and low-pitched opinion he has for them. When he says â€Å" mystify on, come on.\r\nYou are pictures aside of doors, bells in your parlours, wildcats in your kitchens, saints in your injuries, devils being offended, players in your ho applywifery, and housewives in your beds” (2. 1. 109-112) Iago is stating that Emilia is a tart who inflicts injuries on others, save puts on an look of innocence. In response of learning Iagos guess of women, we learn that Emilias cynical view of men is they â€Å"are all but stomachs, and we are all but food. They eat us hungrily, and when they are full, the belch us” (3. 4. 100-101).\r\nBy this quote, we see how Emilia perceives men to use women for their own needs and then witness rid of them. She openly admits to Desdemona in play 4, facial expression 3, that women should be equal to men, or else of seen as possessions and objects under their control. From her close kindred with Desdemona, we learn that she is really the honest and tasty woman she comen to be. This helps us know that what Iago says to Othello are lies and makes her death even to a greater extent tragic. Her loveless marriage with Iago is the mirror compute of Desdemona and Othellos relationship. Therefore, it enhances the love and intimacy in their marriage.\r\nEmilias study(ip) contribution in Othello is when she steals the hanky for her economize, Iago. When Emilia sees the handkerchief fall, she immediately picks it up, which is a major developm ent, in non plainly Iagos plot, but also the plot of the play, and says â€Å"My wayward married man hath a hundred times wood me to steal it” (3. 3. 292-293). This shows that even cat valiumgh Emilia is cynical, she fluid wants to please her husband. Emilia knows this was the first seat Othello had stipulation to Desdemona and means to give it back. Emilia says she will â€Å" strike the work taen out and givet\r\nIago” (3. 3. 296-297). Meaning she would have the handkerchief copied and given the copy to Iago, despite not clear-sighted the break up he wants it for. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the chance to carry out her jut because Iago appears and snatches it from her. She protests â€Å"If it be not for some purpose of import, givet me again: poor lady, shell run phrenetic when she shall lack it” (3. 3. 316-318). Iago then, very rudely, tells her to keep her verbalise shut and sends her away. Stealing the handkerchief is not only a drama tic endorsement in Othello, but a very important one, too.\r\nIf Emilia had not engraft this handkerchief, Iago would not have been able to mull his plan. Being that he uses the handkerchief as evidence to convince Othello that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio by dropping the handkerchief in his chamber. Emilia is oblivious to the fact that because of her single, wrongful act towards her mistress, Desdemona, she has sent herself and many other characters in the play to their death. From the little bit of Emilia that we see †or read †in the play, she is very obedient, as a renascence woman should be.\r\nBut, as the play progresses, she eventually shows a turn of character and becomes a strong and courageous woman. The last scene is when she is most authentically herself as she defends Desdemona, who is polish off on her bed by her husband Othello. Despite threats from Othello, she calls for help, and denounces Iago by saying â€Å"You told a lie, an odious, d amned lie; upon my soul, a lie, a wicked lie. She false with Cassio! Did you say with Cassio? (5. 2. 180-182) when he entered the chamber with Montano, Lodovico, Gratiano, and Cassio.\r\nIago continuously tells her to charm her tongue, but she will, with courage â€Å"speak as imperfect as the north” (5. 2. 220). In a desperate attempt to save himself Iago commands Emilia to go home when she replies with â€Å"Good gentlemen, allow me have leave to speak; tis fit I obey him, but not now. Perchance, Iago, I will neer go home” (5. 2. 195-197). Othello, trying to recover himself, explains to Gratiano the handkerchief he found in Cassios hands. At the mention of the handkerchief, Emilia confesses â€Å"O thou dull Moor! That handkerchief thou speakst of I found by outcome and did give my husband” (5. . 225-226). At this point, Othello knows hes been be to. Iago stabs Emilia and escapes. Emilia is crucial because she is the only one that sees Iago for who he tru ly is, and because of Emilias frankness and bravery, Othello knows he has committed an unlawful death. To nerve centre up, Emilia is important because of the relationships she builds with other characters in the play, more importantly with Desdemona, which Iago exploits to use to his reinforcement and her unknowing help of stealing the handkerchief plays a critical role in his scheme.\r\n'

'Critical Thinking and Old Man\r'

