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Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Law - Essay guinea pigIt also gets distributed by e-mails, text messages through a mobile phone and from other electronic devices. However, this truth was named after a nine year old girl namely Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped and assassinated in 1996, Texas.It all started in January 13, 1996 when Amber Hagerman got kidnapped, raped and than was killed by the kidnapper. She was riding her bicycle in Arlington, and was abducted soon afterwards. A neighbor saw and called up the police officials, presented them the description of the suspected car and also described the kidnapper. legal philosophy of Arlington, including the FBI, investigated around the neighborhood and searched for the vehicle which was suspected. However, her body was found after four days by a resident who was walking his dog. The body was laid on the bottom of the creek bed, in north Arlington. Unfortunately, she was nonviable as her throat had been slit. (Siegel, Larry J., 2006).The people of her community di scovered that the local officials had the information about it and it might shake off helped to trace her after she was kidnapped, but they didnt had any way to spread this information around the city. However, the syllabus was directed mainly on the radio, which was used to distribute information about the abductions. Throughout the springy, the police politics got orders to fax the information about the kidnapping to two other radio post. Those two radio stations than in turn verified the faxed information and then alert other radio stations through the following fax shows. It was an effective way to spread the news, but was very time consuming. Amber alert was first implemented by the Child Alert Foundation in 1998. This charity organization accomplished an automatic Alert Notification System or ANS to spread the news in the near-by communities where the electric razor was reported to be missing. Moreover, alerts were sent to the radio stations and were included to the

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Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Analysis - Essay ExampleTo begin with, it is non safe to love someone as well as much. It is neither safe to kiss the person one loves. Besides, it is dangerous to declare that one loves someone. The author mentions that everyone is a murderer. In this case, the girl is susceptible to murder. It is crucial for the girl not to venture out(p)side at night. Furthermore, she should avouch her mother about her whereabouts and the time she will come home from a night out. More essenti totallyy, much(prenominal) a person should not sleep so deeply. In the end, the author warns the girl to protect herself by carrying a knife, pepper spray, mace, and a gun. The author urges the teenage to spontaneous. In the last line, however, the layer surprises the readers by adage that the teenage girl will die anyway.It is essential to highlight that this text does not read as a short story. Instead, it reads as an instruction manual that is indispensable for maneuvering a complex life. All the sa me, the story uses a mild flashback as the author conceals the subject in the second paragraph. Before that, the sense of hearing is not aware of the direction of the short story. It, therefore, occurs that the subject is a vulnerable person of whom the society poses danger from all fronts.The text thrives on contradictions. In the first paragraph, the protagonist receives a warning not to venture outside. The audience expects that once the subject receives a warning not to go on dates she may be allowed to go outside for other activities. In addition, the author warns the subject neither to go on dates with men who bear on nor drive herself to date (Monson 64). In this case, the subject is torn between these two extremes of advice since she cannot choose. Besides, the author warns the girl to cast off time neither with men friends nor with any friend at all. In the end, the girl will overleap any friend. The author also tells the girl neither to stay home alone nor to venture o ut in public. The audience,

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Case Study Analysis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Analysis - Case Study ExampleHe was also to assume the interest with respect to terms of the interest of 12% as they had agreed. carry out has either regenerate under the law of pursuing the m maviny puppet owes her. According to the terms of their agreements, beak was speculate to clear Sues debt by 1st of July. Since the date that Peter was expected to settle the debt had come, Sue had a legal right to request Peter to pay the cash he owed Sue (Emerson 2004, p.18). Similarly, Peter had the responsibility of honoring the terms of their agreement.If Peter would fail to honor this agreement, Sue has a legal right to pursue Peter to settle the debt through the legal suees. However, it was wise for Sue to contact Peter and acquire him to settle the debt. If Peter fails to honor the agreement, Sue has every right and ground to follow the legal process so that she can be paid her debt. The legal process entails even suing Peter. The bottom line of this start is Sue as the lender has every right to request Peter to settle the remaining debt (MacIntyre 2010, p.13). Similarly, Peter has the responsibility of honoring their agreement by paying Sue 5,000 that remained as well as the interest.On this scenario, Peter has repaid Sue the sum of 25,000 only. This implies that he has paid the principal amount only less the interest. This is antonym to their agreement. Peter was supposed to pay both the principal amount and interest on 1st July. This implies that he has breached the agreement they had made. As per the rights of the lender encompassed in the common business law, an agreement is a contract (Keenan and wealth 2009, p.37). Once the two have entered in a contract, it is unlawful to breach the contract. Peter failing to pay the interest is breaching the contract between him and Sue. According to the common business laws, breaching of a contract is an offense. This is implies that when it comes to contract breaching one is liable of facing the

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Summary of chapter 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Summary of chapter 1 - Essay ExampleIf these twain forces are equal, where (F in F out =0), then the particle will be found to bear upon at a constant velocity.Mechanism and machines are terms that have been consistently used to a greater extent so in the field of engineering and technology. The term mechanism is used to refer to the chemical, physical and organic processes that are accountable for the occurrence of an action or a reaction. On the other hand, the term machine refers to the assembly of various parts that can transmit or convey forces, energy and motion in a programmed manner. In kinematics, mechanism can be seen as an ideal means of controlling, transmitting or compelling relative movement through rigid bodies which are connected together by joints.Kinematics has been widely applied in various subjects in order to reduce workload and describe certain Byzantine scientific concepts. For instance, in the field of astrophysics, kinematics has been used to describe t he movement of astronomic bodies and systems such as the solar system. In addition, it has also been used to explain the functioning of the various machinery parts more so in the fields of biomechanics, robotics and in mechanical engineering.This chapter therefore generally surveys the theoretic basis and the existing applications of kinetic and kinematic tax deduction for the appropriate functioning and design of machinery. In addition, the chapter has an organized presentation which aims at critically and scientifically lucubrate the mechanical advantage in the kinematic synthesis

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Effect Of University ID In Design And Technology Research Paper

Effect Of University ID In Design And Technology - Research topic ExampleThe Islamic architectural styles emerged during Muhammad time that initi in ally had principal Islamic architectural styles such as the palace, the fort and the mosque. As a way of preserving and revitalization of the full national heritage, the architects of Saudi-Arabian Arabia are development traditional design in new structures. King Saud and King Khalid planetary airport are examples of Saudi Arabian architecture that has combined moderneity and tradition. The key ingredients in the social organization are palm channelize leaves and tree trunks while in ornamentation of the buildings stone and wood are officed. Unlike the western sandwich architecture, that uses processed cement and concrete (King 123). Many architects in Saudi Arabia have not totally embraced the use of modernity in architecture. They have continually used traditional methods of construction. In as much as there is availability of modern building materials such as concrete and steel which are international materials that are devoid of regional characteristics, the Arab architects have developed striking effects in design and construction by using native brick, stucco, stone, ceramic and tiles. In buildings where the personal, human elements are important, the architects may include modern architectural designs and techniques. Architecture of Saudi Arabia The architecture of Saudi Arabia is greatly characterized by its deep history and shade and it encompasses a greater variety of architectural styles. It is ancient and renowned. The architecture of Saudi Arabia speaks a lot roughly the natural artistry of its people. Saudi Arabia is predominately an Islamic country and enjoys the history of one of the best Islamic architects of all time. Thus, it is not rare to see elements of Islamic architecture macrocosm used in abundance passim Saudi Arabia. Traditional as well as modern buildings both have such ele ments including domes minarets and so forth The architecture of the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is unique and diverse, this being brought about by its own rich and uniquely different cultural past that has developed over many years. The architecture, traditional in this case, is categorised by both and abundant use of vibrant colors and the presence of intricate patterns. Initially, this architecture was influenced in the main by the climatic conditions, geography and availability of resources to be used for the construction works from nearby areas. In its initial stages, the architecture in the central areas of the Kingdom was comprised of houses/structures made of sun-dried bricks that were readily available these being malleable, thus their insulating qualities. Parts of western Saudi Arabia used red bricks with stone housed being the most hot while in the city of Jeddah, due to the closeness of the Red sea, the houses were build using coral items from the sea. innovation al day architecture in the Kingdom entails the creation of a unique blend of both modern and traditional architectural patterns with the King Saud University and the King Khalid International Airport being between the two most remarkable architectural designs them combining both tradition and modernity in their structural makeup and design. greatly influenced by both Western culture and Post-modernism, in the past few decades due to the rapid modernization of the Kingdom, aspects of traditional Islamic architect

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Article Summary Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary - Article ExampleThe need for new applications has contributed to the advancement of chat and networking technologies (OBrien & Marakas, 2008). These changes have impacted businesses because they have to put in a lot of resources to manage the complexities brought about by these technological advancements. These trends have been causing problems for organizations.When it comes to using technology efficiently, the burden on managers is greater straight off than it was in the past. This is because technological advancements have brought about a lot of complexities in communication and networking systems. Previously, the internet was largely use as a platform for communication and entertainment. This trend has changed, and, for businesses, the internet today is mainly used as a business process automation and commercial platform (OBrien & Marakas, 2008). A good example is that managers today are more concerned about having an online presence than physical presence. Managers ha ve to grapple with how to manage networks effectively so that they can efficiently support their business processes. The network management dilemma remains a challenge for managers. Another example is dealing with how fast networks need to operate to satisfy their business demands since there are larger volumes of data to

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Civil war Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Civil war - Case Study manakinQ1. The scramble for Africa incorporated the entrance of African slave traders into African interior. The countries that were primary colonizers of Africa included the French and the British. Enlightenment, raw science, and industrial revolution influenced Europeans regard for Africa by the superior military in machine guns and a settlement of boundaries drawn in the exploitation of tribal, religious and linguistic differences.Q1. The significance of Haitian revolution is that it became the second nation in W. Hemisphere. Haitian constitution of 1801 reflects enlightenment by Article 29, which states in future each regulator names after five years and allowed to continue after every five years if overseen by the proper administration. On the other hand, it does non reflect the enlightenment through since Article 5 does not exist distinctions other than those based on virtues and talents (Carnes 15).Q2. The significance of Monroe Doctrine 1823 was the assortment if itself as the dominant intensity level in Western Hemisphere. Roosevelt Corollary 1904 significance was financial involvement in Central and South American countries face up economic and political

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Oil and Gas Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Oil and Gas Management - set about ExampleThis is achieved mainly throughLocal subject area participation sack be measured establish on a given project, an associate of the project or based on the country as a whole. Local content can be defined as the value added to a master of ceremonies nation via the activities generated by gas and oil production (Wise and Shtylla 2007).Many analysts are of the view that the effort and beat spent developing local content participation strategies can be of commercial and social benefits which can generate enormous economic growth as well as have a massive share in sustainable development (Petro 2010). Oil and gas companies are different and hence it is close impossible to achieve a booming local content participation program. To achieve a successful local content participation program, a number of key factors are to be involved. They includeA host of nations have made considerable progress in the implementation and advancement of local c ontent participation but the issue still remains of concern. As a result, more efforts and time are necessary to realise an improvement in the local content participation practices.It is estimated that 20 years from now, 90% of hydrocarbon production will be a product of developing nations (Baker 2007). This list of developing nations that extract gas and oil have introduced the local content participation requirements into the regulatory frameworks that govern the developments of natural resources. Due to the change magnitude importance for the local content participation, Statoil (2008) argues that most companies view local content concept as a strategic issue with direct impacts on vital business operations, for instance, procurement and business development. In response, some developing countries are coming up with innovative tools and strategies that are directed towards meeting the requirements set by local content policies as well as contribute to

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Video Business Case Report Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Video Business Report - Case reckon ExampleThe caller-up should look at astir(p) the liquidity linear perspective. It can be done natural reducing the operating cost. It can improve the valuation of the caller-out by increase the revenue of the comp whatsoever. necessitate can improve the net profitability by reducing the operating cost and overhead. This pull up stakes improve the employment efficient of the phoner. It can decrease the debt equity ratio by in increase the profitability. It volition join on the cash position ultimately and lead to summation of liquidity position of the firm. The company can increase the legitimate ratio by reducing the operating cost. It will ensure that the production efficiency of the company improves. This will have a direct impact on the profitability also. The board now wants to suffer a sustainable strategy so that it can avid the repeat of the global financial crisis in 2008. For this the company should increase the core equity capital and lower its debt ratio. With more debt ratio the company will be in obligation to pay off their dues else it can go bankrupt. The company tries to lower its prices of the products and reinvest its shekels back to the company instead of giving dividends to the plowholders. It will help the company in maintaining liquidity position so that they dont have to face cash crunch when credit in the commercialize dries up. Introduction acQuire engine room Solutions is an Australian-based company which develops and delivers Geoscientific Information Management System (GIMS) called acQuire. acQuire Technology solutions is facing many issues in its operation. The profitability of the company is decreasing from fiscal year 2012 to 2013. The forecasted profit of the company is also decreasing. The main reason for decrease in profitability is the increase in operating expenses. therefrom the company is not being able to maintain its cost down. The current ratio of the company is in creasing which shows that the companys liquidity position is improving. Share price of the company has decreased from 2012 to 2013. This is because the net profit of the company is decreasing. The share profit of the company is also decreasing. There has been huge decrease in share profit from $ 792,551 to $ 319769. It is also predicted that the share profit of the company is also decreasing. The liquidity position of the firm is improving while the debt ratio of the company is decreasing. The company is using its cash balance to pay off its current liabilities. Foreign exchange gain of the company for the financial year 2013 was $ 26, 151 as compared to $ 93,960 for the financial year 2012. It indicates sufficient drop in profit for the company. Again it has been projected that the company will not earn any foreign exchange gains or losses. Discussion Decision Criteria acQuire Technologies Solution is facing a bit of problem. The share of price of the company is decreasing becaus e of loss of profitability. The current asset ratio of the company is increasing from 1.12 to 1.26. The company should look at improving the current ratio. Debt ratio of the company has decreased from 1.74 to 1.09. The ideal treasure of this debt ratio is 0.5. This shows that the company has high debt ratio. The company should look at decreasing the debt ratio. The profitability position of the company is decreasing. The net profit margin of the company has decreased from 11.3 % in FY 2012 to 4.8% in FY 2103. Again it is estimated that the ratio will further decrease by 2.9% in FY

Is mass migration more of a threat or a benefit to European host Essay

Is mass migration more of a threat or a benefit to European host countries - Essay ExampleThe pay heeds for the non-European region lead to a large scale migration to Europe. The increased restrictions on immigration policies have resulted in the increased flow of non-conventional and illegal migrants in to the European nations. The involvement of European Union in the migration policies of the individual member nations has progressively become necessary and further enlargement in the European Union territory has accentuated this necessity. The flows of migration in both(prenominal) directions have resulted in some major impact on the economies of the host countries in the EU. This paper analyzes the come-at-able effects of the migration as to whether the mass migration results in some benefit or it should be construed as a threat to the nations.People migrate from one country or region to another for their own benefits which whitethorn include getting a better pay, joining the spouse of parent, to obtain more welfare benefits or for security reasons. Most of the host nations receiving these migrants stand to benefit. For instance, the supplicate for compass may be met easily when import from other countries. On some other occasions the same country may export labour to other countries depending on the economic calendar method of birth control the country is undergoing and due to the differences in the economies of different countries and labour markets. merely whether the mass migration to another country really benefits the people in the host country is a offspring of circumstance prevailing in the host nation. It may be noted that all the international migrants in the recent past to the United States and European Union represent spouses, dependants, relatives, students, asylum claimants for whom there is absolutely no demand in these countries. In any case they do not represent labour migrants. obscure from these there are other illegal and short line migrants who would like to stay and improve their authority by any available avenues. Over the period the economic benefits of labour migration have become little significant and have even turned negative (Borjas 1996, Wardensjo, 1999). Argument for Economic refers of Business The first line of credit that will be put forth in favour of mass migration is the economic criteria involving business interests. withal this argument suffers from a lacuna that the business interests that favour mass migration inwards into a country is ceaselessly of short term nature. Although easy and immediate access to labor will be preferred sort of than the costs involve in training and capital investment for long term, the nature of economic cycle would make the labour which was essential yesterday totally unemployed today, as has been witnessed with most the factories and mills of Europe. Employers who demand more of immigrant labour could not be blamed for the changed scenario. If the b usinesses are made responsible for the dealing the with the carriage time cost of these labour immigrants they would obviously reduce their demand for immigrant labour and make long term capital investment. However it must be remembered that the countries can not be just treated as just a set of economic levers but they consist of communities of people who have their own shared values, commitments, identities, origins and aspirations all of which will be affected by mass migration of people.Argument for General Economic InterestMass

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The most appropriate form of market research Essay

The most appropriate form of market research - Essay ExampleIn the scene of the study on 360 communication proficiency of marketing the market research attend for the same is politic identical to the concept of the old techniques. The processes conducted are implemented for the raw(a) techniques of communication to understand the needs of the new market and act in a more customer centric manner. The market research process first identifies the problem involved with the customers for the company. Identifying the appropriate cause of the problem economic aids to design the research in an hard-hitting manner. The main problem for the company is to conduct 360 communication techniques in a more cost powerful manner by identifying the appropriate way of communication in a particular market. For generating more tax revenue from the new customers the company need to segment the market and choose the target market for the communication technique to be adapted. Then understanding the problems of the existing customers through various methods of 360 communication approach can help the company to cope with the issues and implement strategies accordingly. Finally the communication technique through public relation and tender activity helps to convey the companys approach towards the customers and receive feedbacks for the different strategies implemented by the company and understand the need of the target market which will help the company to improve in the empyrean in accordance with the market needs.Collection of data from the respondents through primary or secondary research reveals. the carriage of the

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Constitutional Interpretations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Constitutional Interpretations - Essay ExampleAccording to U.S. Constitution online, thither are four basic methods of constitutional interpretation Originalism or pilot sprightliness, modernness or Instrumentalism, Literalism and democratic or normative reinforcement. Originalism, The theory that in constitutional adjudication judges should be bound by the intent of the farmers, where Farmer refers to those who wrote and ratified the Constitution, is a regulative theory of constitutional interpretation whose purpose is to provide this attempt and prevent constitutional interpretation from becoming political in the policy-making sense of the term. They consider it the original way of interpretation and look for guidance from makers if there is some ambiguity. According to this method, the constitution is interpreted in a traditional way of farmers. In this method, it is determined that how the farmer had thought and interpreted. For knowing the farmers way, different sources are used, for example, newspapers, Federalist papers, contemporary writings of the farmers and Constitution as well. This interpretation of approach is limited because save a few hundred people of the same kind cannot be the representatives of the diverse population of today. Modernism is exactly opposite to the originalism as they perceive original text to be old and not in consideration with todays world and its requirements. They believe in changing and improving constitution with magazine as modern development and scenarios can change the whole meaning.

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Management Information System Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

guidance Information system of rules - Case Study ExampleIt becomes more personalised and gives the customer more accurate cultivation.Making the full-page receipts contract change friendlier and quicker is one way to help gain more service customers beca custom it should result in the sale of more of these contracts.The company wants to automate its entire application process to travel up everything for both APCO and its customers and to eliminate much of the reliance on paper documents.Extract the information as easily as possible, without a lot of IT over- headUse the Internet as a air to achieve the above goalsInformation systems and blood strategy now align with each other to bring back Strategic information systems. Such systems deliver Computer system at any level of an formation changes goals, operations, products, services, or environmental relationships and helps organisation gain a competitive advantageThe Internet is changing the use of goods and services of information systems in organisations. The Internet is capable of dramatically reducing transaction and agency costs. Businesses are quick construct some key business processes based on Internet technology. Internet technology change state a key component of IT infrastructure.The extremity of the hour was to have a new Sales Management system and a Claims Processing System that would allow APCO to manage sales more efficiently and process claims with exceptional overheads and maximum efficiency and modify business processes to align to the new information processing systems. The systems need to use the Internet as a delivery channel to deliver maximum benefits to the new business processes coordinate around this channel. Both these above systems are Operational level systems.As a root shade APCO wants to introduce a comprehensive electronic document- management (or... The Internet is changing the role of information systems in organisations. The Internet is capable of dramati cally reducing transaction and agency costs. Businesses are rapidly rebuilding some key business processes based on Internet technology. Internet technology becoming a key component of IT infrastructure.The need of the hour was to have a new Sales Management system and a Claims Processing System that would allow APCO to manage sales more efficiently and process claims with limited overheads and maximum efficiency and modify business processes to align to the new information processing systems. The systems need to use the Internet as a delivery channel to deliver maximum benefits to the new business processes structured around this channel. Both these above systems are Operational level systems.As a first step APCO wants to introduce a comprehensive electronic document- management (or content-management) system.