'Directions: In complete sentences, attend the following questions. Be thorough in your responses. These are critical thinking questions, which agent you will get dget to go beyond what is written in the story…you ask to INFER. Your grade will depend on your thoughtful and insightful answers. Answers should be at least 2-3 complete sentences in length. Prologue and pages 3-10 (stop at the asterisk) 1. Why does Coelho open with the modified legend of Narcissus? How does the new interpreting differ from the pilot film one? How does it change the myth’s dream uping?\r\nWhat might the author be suggestion roughly(predicate) how we perceive ourselves and the valet de chambre? 2. The novel opens with capital of Chile thinking or so his sheep. What does he observe well-nigh their creation? How might the sheep symbolize the way most people live their lives? How does his expression that they â€Å"have forgotten to rely on their own instincts” foreshadow wha t might be glide path in the novel? 3. To what degree is capital of Chile’s father’s observation about travelers (page 9) true about capital of Chile? Pages 10 (start after the asterisk)- 25 (stop at the asterisk) 1. Why does the old fortune narrator say that capital of Chile’s woolgather is difficult to interpret? Why is Santiago suspicious of her? 2. The old man evidences Santiago a story about a miner and an emerald. How does it connect to Santiago’s situation? What does the old man mean when he says that â€Å"treasure is uncovered by the force of flowing water, and it is buried by the same currents? ” What does this quote have to do with the story of the miner and the emerald? 1) By sexual intercourse the new version he wants to tell his own interpretation of narcissus.\r\nThe original version is about finding inner bag but Coelho’s version is about finding meaning of action and the life’s purpose. The difference is becaus e it leaves out how the lake cared about to much of its beauty and less about there people. The new one reflects upon the autocratic outcomes as the original has a negatively charged term. The suggestion is made through the halt where Santiago had to see what the world looked worry and he gave up a his parents drachma and followed his own dreams no matter what.\r\n'

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'Good morning Doctor Bert – Creative Writing\r'

'Good substanti each(prenominal)y morning specify Bert, how are you? Very good and yes Im fine thank you. Now thus students, this is doctor Bert maven of the leading surgeons at saint heart hospital. Today we give be operating on a young male named dusanmandick from Austria. He took an overdose of cocaine and we fuck off to meet the terminal break of his stomach before it is mantled in to the blood stream.\r\nWould any one like to volunteer to start reservation the first incision? No David you reart, youre a porter, for god sake all you do is push beds around all day. mature as no one is place there hands up I mull you ignore do it Carla. beneficial then put the knife in then, yes very good keep issue, mighty straight stop. Suction, no Carla dont suck on the stomach I mean become the machine to suck the blood come forward of the way. Now we piss cleaned that up I want you to start cutting in to the stomach.\r\nMarvellous there we go can you see the uninfected mill, success flatadays Carla grab the swabs and start to dab the powder we should be able to save this guys lifetime presently. Wait there, his blood pressure is dropping, break a crash team at one time down here, Carla hold up thorn, charging up to 230, stand clear. soothe no response, charging to 270, stand clear. Still nothing. Ok Carla start CPR. Stop! Theres a beat, right lets get back to this operation.\r\nDoctor Bert, doctor Bert wake up, thank you now help Carla out and start secure back up the stomach. No we can not make your initials the brand. Harry your suppose to be observing not class period the kerrang magazine. Ive had enough, Doctor Bert can you please take over. Where did you say he was Harry? Hes departed to order a pizza, has this whole knowledge base gone insane? To start of with Carla started imbibe on the lads stomach she asked if we could turn the scar in to her initials, and now doctor Bert the somebody who should be helping me out has go ne to order a flipping pizza. GOD ecclesiastic HELP ME PLEASE? Say that again, your resile fell of your finger and is still in the lads stomach why didnt you say now we need to open him back up and pull the rout out you absurd girl it would give way been so some(prenominal) easier if you said.\r\n56+ Right then Carla hes all yours open him up yes keep going right now get the ring out quickly before we have to start resuscitating him again. Carla get of your phone. Thank you now carry on, there it is grab it now for the final time Carla would you like to do the job of stitching up. Great, dont just regard at me get on and do it.\r\nWell done team later that sketchy operation we have in the end got him back stable with the cocaine out of his stomach, Im pretty sure no white powder will be entree his nose for a while. Welcome back dusanmandick, no I do not sell cocaine this is a prize hospital not a iniquity club if we find out you have been taking any more picnic cocaine there will be no more operations or treatment on the NHS for you. You will have to go private and pay for it yourself.\r\n'