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Text Set-Literacy Curriculum Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Text Set-Literacy Curriculum - look into Paper ExampleThis leaves no room for ambiguity for students at the same time in reason the subject matter. It is rather suggested that teachers should undertake activities in class where students will have to select short textual matter as per their choice. However, a limitation is there in this regard i.e. teachers obligation for version each and every story that the students pick as a short text. For this, it can be say that short text is much manageable in reading (Fletcher & Portalupi, 2001). It immediately finishes up in sensation sitting rather than womb-to-tomb novels that are continued for some days. Looking at the real tone examples of reading habits of general public, short text such as tweets, how-to articles, cookbooks, announcements, online forums are read more than longer books. Therefore, there is an avid need of making reading interesting for peers that is possible with the help of short text selection (Cohen,

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Company and Application Exercise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Company and Application Exercise - Essay ExampleMy last(prenominal) work do it, experience and interpersonal skills makes be capable of fitting into the tune requirement. Together with the special packet competence in engineering application, I am capable of achieving the requirements of the job across various cultures as per the job requirement. Therefore, it would only be ideal that i bring in my wealth of knowledge and experience into the companys operation and use my leadership skills and competence to help realize the companys objectives. Name xxxxxxxxxxx Address street number Mobile phone number, Home telephone Email Personal Profile I posses effective communication skills and I am capable of developing a communicating relationship with muckle I may not know it total varied environment making it possible to move with various people across various cultures to ensure accomplishment of tasks. I have a show leadership track where I have managed to lead various groups of craft smen as required in suppose to achieve designated task. Further, I am a team player who is ready and willing to work with others in creating the enabling environment for accomplishing tasks. I have proficiency in various engineering software indispensable to accomplish tasks and analysis or various data to arrive at the necessary conclusion. These include firedog and MATLAB. I am also willing to learn more software application as my job will demand from time to time. Education 1. B. Sc .Civil and Construction Engineering, University of Mississippi, July 2011 The four year training in engineering was inclusive of practical skills such project supervision and design work. 2. A levels, Mississippi refine school, Technical application, graduate, July 2009 At this stage, I acquired fundamental engineering knowledge with exposure on engineering projects and related works. Employment History 1. Field executive program, City Council, August 11 present I worked as supervisor in charge of plumbers with the responsibility of ensuring water connectivity to city residents. Coordinate the works of a team of 20 plumbers to various parts of the city to ensure that water connections were in place and correcting any possible problems. as well reported to the water engineer on the daily developments in the water supply of the city. The city council benefitted through with(predicate) the assured continuity of water supply to the residents and thereby reducing complaints from the residents leading to improved revenue hookup from the residents by the Council. Achievement The major assignment during the attachment period was to research, analyze and propose the causes of water shortages and the lendable methods to solve. Providing a recommendation to be followed in solving the water shortage problem was the ultimate objective. Benefits to employer The city council was able to determine, through my services, the extent of water shortage and projection of such increases if they were not mitigated. The employer also espouse water shortage mitigation strategy as recommended by me which was effective and the pressure was considerably eased. 2. ancillary Engineer-Operations, Hayer Construction-China, August 10 Nov 10 Feature To supervise and coordinate the site operations on the saying project Activity Planning for the supply and availability of quality on the site. Assigning duties accordingly to assorted people to ensure the flow of the project activities. Benefit The benefits the

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Othellos position as an outsider fuelled by his insecurities Essay Example for Free

Othellos position as an fall outsider fuelled by his insecurities EssayIn what ways does Othellos position as an outsider fuelled by his insecurities bring about his d consumefall?Shakespeare was on of the greatest writer of all magazine he wrote m both plays and among them there are his timeless tragedies. Some of the most popular are Romeo and Juliet, a casefulistic acknowledge tragedy, Macbeth and the famous Othello.Tragedy is unmatched of the oldest genres in literature. It started off in Greek propagation and one of the earliest writers was Aristotle. Shakespeare was influenced by Greek and Roman thought and ideas, which he used in his own revenge tragedies.Shakespearean tragedies are all set around the hero. The hero normally has a disgraceful flaw that causes the downfall of the hero. These ideas are clearly shown in the revenge tragedy Othello. In the play, Othello is a typical revenge hero. Othello is a cultural and racial outsider he is a moor, which is a natura l of blue Africa. This featured separates him from the other characters. He is a well- wondered man who is a loyal officer and has repeatedly prove him egotism in a battle, only if people put away do not accept him as one of them. This fuels Othellos insecurities and the way people treat and talk to him build on the many insecurities he already has. end-to-end the play there are many references to Othellos race and social background. In scene one the sense of hearing are introduced to Othello through Iago and Brabantio conversing about him. The earreach are informed that he is marrying the Kings daughter (Desdemona) behind the Kings back. This is highlighted by a quote from Act one Scene one A black ram is tupping your washrag +ewe. The references first impressions of Othello are that he is sly and un imprecateworthy.The resource used by Iago black ram and light yew signifies the differences between Desdemona and Othello, Othello is black and Desdemona is white. Not simply this but other ideas are connoted by these images to the audience. Black symbolise hate and evil while white symbolising purity, good and angelic. This opposite effect between them gives a negative effect on the audience about Othello. Witchcraft is spoken of He thought twas witchcraft by Iago and Rodrigo as there is no other reason for a pure and angelic character to issue such a hideous beast. The ideas of witchcraft world mentioned shows that people are seeing that Othello has personate a spell on Desdemona for her to love him.Othello isnt unwrapn as attractive or conventionally good looking. His blazon makes him unappealing and frightening implied by the imagery used by people in the play when communicate about Othello. When referring to Othello. The Moor and Thick lips are used as references to Othellos colour in many scenes. The imagery of animals or beasts is used a lot, Black ram and barbary horse. This is bringing Othello to an animalistic level with the imagery of monstrous un tamed animals or beasts. This is used to insult Othellos colour and his racial background. By saying he is of a low level and uncivilised.Although a lot of insults are directed towards Othello these insults are never spoken to his face. This is because Othello is a valuable and skilled soldier he has done a lot for the country and people find him for that. I strike done the state some service and they knowt. When speaking to Othello, Iago and Rodrigo call him my lord This shows respect and Othello seems to be accepted into their Venetian society because of his fighting ability, although the dramatic irony is clearly shown when Iago says, I do hate him as I do hells pains but when speaking to Othello in Act 4 Scene 4 he says. You know I love you my lord. This would be one thing that would diversity the audiences views about Othello and make them much aware of Iago as this starts to show his true colours. Iago mentions the word hell signifying the access and pure evil, this again relates to the views and opinions people have on Othellos racial background. His black skin reinforces the images and thoughts also.Discrimination is a let out theme during this play a lot of which is aimed at Othello. Although Othello has been accepted into their society he still feels conscious about his racial background as he states , haply, for I am black. Othello knows that hes an outsider to them and understands why, his vague qualities may be threat to some but on the other hand others are intrigued which Is shown when he says, her father loved me/oft invited me/still questioned me about the story of my life. People do not wish to accept the unknown but like to question it or like Iago feel the need to publicise it away.The unknown is ventured into by Desdemona she crosses the line between her society and the unknown by marrying Othello. This shocks and seems outrageous but it helps Othello be accepted more into their society. Desdemona was once too scar ed by Othellos race this is highlighted by the quote And when she seemed to thrill and fear your looks. But she looked beyond this I saw Othellos visage in his mind. This shows that if one can see the inner beauty then why cant every one else? Perception is a key theme during the play. The audience see that Othello is beautiful not on the outside but on the inside. Iago although he appears beautiful the audience see a different view they see more than skin deep.Desdemona accepts Othello for who he is, hence Othello feels safe and secure with her. He loves and adores Desdemona and would do anything for her. This is clearly shown in Act4 Scene4 And I when I love thee not, chaos is come again. This is implying that without Desdemonas love it would be the end of the world, the end of Othello.When Iago starts to question Desdemonas love for Othello, Othello now feels he cannot trust Desdemona. This affects him because she makes him feel accepted because she loves him for who he is and now he feels unaccepted into their society. Iago knows this so he plays on these insecurities to get what he wants. I think this quote is a good description telltale(a) the audience he is comparing Othello to an Ass, and Iago is leading him with his lies. And will as tenderly be led by thnose as asses are. This creates an image of an animal being led away so easily by something so simple, but by something it loves and craves.Iago does not tell Othello anything about Desdemona and Cassio he just cleverly puts thoughts into Othellos head, it is shown well n this quote, Ha I like not thatNothing my lord. Iago immediately catches Othellos attention and he is eager to find out more. Iago plants the reservoir of doubt and nurtures it over act 3. Iago carries on and starts to mention Cassio although he doesnt say anything about Desdemona and Cassio being unitedly he implies it, shown in this quote I cannot think he would twinge away so felonious like, seeing you coming. These quick s entences get Othellos mind racing, with doubt and jealousy. The words that make Othello eager are sneak and guilty this really sets the scene for a private affair. Othello panics and he answers Iago quick trying to find out more. What dost though think?As the scene progresses Othello becomes suspicious and starts to get annoyed with Iago, as it seems Iago knows something and is not telling Othello, Othello says Show me thy thought. Othello, feeling an outsider already is now separated from the group even more as there are secrets revolving around that he knows nothing of. Iago realises that Othello may not believe him, to get Othello to trust him and start to believe him he says You know I love you my lord. This dramatic Irony starts to show the audience that the real villain is Iago in the play and their sympathy goes out to Othello as all he is, is another(prenominal) cog in Iagos conniving and distorted plan.Toward the end of the scene Iago starts to really play on the insecurit ies of Othello. She did give away her father marrying you. This implies that if she can deceive her own blood then what chance does Othello have? This idea was brought up at the start of the play when Othello was speaking to Desdemonas father, and he warns Othello of her background telling him that she has deceived him many times before. So Othello starts to really believe it now. Why did I marry?To make sure Othello really understands Iago, Iago starts to imply that Othello being an outsider means he does not know a lot about their society. Iago comes from this society so anything said, Othello will believe because he doesnt know any different. In Venice they do not let idol see their pranks, they dare not show their husbands their best conscious. Here Iago is implying that Venetian women are not what they seem. Iago knows this from prehistorical experience and implies Othello has been pulled in by their deceptive ways.Othello is starting to doubt his position in the society as he realises he does not know enough. This plays on his insecurities and he feels more of an outsider than hes ever felt. This is shown by his epileptic fits on stage as he works himself up so much his frame shuts itself down. His epileptic fits contribute to his outsider qualities as this is a fault within him, which separates him from the society. People dont understand him and therefore cant accept him totally into their society. This gives Iago a chance to work situations to his advantage like the Cassio and Bianca scene. Othello becomes more and more insecure and vulnerable he needs to rely on Iagos advises more. Iago gets him to depend on him and a designer change occurs. The audience are aware of the change by Act 4 scene 4 when it is clearly shown. From then on Othello becomes more and more insecure, and Iago feeds on his weakness.Rude am I in speech / And little blessed with the downlike phrase of peace. (A statement form Othello.) This is showing us that Othello is prese nting himself as an outsider and constantly brings up his differences from other Venetians. This insecurity is brought on by the thoughts of other people. If everyone else thinks it, then Othello starts to think it too because he is so unsure about himself. Another quote that shows this is when Othello says, Haply for I am black/and have not those soft parts of conversation.Othello knows he is discriminated against his colour and he admits it Haply for I am black, his colour is linked to the ideas of a beast he refers to this by saying, have not those soft parts. The soft in this sentence is the total opposite of what is thought about Othello. He now discriminated himself and compares him self to other people and this is when he thinks his whole world is crumbling around him especially because his one true love has supposedly betrayed him. If Othello chooses not to believe in himself and lets himself be an outsider from the rest, then what chance does he have expecting others to acc ept him?Othellos position as an outsider is in a lot of way fuelled by his insecurities. This is a serious weakness that comes across on Othello and the paranoia he has upon himself does not help. Desdemona gave him the confidence to not care, but Iagos twisted and conniving ways led Othello to believe his one true love was not there beside him any more helping him through the tough times. Desdemona fuelled the little confidence Othello had and it was this reason that Iago used to break Othello. In the last scene Othello speaks Like a base Indian, threw a pearl away. Here in this metaphor Othello has realised Desdemona was his pearl the one thing left that made him she was his world and his world had now gone.

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Crisis Management and Communication in Organizations Essay Example for Free

Crisis Management and Communication in faces canvas1. IntroductionIn the modern changing world a crisis can happen anywhere. It cannot be expected. And efficacious Communication is in truth important when managing a crisis as one mistake done by the institution can affect the whole Organization itself, its stakeholders and the Industry. It even could threaten public safety, the financial position of the fundamental law and the reputation. It can lead to disruption of operation creating loss of market (W.T Coombs, 2007). Thats where communication comes in adroit as lack of communication between the Society and the Organization can lead to distress, this is the where vocal and non verbal communication is re all in ally important. Referring to the case of Dominos pizza (New York Times ,2009), when two employs of the Dominos franchise in Conover, N.C, played a video prank with the food and putting the video on YouTube, the Management waited hoping that it exit blow a course and that is what went wrong. thither was no news from them in the first 24 hrs. Instead of respondent the queries of the consumers and the media they waited in the hope that it will cool down which never happened (New York Times, 2009). In a billet deal this its really important to face the society and tell them whats dismissal on, should communicate with them verbally and non verbally or else the society will keep the image of the transcription the way they want, bully or big(a).When in crisis after appointing a spokes person, its really important for the spokesperson to be calm and attractive when confronting the media avoiding nervous habits ensuring the limit of disfluencies such as umhs or uhs, while avoiding fidgeting and pacing (W.T Coombs,2007). There is a good crisis example in 1993 The Pepsi product tempering in 1993 (M.Hubbard,2006).They proved that effective communication in the Organization and effective crisis public relations campaign combining various strateg ies can rebound the hoax(M.Hubbard,2006).When dealing with media regarding a business crisis, its really important for the organization to stick to what they say if the teachings given by the organization keeps on changing, dealing with the public relations will be a total disaster. They consider to be very clear rough what they say avoiding the disputations which doesnt make sense keeping it simple with trammel information for the time being.2. The Crisis 2.1. Communication Tactics It was clear in the case of Dominos pizza (New York Times, 2009) that circumspection wasnt aware of the web site unless a blogger alerted the Dominos vice president of communications Tim McIntyre. There was no re action mechanism from the management first as they didnt want to alert more commonwealth to the story. And according to the Adage, a trade publication, Dominos response was late as in a stain like this the firm should be antiphonal to the crisis in the first 24 hrs and dominos took 48 hrs to be fully responsive (R.Flandez, 2009). Just for the sake that more throng might be alerted on that point was no issue of formal press release to mainstream press meanwhile the internal team was ill-tempered to form a strategy.After the management came to know of the videos they started to search for the two employs of dominos that were responsible for the videos with the patron of bloggers and YouTube, and little that they realized that 70% of the conversation was going on Twitter and YouTube. As the Crisis began and most of the conversations were going on within the Social Net processs from dominos they opened a twitter account to be responsive to the consumers and the society, even the President of the dominos pizza Patrick Doyle appeared on a YouTube video and explained the present placement of Dominos and that the store where the video was walkover were closed and sanitized, for the efforts of Dominos Richard Levick, President of the Levick communications gives an F for the first 24 hrs and an A for the rest (R.Flandez,2009). By using the social Networks dominos managed to handle the situation well.2.2. Goods and Bads During the crisis, It could be clearly seen that even though Dominos was in a bad situation they didnt jump on defending just because they might attract more tribe and they didnt hold anything like a press group, which wasnt appropriate during that situation, but they did upload a video on YouTube and opened a twitter account to defend dominos and to tell people what was going on which was a good thing they did. The YouTube and twitter response was good but what somewhat the older generation?, the people who are not on any of these but still a fan of dominos, they will only hear what people say considering there was no press conference or statement on TV which is a direct source of information to the Public. From dominos if they had got on TV they could have told the public as whole that they are working on the crisis and what they are doing about it.Even in the YouTube video the president of Dominos pizza Patrick Doyle stated that the store where the video shot was taken by the pranksters was closed and sanitized (R.Flandez,2009),they could have invited the Media ( TV stations and reporters) to witness the process. Even though the two employs of Dominos were fired after the video they could have managed to get a live statement of what actually happened and why they did it. It could have given extra support to prove the innocence of the whole organization. In the case of Pepsi-Cola in 1993(M.Hubbard,2006) when a man in Tacoma, Washington claimed that he had base a syringe in a can of diet Pepsi, the story started spreading like wild fire in the country more claims started arising.Pepsi-Cola announced that they will pursue legal action against anyone making false claims and started work on proving the innocence of Pepsi-Cola, and the claims did turn out to be a hoax. The president of Pepsi Craig Weatheru p make appearances on TV and gave statements on radio. They even brought in cameras to the Pepsi bottling plant to show the bottling process and proved that there is no way that a foreign object could be inserted in to bottle or can before its sealed(M.Hubbard,2006), which is a very good example of communication in crisis. Dominos did make mistakes but they still managed the situation at a time there was no Social media plat forms or strategy in the Organization (M.Agnes, 2012)3. Recommendations After the incident took place on 13th April 2009.a study conducted by HCD Research found 65% of respondents who were daily customers hesitates to do so after watching the offending video(R.Flandez,2009). Recommendations are many for this gentle of situations. Like they could have prepared a communication list of reporters investors and customers, business partners and advisors and give to an official statement instead of waiting without any actions like in the dominos case and also admittin g that there is a problem helps to move on with the others steps of the process to overcome the crisis(M.Nowlan, 2006).Many companies give out the phrase no comment and that is not the best thing to do as the public will conclude the situation making the Company guilty. And also respond to the situation as quickly as possible (M.Nowlan, 2006).4.Conclusion As Effective communication plays a major role in the business organization its really important for the organizations to be ready for what might come for them. As one single mistake made by them at a time of crisis can lead to a loss which would be baffling to get over. As in the case of Dominos they were nearly out of business, there was couple of things which could have been done from the company side which were neglected in communicating the public. Its important to take action internally but considering the company to be a service provider, issues will rise in a speed that no human can expect it that way. Let this case be a l esson to all the service providers to improve their image for the future.

In The Heart of Darkness Essay Example for Free

In The summation of Darkness EssayIn The Heart of Darkness, Marlow learns first-yearhand the consequences, hardness, commerce, and corruption of coloring consciousness in European colonialism. The mercantilism and capitalism which were set aheading currency in Europe officially unfold through and throughout the world by the colonialism. This focus on wealth acquisition drives the Europeans to loot African territories of the preciously drop, ignites the vicious cycle of violence and cruelty, de benignantizes the Natives of Africa, and takes modern racism to a whole new level under(a) the pretext of civilizing and pacifying the African states. Marlow, who is the protagonist in this book along with Kurtz, bears testimony of his voyage to Africa that I afford seen the d horror of violence, and the devil of avariciousness, and the devil of hot desire (Conrad 34). These explanation sums up what Marlow encounters in Africa and gives a shortenify as to crimes of colonialism which existed in the name of change over and conquest.The Heart of Darkness explores the darkest motivations of colonialism and highlights its pillaging agenda by commercialisation of a culture, the denuding and exploitation of great wealth. In the Scramble for Africa, European countries unanimously agreed on poke and claiming portions of it. The agreement legitimized the groups of pirates posed as traders to exchange with and enslave the native peoples in a second staff of Neo-Slavery. The significance of the title, Heart of Darkness, flows in tandem with the love of m cardinaly which is the root of all evil. This imperialist greed is what exposes the criminality of inefficiency and pure selfishness when tackling the civilizing work of Africa (Hawkins 286). The total is wholly given over to the selfish pursuit of wealth and encumbers the masses by enslavement and deception.Kurtz is the embodiment of European colonialism for mostly his expeditions had been for ivory (Conrad 92) . The price of ivory is invaluable. As testament to the posture of the extraction of tusk in colonial times, we have the Ivory Coast. The natives would hunt the elephant for the ivory and then would trade it for s quarrys, strings, rum etc with the European explorers. Just as Kurtz life revolves around the hunt and gain for ivory (wealth), the central purpose of the Scramble for Africa which instigated the European colonialism is commerce, which was only exploitation of an ignorant people. Kurtz is introduced to Marlow as a man grubbing for ivory (Conrad 72).Marlow/Conrad uses a skilful literary technique in dehumanizing the Europeans for only animals grub for food. Ivory becomes not only the food which feeds their insatiable desires for self-aggrandizement, but also holds an enshrined position as a god, to whom their adoration ascends. As a newcomer on the expedition, Marlow heard the word ivory rang in the air, was whispered and sighed. You would think of they were praying to it. A taint of imbecile rapacity blew through it all (Conrad 44). These men sell their souls for a subjective resource in the name of commercialization and prosperity.Under the aegis of a company, plans were made to undermine the rights of the people and to acquire more territory. Marlow frequently alludes to the Company for whom he works. It is the East Indian Company which established vocation posts and for whom Marlow, Kurtz, and several other British men render service. Conrad states that the Company had the right to every bit of selective information about its territories (Conrad175). Here is a bold statement which demonstrates the company authorizing decrees, setting up surveillance, annexing territory, and claiming rights to ownership and governance. The embryologic signs are already being made manifest that Neo-colonialism is going to rear its head to prominence.As if to accent the financial nature of their purpose and intercourse with the people, Conrad underlines that the team of the Company were comparable those of El Dorado, hunters for gold or pursuers of fame (Conrad 17). Conrad makes a pertinent connection with the conquistadores and Spanish explorers of the New World who searched and hunted for gold due to the fab tale of hidden treasures in the jungles. The motives and the techniques have not changed.The goal of the men to Africa is specifically to conduct trade although there is full-blown cartography going on along the book similar to the early Spanish explorers. Describing the manager of one of the Companys stations, Marlow describes him as one whose eyes glittered like mica discs (Conrad 45). This coincidence of his eyes to mica tells of his mercenary vision and objective. Mica is a silvery precious stone which gleams like diamond-like crystals which a hexagonal shape. It was considered a jewel since it was rarefied in Europe thus highly costly.The cruelty of European colonialism is plain to the sight in Heart of Darkness, and is a by-product of a darkened heart. The presence of rifles, guns, and bayonets of the Europeans versus the spears, bows, arrows, and clubs of the Native makes this novel very bloody, dehumanizing, risky, and brutal. The paragon of cruelty is of course, Kurtz who embodies the Machiavellian ethic of colonisers who do whatever is obligatory to achieve their own ends.As Marlow enters Kurtz dwelling, Marlow is greeted by the heads which stand on stakes and adorn his home like medals (Conrad 94). What barbarous man would have dead cadavers of beheaded victims constantly surrounding him The reeking of death in Heart of Darkness is the scent of the lies taint as it emanates from the symbolic corpses and metaphoric decay that litters the course of the score (Steward 319). Moral decay and decadence are what corrupts Kurtz and which becomes materialized in the cadavers around which he surrounds himself. Whatever the colonizers could not let by deception, they take by force. Cruelty comes na turally to Kurtz to the point that it overtakes him. Even Kurtz threatens to kill Marlow on one occasion in demand for some of the latters ivory.Often intertribal war would wake because of hunting conflict and robberies-it was a bloody, cruel affair. Marlow depicts the hunting as just robbery with violence, aggravated tally on a great scale (Conrad 69). In one instance Marlow witness to the merciless lace of an African by one of the European traders as punishment (Conrad 23). Cruelty is a tactic industrious to subject and to intimidate people. A startling case of this is the flogging of the African which Marlow records earlier in the book. The dressing down occurs in front of several of his own people who stand around doing nothing to help the defeat victim.Marlow sees the strong Africans around him and knows that they can over military unit the white men, however, the mind is already enslaved and terrorized therefore the Europeans have withdraw rein over Africa. Whipping is a punitive method which recalls the times of slavery where slaves had to be lashed as incentive to toil harder or as an example of warning to others. Sometimes cruelty is the means and sometimes it is the end. Violence breeds violence. As the Europeans continue to assume rights and invade territory, the people of Africa rise up in rebellion.A few men of their team are killed by the African artillery. Marlow attests to the ammunition where he observes a bowed down(p) rifle, and a light revolver carbine the thunderbolts of that pitiable Jupiter (Conrad 98). Moreover, Africans negotiated the ivory trade provided that they could acquire the high caliber weapons of the Europeans so that in their local wars, they could have a greater advantage. The proliferation of arms serves the Europeans purpose to divide and rule so that cruelty against the Africans advances the ruin of the Africans when they kill one another.The consequences of colonialism are too many to be enumerated however the primary winding ones are dehumanization, exploitation, poverty, and the death of a culture. The European colonizers place a negative construction on Africans which Marlow himself has done. Although he only narrates the story based on his Eurocentric perspective, it is still dusky with bias, prejudice, dehumanization, and condescension toward the Africans. Viewing a people as inferior justifies their slaughtering and the plundering of their goods.Marlow says that he sees twenty cannibals splashing around and pushing (Conrad 61) in a river. This epithet cannibal represents the less than flattering aspect of the African upon which the European fixates thus debauch them and their culture as subhuman. Cannibalism existed in some areas of Africa however, for all the time that Marlow remains in Africa he is not eaten. Calling Africans cannibals was a normal act however which was in vogue among the Europeans. The Africans are never considered human in the novel.They are named sour figur es (Conrad 48), savages (Conrad 98), barbarian naked human beings (Conrad 97), nigger (Conrad 23), shadows (Conrad 100). Matched up against animals, Marlow compares their sounds to a violent babble of uncouth sounds (Conrad 38). No African speaks intelligibly in the novel seeing that their foreign applauder has a cacophonous, guttural, and animalistic note. As a result the power of discourse solely belongs the white man. Edward verbalise suggests that colonial power and discourse is possessed entirely by the colonizer (JanMohamed 59).The dehumanization of the African serves to unite them with The White Mans center masterfully expounded by Rudyard Kipling. Marlow feels that colonialism can be redeemed by embracing an idea unselfishly. That idea can be compared to Rudyard Kiplings The White Mans Burden (Farn 16). Broaching more in depth the theme of European colonialism, Marlow comments that all Europe contributed to the making of Kurtzthe International club for the Suppression o f the Savage (Conrad 83).Here he admits Kurtz collusion with Britain and other members of Europe in oppressing African peoples. The beating of the Africans like little children or animals also contributes to the debasement of this people from whose lands they were benefitting. A savage is semi-human if he is at all, and since to the colonizers he has nothing to say, nor are they interested in deciphering his tongue, they take greater liberty at enchaining him in a web of incomprehensible deceit.Dehumanization is crucial in the process of colonialism for enslavement of the mind comes first and then the enslavement of the body and person. The colonized individuals will must be broken, set at secret code value and then the colonial is at liberty to dominate, exploit and commodify the human being. The colonial legacy in Africanist ethnography can never be negated, but must be acknowledged under the sign of its erasure (Apter 577). Commodification converts the sacred into the profane (M arx 1848).The English explorers were the colonists of their day and once they constructed the Africans as inferior, or below their culture, dehumanization becomes informal and an almost natural step. The bitterest servitude was imposed and cruel aggressions executed and perpetrated against the Africans. Brutality, demonization and savagery are warrant for the indigenous peoples are not fully human consequently the Indians are wholly in their power through gratuitous cruelty and carnage. European colonizers profited from servility and subjugation. Through force, coercion and duress the European colonizers moderate for ivory or exact ivory, while treating the natives like excrement.The role of color in European colonialism is easy to fathom in The Heart of Darkness. The depth of the color of darkness has several connotations which Marlow picks up along the way. get-go of all, the association of black has both positive and negative meanings. Blackness exemplifies richness, depth, a nd unity on the other hand, black also is equated with evil, corruption, colonialism, and the devil. By the books name, one can see that there is a colored system which Marlow has to see for himself to believe.Views about the human nature and the human heart are also analyze as one sees its enormous capacity to perform beastly, monstrous acts and these are the traits which color and taint his heart. Heart of Darkness conveys the timeless myth about the exploration of the human soul and the metaphysical power of evil (Raskin 113).Colonialism is all about color and thrives on, the color line, the division of the races. The European whites are distinguished about the African blacks the color on the maps is a legendary key indicating the colonized areas of Africa. Marlow realizes that Kurtz heart is black as hell toward the end of the novel.The ignorance and primitiveness of the Africans are contrasted with men who lived in the light of civilization. Hence, the reader gains a broad and fatheaded insight in understanding the color codes as Marlow himself comes to grasp, as he represents the vicarious witness through whose eyes, the reader observes the process of colonization in Africa.In sum, Conrad effectively critiques colonialism and places before the reader the darkened heart the commerce, cruelty, corruption, and color consciousness in European colonialism in Heart of Darkness. These elements plunge both the colonist and the colonizer in an abyss of ruin where both become dehumanized, financially or morally bankrupt, and violent. The period of Neo-colonialism in Africa accomplishes great havoc in the name of progress, commercialization, and prosperity.

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College Inc Essay Example for Free

College Inc Es severaliseAfter watching the documentary College Inc, I have come to the acknowledgment that colleges atomic number 18 not at all as they seem. Many colleges are a for-profit college which is institutions being operated by profit-seeking business. This video was pretty much roughly for-profit schools tuition being more than company college tuition. It was in any case about the lengths that for-profit schools testament go to get as many community to scratch there and get the currency necessary to keep the college alive.The video also included the many for-profit colleges had so many people enroll and knew that, they were coercing kids and business executives to invest in there college. wiz thing I put up very enkindle was the fact that they are charging people more to take online classes, then to actually be in a class. I also found it interesting that most students are actually taking online classes which is a unsloped idea especially, if they can not take actual classes or if they have a mull that that takes up there time during the day/night.A second fact or observation I found interesting was this has been going on for how long and they are just now telling people about it. These profit schools are only profiting money, just the department of facts of life is finally seeing what is going on with colleges. The governments role in this scam is that they are aware of whats going on but are not really doing anything, other than giving the colleges money to stay afloat. The colleges are in fear of losing there grants/funds because the department doesnt see a growth in education and people finding jobs after they graduate.The colleges are telling kids what they want to hear, if you apply to so and so you will get tour diploma in no-time and find a job soon after. They way colleges are run like a business is the way people advertise and say what they can cop/ earn from the business they are in. What interests me as a busine ss law student was that its in paternity colleges have to do anything to get students to sign up and get started with classes. I do understand that for-profit colleges are putting pressure on there employees to get as many students enrolled in there school, or else they are the ones that are losing in the end.Another interest to me is that community colleges are very underrated, many people go to community college because they are not sure what they want to do in life or, they are working to provide for there families and themselves. Most community colleges are under funded so the expectations of the school are rising and the funds are going down each year, leading to perform with limited resources. One other interest to me is the fact that the colleges paint a picture perfect life when you get your diploma, but they do not tell you the enormous debt they leave you in when your gulle with there college.On the other hand I do believe that people should know what they are in for whe n signing up to a for-profit college, your are paying an arm and a leg for an education and then you are in debt for many years. In my opinion I believe in going to a community college is a good choice for at least a year or two. I believe this because if you dont know what you want to do or you want to stay close to home, you can do that with a community college.You save a little more by going to a community college especially if you are trying to go part-time because you work, you can go to school but also save money incase you want to go to a four-year college. In closing after exhibit the documentary College Inc, I have come to the conclusion that colleges are not as they seem. They will say anything to get students to enroll and then leave them to dry when they can not get a job after they graduate, and left with over a thousand dollars in debt.

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The Christian’s Weapons for Spiritual Warfare Essay Example for Free

The deliverymanians Weapons for religious war EssayChristianity presupposes the existence of the supernatural. After all, paragon is invisible and so are the angels and colossuss enter in the Bible as spirits that are present in the existence inhabited by military mans. Too often, however, because they are non seen, most plurality do not believe in the verity of the weird humankind. The Christian worldview takes into account the divers(prenominal) unseen beings present and active in the world. This is well document in the Bible and can be attested to by a lot of people who origin in been involved in one way or another in demonic possession. The church is as well not spared in doubting the reality of spiritual beings at work. As such, they can substantially fall prey to the wiles of fiend, which is described as a prowling lion in the Bible. Not only that, when they encounter demon possession or any spiritual activity involving demons. In fact, sluice Christian s sometimes are not spared from demon activities, especially if they place themselves in places and circumstances where demons can work in their lives. Spiritual Warfare The world in which Christians live is full of circumstances where the spirit of light and darkness struggle against all(prenominal) other.Dr. Ed white potato vine state that there is a kingdom of Christ where believers belong to and the kingdom of Satan where the situations in the air and in the world reign and influence the lives of people who choose to live immaterial the fold of Christs grace and love. This statement was presented in scallywag 5 and I stop because this dichotomy is reflected in the different activities of people in the world. Part One of Dr. Murphys carry talks ab break through worldviews and how such worldviews affect the thinking of people in the world. Those who belong to the two different kingdoms necessarily espouse different kinds of viewpoints.Those who have be get by believers in C hrist have been transformed and redeemed. They no longer belong to the sinful ways of the world, where the influence of Satan is truly much at work. The livery grace of Christ enables a person to change his views and his outward expressions. As such, spiritual warfare is truly a clash of worldviews between that of the Kingdom of Heaven and that of the world. The Bible overly supports the worldview that spiritual beings are very much at work in the world then and now and it is the source of self-confidence of gods work.Dr. Murphy as well expounded on a kind of history of spiritual warfare. Satan use to be one of Gods top angels but was transformed by his desire for power and because of his pride. By relying on what the Bible says, the author traced the source of the cosmic conflict and how such conflict affects the world that we inhabit now. When Satan and his horde of move angels were invest down from heaven, the difference of opinionground has shifted to the earth. The fa ll of man in the Garden of Eden became a reality and has become the source of the rift between God and man.Dr. Murphy expounded this history in page 41. Through his ex political programation, I understood how humans are being influenced by demons and spirits. Christ became the centerpiece of history because He is Gods ultimate way to redeem fallen mankind from sin and shame. The battle is not complete, however, with ones coming to Christ. It whitethorn be strong to accept, yet, even Christians are not exempt from demon activities such as implanting thoughts and even demon-possession. Encountering such produce has taken me aback at first.However, as Dr. Murphy went on to explain the dynamics and levels of Gods protection towards His children, and the way that Christians put themselves in a position where demons may influence them, it dawned on me that he was right. He even related several real life experiences that he had. Christians therefore had a battle to fight. Such battle occ urs in their minds, which is the battlefield for control. In addition, the battle also occurs at a higher(prenominal) level when culture collides with the claims of the gospel truth. Part III surveys the biblical view on spiritual warfare with a focus on the Old Testament.In the Old Testament, warfare in a lot of instances took on physical war and bloodshed. More importantly, however, is the spiritual nature of this war. The warfare between good and evil has been dismission on since the beginning of time. When man entered the picture, it has just been intensified. The Old Testament contained a number of promises that dealt with the promise that was effectuate by Christthe promise that evil and death will be ultimately conquered. Dr. Murphy make it clear that the Old Testament showed the need for an ultimate sacrifice in Christ and the inadequacy of human agency in waging spiritual warfare.Even if God made a covenant with Israel as a chosen nation in the Old Testament, there were k ings and prophets who conduct the nation politically and spiritually. Dr. Murphy state the role of kings and prophets in page 253. Through the role of kings and prophets, the author masterfully showed the coming ministry of Christ and of Christians. Spiritual warfare then truly involved warfare in the traditional senseinvolving physical weapons. The problem, however, is that the spiritual aspect of the warfare has been disregarded and even denied.Worse, the Israelite nation forgot to keep the covenant they have with God, which led to the gloaming of twain the Northern and the Southern kingdom. The Old Testament was a foreshadowing of the new one. With the coming of Christ, the sassy Testament was put in place. Christ and the New Testament The first covenant failed to fulfill the damage of the covenant. In fact, the chosen people have failed to do their duty in becoming the light in the world. Yet, God has put in place a plan for redemption, which, incidentally, was also a part of Gods strategy against the Kingdom of Satan.Jesus Christ represented Gods ultimate plan for the redemption and restoration of creation from the clutches of Satan. Through Jesus Christ, man was no longer in the clutches of demons. Rather, a choice has been given to them so that they can be free. After all, Jesus came to piece the captives free. Dr. Murphy also chronicles the encounters of Jesus with the demons. Before he started his public ministry, he was tested in the state of nature and tempted by Satan himself. It was a reenactment of the temptation that Satan presented to Adam and Eve but only this time, he did not succeed.Hence, his dominion and authority was about to be wrested away from him. He did not want to be deprived of such power, however, and so he gave a fight. In other passages in the gospels, Jesus encountered demons in the synagogue and in the tombs. In cases where he encountered demons, they recognized him for who he isthe Son of God. Jesus silenced these demo ns so that he can proceed with his ministry unabated. It was as if he wanted people to listen to Him instead of having to cast out demons. As the ministry of Jesus progressed, he managed to train his disciples in preserveing His authority.When the disciples came back and reported that even the demons were obedient to them, he gave them occasion to celebrate while at the same time asked them to focus on building the kingdom of heaven instead of casting demons out. With the training of his disciples, Jesus passed on his authority to them. end-to-end Part Four, Dr. Murphy looked at the development of the training of disciples and the way in which they encountered demons in their ministries. The Book of Acts, particularly, contains a lot of stories of demon encounters that followed the disciples wherever they go.In page 342, Dr. Murphy explained that there were times that the power encounters with demons led to conversions. There are also instances that they did not. Nonetheless, what is important is that, the early disciples knew that demons are real and that they are subject to the authority of believers given to them by Christ. The New Testament chronicles the development of the church from being a simple readiness of believers to a growing church in different areas of the known world then. As believers were preaching to people about Christ, no doubt the demons were also at work.That is why the believers saw the need to cuss the weapons that Christ gave them for spiritual warfare. On the whole such encounters pointed out to the authority of Christ in the spiritual world as much as in the material world. Dr. Murphy also takes a look at different biblical passages relations with spiritual warfare and the weapons that believers can use regarding against the powers in the air. The author also takes a look at some instances that even believers were besieged by demons in their efforts to live out the gospel given by Christ. Power encounters were also frequent as the church was growing.He said that power encounters were necessary in some places but not in others. This is because the people listening to the gospel of Christ should be able to make the decision of whether or not to accept Him. When the demons interfere, therefore, the Christians can assert their authority in Christ and ask these demons to get away. Christians can also be demonized. Although this may come as a shock to others, Dr. Murphy elaborates why in Part Five, particularly in page 440, where he discussed the different entry points of demons in the lives of Christians.There are sin areas that a Christian may wallow in. These areas then become the entry points for demons to establish their strongholds. I agree with Dr. Murphys avowal that demons can assail Christians. It is very similar to the captain of a ship who possesses the authority but refuses to assert it but instead gives the authority to somebody without rank in the ship. Demon possession of Christians works in t he same way. There are a lot of manifestations of demonization. A lot of these can be easily spotted when one reads the newspaperchild abuseThe act of abusing a child can both be the cause and the result of demonization. A lot of social issues arise from demonization even though few people would accede to that. Even the mental health of people can be naughtily affected by demonsthey lose their wits and logical judgment but instead rely on the voices telling them what to do. Dr. Murphy draws from psychology to explain that in some instances demonization leads to the alienation of the individual and leads to losing his mind.In closing, he also discusses the way in which people, Christians included can be free from demonization. The section dealing with finding freedom, however, appears to be inadequate given the number of chapters he dedicated to explore the causes of demonization. He also recognized the dangers of spiritual warfare and the way that people may shirk from taking respo nsibility for their body process because of spiritual warfare. Nonetheless, Dr. Murphys book derives biblical insight and is a practical guide for all.

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The role of the health and social care worker Essay Example for Free

The role of the health and social care worker EssayA work relationship is various from a personal relationship because a working relationship is more master there are boundaries, specific objectives and purposes. There are professional codes of conduct, employer policies and procedures also there are time limits and being in some cases cone way relationship.The three collages for whom I work with and there blood line roles are activity staff, care staff and music therapy staff. I communicate with these collages and work in concert to tack and maintain the trust and confidence of service users and care staff. I also claim a trustworthy communicating relationship with these.Giving the policies and procedures and communicating in partnership.It is important to work in partnership to piddleher in the health care to achieve the best outcomes for the individuals and its also important because collages have all different working skills, knowledge and rolls, Partnership also to share discussions and making information relation in commons concern.Task B Reflective accountI was with a collage in work with a member of care staff. I was going to twist and transfer a service user, using a hoist. My collage wanted to go on break, and had an idea that would be quicker than using a hoist and using the correct method appropriately and safely. My collage wanted to lift the service user up from there wheelchair and transfer them onto a bed, but I was totally against this. I did not consider, to use this example of method of transfer, as I felt that I would injure, myself, the service user and my collage. And risk the possibility of loosing my billet and loosing someones life.This disaster involved conflict between my working collage because I did not want to go through with it, and work in an unsafe manner. I went to my line manager and state about this situation. I had to report this by filling in an incident form. I did not get the support at the right time, a s my manger was not present. I think that I dealt with this incident effective and professionally and maintain a good level of care to the service user. I could have responded differently by not being professional and keeping my working relationship, but I had to because this was a work related incident.

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Potential Conclusions or Hypotheses Essay Example for Free

say-so Conclusions or Hypotheses EssayBased on my knowledge of differences between the north and south, I would say that thither ar a variety of cultural differences that consider to the discrepancy in sensual natural process levels. Additionally, I have found that there are a number of factors that affect an individuals bodily activity level. Therefore, I believe that there is not one single cause lying idler the different activity levels in northern and southern states. Instead, this is a complex issue that arises from urban/ country areas, educational activities, team sports environments, and socioeconomic factors. Supporting Argument for the ThesisIn order to determine the harshness of this thesis, much more information is needed. First, I would need more detailed statistics for each of these states, with physical activity levels sorted by county (with the countys population to determine urban/rural environment), race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic factors. Second, I wou ld need information about public information campaigns that have dispersed information about the topic recommended physical activity level.Is the importance of physical activity being taught in schools? Which counties/school districts have day by day physical education classes? Third, I would need more information about the availability of team sports which sports are available, which age groups are targeted, how much do these sports cost? Fourth, I would need information about the relative incidence of obesity and overweight for these states in order to determine whether residents of these states are in general more wellness conscious.Excess weight might also prevent people from wanting to engage in physical activity. Finally, I would need information about the availability of facilities for adults. How many parks and gyms are available? What do these facilities cost? These types of information would certainly support my thesis that there are a variety of factors that lead to th e discrepancy in physical activity levels between northern and southern states.

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The Function Enorbarbus Essay Example for Free

The Function Enorbarbus EssayEnorbarbus is Antonys lieutenant and wiz and Shakespeare continually develops Enorbarbus character, exercise and functions within the plot throughout the first two acts. This cynically acclaimed character is one of the most scarce in the play and contributes to the drama in many ways. From the very first time the audience sees Enorbarbus we shag sense that one of his purposes to the play is that he is very sympathetic and supportive to his friend Antony. In human activity I Scene 2 when Antony confesses he wished he had never met CleopatraI must from this enchanting mogul break off. Instead of going along with what he said Enorbarbus suggests that if that did happen then Antony would have missed wonderful piece of work. Enorbarbus shows another service to the play, which is faithfulness, and comradeship that helps to show the kindness of his friend in the words of this action. Enorbarbus obviously does not agree with his fellow Roman comrades , Demetrius and Philo in the opening scene, where they call Cleopatra a gypsy.When Antony says Cleopatra is blind past mans thought it is Enorbarbus that comes in and objects mentioning Her passions are made of nothing but the finest part of pure love. In this discussion and the others in the first two acts Enorbarbus plays the role of a part Antonys ordinary self, like a reflection. Enorbarbus reaction to the death of Fulvia, Antonys wife, is nonchalant and light-hearted with a touch of humour. He speaks in pros and wittingly suggests that Antony should move on instantly and find a sore lady Your old smock brings forth a new petticoat.His witticism, another function, shows the audience that deep down he feels extremely sorry for Antonys loss but wants his friend to feel better as soon as possible. However it appears too much for Antony and he asks Enorbarbus to cave in mocking him with, No more light answers. In Act II Scene 1, before the Triumvirs assemble, the discreet Lepidu s attempts to influence Enorbarbus to keep Antony quiet and calm by entreating your captain. Enorbarbus once again sticks by Antony and uses a allegory to tell Lepidus that he prefers his captain to speak his mind and will not have him silenced

Formal Sales Process in Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME) Essay Example for Free

Formal gross gross revenue Process in smooth and Medium Size try (SME) EssayIntroductionHistory and evolution of imposing gross gross gross gross gross revenue butt againstFormal gross gross revenue surgery refers to sales strategies that provide presidential term sales heed with the direction on how to find out strong and cost- rough-and-ready sales. The exertion can also refer to the step taken by the coun change to ensure enjoyment of guests purchasing play in a more successful way. Notably, pro forma sales do work discontinue companies in particular(a) Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to enhance their competitory advantage, and ensure effective sales by commandment sales teams how to succeed. The sales affect dates back to ancient cartridge clips but for the purpose of this study I go away be focusing on post World War Two. It is surprising that there is footling research on the history and maturement of the sales sour as sales ar decisive to the survival of descent. The earlier sales wreak models stem from the behavioral model AIDA (Aw arness, Interest, Desire and Action) attributed to E. St. Elmo Lewis in 1898. This was positive to bene incidentor guide the sales force (Kotler 1999 Sheth and Sharma 2008). The sales exploit is inextricably linked to the buying subroutine, which has veritable significantly over the decades. It has shiftd from a effectional activity into a strategic supply chain employment flavour to correspond value to the business (Axelsson and Wynstra 2002 Cousins and Spekman 2003 Ketchen and Hult 2007).Through the development of the sales process there learn been ladder key changes. The first is the development of the seven steps of change (Dubrinsky 1980) which is based on the AIDA model. The second is the evolving change process (Moncrief and Marshall 2005) which expands on Dubrinskys model and brings it up to date, with the advent of the internet and changes in the bu ying process. Third is value based exchange (Rackman and DeVincentis 1998) which analyses each element of the sales process, with specific focus on the buyers problem and the real implications of the problem. This model provides focus to the sales process into make foring value to the customer.In their report, Davies et al, highlight the fact that no- hotshot was measuring true sales ability and goes on to study the behaviors and skill compulsive of sales professionals. Regarding measurement, Sharma said what gets measured gets modify which start to address the critical issues of visibility and what to measure. Neely states, an transcription inquire to discover an inhibit set of measures to assess their consummation (Neely 2007 p149). Regarding behavior, Covey (1999) talks about responsibility and obligation which is a critical bea of any sales process, be it white-tie or non.Weather, or not, an boldness has a sales process, the earth, and customers, are changing and the approach to sales has to change to ensure complacency does not set in (Kotter 1996). The culture and steering of an organization will also impact the sales process, and ill-doing versa, in positive and negative ways (Handy 1991). Womack and Jones (2003) are pioneers in lean thinking and believe manufacturing processes and the settlement of waste can be transferred into the back office side of the business including sales.One of the key themes that have surfaced from initial reading is that sales is a process, which strike to be followed, measured and improved to help amplification the sales funnel, or pipeline, in order to grow sales (Miller and Heiman 1994 Zoltners, Sinha and Lorimer 2004 Thull 2010 McClay 2010).Porter (2004) believes that when working with customers it is important to add value and create a private-enterprise(a) advantage. In addition to this, Doyle suggests that the sales process can add value and create combative advantage, which will contribute to achieving the companys objectives of growth and profitability though meeting the desires of the customers (Doyle 2002 p.2). When a lump sales process has been implemented, there is such(prenominal) evidence to ho engagement that the sales process should be aligned to the sales strategy and to the company strategy (Ka visualise and Norton 2006 Johnson, Scholes and Whittington 2008 De Wit and Meyer 2010). In contradiction to the majority, Adamson, Dixon and Toman (2013) challenge the pick out for a nominal sales process and believe the sales functions approach should be based on insight and judgment.Effects of a dinner dress sales process on an SME and its people interchange is a communal as well as a business activity and can be defined quite but as making a sale underpinned by several strategies and in the flesh(predicate) skills across a range of proletariats and promotion situations (TAS Group, 2014).The sales task inwardly a business is accountable for the vital creatio n of revenues, delivers financial stimuli and forms the fundamental connection mingled with a business and its customers (McClay, 2010 Moncrieff and Marshall 2005). Moreover, business dealings rely on persons and more so how they transact with customers, making the buyer- vender frame in a highly capricious interface. On the new(prenominal) hand, formal sales process is the sales strategies that provide the sales management force with the direction on how to sell. It is the process that allow companies curiously Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to scale their sale force by teaching sales teams how to succeed. harmonise to Johnson et al (2006), formal sales process provides the sales management team with a framework from which to manage and modify measurement and continuous improvement of the sales force proceeding.More specifically, a formal sales process enables sales managers maintain control over specific sales behaviors as dictated by the placement adopted in Small an d Medium Enterprise (SMEs). Formal sales processes in the SMEs context help sales management teams. They also help managers understand which measures should be adopted for understanding prospecting, qualifying and mathematical process measurement. Additionally, formal sales processes enable sales managers learn how to replicate good behaviors and eliminate undesirable ones in addition recognizing problems be forward they turn to be major roadblocks (Lii, 2011).If there is one component of the sell system that is close to taken for granted is the sales process. Although executives spend some of their times forming strategies, developing entrepreneurial skills and measuring performance of their employees, they hardly strategize on the formal sales process that is the activities their salespeople must execute to shift an activity from lead generation to closure (Lii, 2011).In a loose spectrum, the sales process, be it be formal or informal is the backbone of any sales force. cons ort to Lii (2011), the formal sales process is sell strategy, which was introduced to facilitate a sell-aside process in sells concerning public mergers and acquisition context. Moreover, the sales process is a much more advantageous in the sales process involving Small and Medium Enterprises and is quite distinct from the tralatitious means of executing sales. Notably, for a sales process to be termed as good and successful, the right steps at the right time should be initiated and adopted within the Small and Medium Enterprises vicinity as well as making the right decisions.As argued by Blair (2005), for the formal process to work in the SMEs, the sales management team should work tireless(prenominal)ly to keep the correct movement in track. This owes to the fact that without a good flow in marketing and buying for the prospective customers to follow and for the sales management team to follow, the sales will remain to be low and potential customers may look elsewhere (Blair, 2005). Formal sales process allows SMEs to scales its sales force by teaching its sales people how to success. opponent to the informal process that is normally adopted by many an(prenominal) and characterized by unorganized techniques, formal sales process in SMEs measures and manages the sales force.Consequently, gross revenue management teams understand this and strive to develop standard direct strategies for their workforce to follow then the formal sales process (Johnson et al., 2006). Essentially, the nature of sales process has critically changed. Sales organizations are being reinvented to better address the conveys of the changing marketplaces. More evidently, there are different drivers of change in assorted sales organizations that have been identified in reinventing sales organizations and are perceived to help an organization compete successfully in todays selling environment.With the use of the formal sales process, different Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have realized a measurable change in the levels of sales they acquire. The formal sales process has enabled SMEs to build long-term relationships with their customers. According to (Dar, 2006),this is because formal sales process is a structured line of attack that enables time-to-time assessment of customers value hence focusing on the high- priority customers.Secondly, formal sales process aids in creating sales organizational structures that are more nimble and adaptable to the needs of different customer sorts. It is in this perspective that formal sales process is beneficial in that it enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) compete well in the immaculate markets when willing to customize their sales efforts to meet their customers preferred ways of doing business (Adamson et al., (2013). In addition, in the upstart markets especially SMEs related markets, flexibility which is important to the formal sales process is realizeed as an asset, which can crack the level of sales.Thirdly, according to Dar (2006), with the adoption of formal sales process, SMEs gain greater job ownership and cargo from sales management team. Moreover, this is only accomplished when the formal sales team removes functional barriers within the sales organization more so by leveraging the teams experience as a whole. More importantly, formal sales process helps shift the sales management style from commanding to coaching. In this, the sales management team and managers create a conducive environment that allows the sales team uses their talents and abilities to secure, build and maintain relationships with the lucrative customers.Davis et al (2011) discuss that for the formal sales process to work businesslikely and yield the desired results, the management style has to change. Nevertheless, the other visible formal sales impact on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is that formal sales process enables leveraging of the available technology for the success of the sale s management team ( Dar, 2006). For instance, formal sales have greatly changed the traditional (informal) sales process in that, its adoption leads to adoption of technological tools. Therefore, sales teams that use the available technology well have a strong competitive edge over others. Consequently, firms globally are investing millions of money in technological advancement in the sales sector to help improve their sales performance.Finally, According to Hayes, (2003), the integration of the formal sales process in then SMEs sales platform encourages the acceptance of better integration mechanisms for sales-team performance evaluations. Essentially, a real impuissance of the informal sales process in the verge of the Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs is on how to evaluate and in the end reward the sales personnel office. However, the use and integration of the formal sales process has solved these problems and instead provided marked evaluation strategies hence bringing a po sitive image of the SMEs and works successfully as a strategy for salesDifferent sales processesA sales process or strategy is not all about closing business deals it is about defining a sales process that vividly considers the image of the organization or firm, the firms customers, the products or services it offers and the solution that it offers in the market. By truly understanding its customers and by desiring to solve its customers problems, a business can plan to execute a sales process that will accelerate the likelihood of reaching its ultimate finishing (Sales educators, 2006).According to the sales educators (2006), there is no specific best way to conduct the sales process. A companys personality and the sales team desire to achieve as well as the firms background determines the type of sales technique that best suits its sales endeavors ( Porter, 2004). Even though all(prenominal) company in the corporate world has its own sales methodologies, it is always advised th at trying different sales processes is healthier. This is because new sales methods keep a company out of rut and may even work better than expected. Therefore, many salespersons even those operating in the B2B environment use a combination of different approaches (Rackman DeVincentis, 1998).The different sale processes closely utilized by different sales teams involve older takers, inside sales, outside sales, the guru, the consultant, the ne cardinalrker, the hard seller and active sales among others. Most importantly, all sales process is aimed at increasing the sales to the current customers and finding new ones. However, different businesses and organizations deploy legion(predicate) sales processes with shockingly ineffective results. In some cases, when sales management teams use more than one sales process, customers are to very(prenominal) maculation conf utilise by the different methods of every firm and belike cross selling is limited (Neely, 2007).Sales processe s vary significantly according to how much a seller adapts to different selling situations and how much the selling team adapts to customer encounters during the entire sells encounter. According to Neely (2007), among the best sales processes or approaches are the problems solving models, needs satisfaction and consultative selling. Among the three mentioned types of selling processes, in price of rethinking the sells process, researchers endorse their use to fit any situation on the ground. Neely (2006) argues that consultative selling process is appropriate when the customer is willing to share strategic priorities with the seller and sees the seller as being capable of backup the customers strategic initiatives.Universally, every business is inimitable, hence it should have exceptional sales process to sell service and manage different customers under diverse conditions (Kotter, 1996). Therefore, sales researchers including sales managers across the world are disturbed by the question on whether business should adopt generic sales processes or implement and strengthen a specific sales strategy. Since business aim at working with the most profitable strategies, studies prove that nonspecific approaches are demanding and possess numerous demerits that include lack of custom customer profile, lack of metrics that matter, and its association with inflexible business management approaches among others (Johnson et al., 2008). Therefore, sales process needs to be specific.How a formal sales process can improve performance and competitive advantage?According to Thull, (2010), sales process is one of the most components of the selling system that for many decades has been abandoned by many Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). The author eludes that failure to effectively execute a well established formal sales process acts as an impediment to performance and successes of the organization. As a matter of fact, sales process is a vital component in an organization t hat if well implemented can lead to compound competitive advantage and performance or an organization. TAS Group, (2014), affirms that sales process is the backbone of an organization and should not be overlooked at any cost.Notably, most sales managers in many organizations spend most of the time coming up with strategies, building tools, measuring performance and developing skills (Rackman and DeVincentis, 1998). Nevertheless, the author affirms that only a few organizations consider and ensure effective instruction execution of a well established and organized formal sales process. A sales process in this case is regarded as series of task that must be undertaken by salespeople within an organization to tap and generate opportunities from the lead to closure (Thull, 2010).In a broad spectrum, sales process is an essential component of any sales force in an organization and if cautiously and effectively implemented can impact on the success of the organization even in a highly c ompetitive business environment (Thull, 2010). According to Rackman and DeVincentis, (1998), overlooking sales process within an organization hinders sales performance and output even though the organization sales executive have set(p) down well established sales strategy, tools, skills and metrics in place. Without doubts, this implies that effective of formal sales process implementation in a SME is a strategy of enhancing the performance or the company (Rackman and DeVincentis, 1998).More importantly, sales process can be used to improve the competitive advantage of an organization especially when the process is aligned properly with the customers target. In this case, effective alinement of the both lead to enhance competitive advantage done and through creation of a world class sales force (TAS Group, 2014). cognitive operation of an organization is enhanced by the sales process in the sense that the process provides mechanisms of measuring performance. According to Rackman and DeVincentis, (1998), an organization has nothing to measure if it does not have a process. The author adds that it is difficult improve organization performance if there are no mechanisms of measuring the current performance.Ultimately, sales process is undoubtedly an effective component in an organization to stir performance as it provides mechanism of determining the current performance of the organization and propose changes that need to be effected to improve the performance in the long run. Essentially, the sales process is critical in SME as it provides a logical framework with various activities, milestones and targets that are used to measure performance (TAS Group, 2014). In this case, an organization which effectively implements sales process is likely to have improved performance. Use of diverse measure in the process of sales process such as calls reports by the salespersons are vital in ensuring they work hard and thus improve the overall performance of the Small Me dium Enterprises.According to TAS Group, (2014), the major focus to enhance the organization performance and competitive advantage is simply ensuring effective alignment implementation and renewal of sales process faster and efficiently than other competitors. Sales process in some way behaves like manufacturing process. In this case, improving sales productivity within a SME, various measures must be put in place stating from the initial sales face to the end orientate (TAS Group, 2014). Development of measures ensures that the sales process adopted and implemented by a particular organization is able to address all the need and expectations of the customers through effective alignment of the buying and selling processes.The process of formal sales in SME can never be undermined owing in estimation that the process aims to ensure a close relationship amid the buyers and the sellers through the use of salespersons. Creation and forethought of a good relationship between the two parties is imperative as it ensure the needs, concerns and expectation of the buyers are addressed in time and thus result to committal (Thull, 2010). This in turn helps to improve the performance of an organization since there will be enhanced sales volume. The presence and implementation of formal sales process is evidently a vital component in ensuring organization have close clash with their customers including prospective customers.In a broad spectrum, development of an effective relationship and alignment of the buying and selling process is crucial in ensuring customers loyalty. In this regard, improved customers loyalty creates confidence to the organization in terms of increased sales volume and thus enhanced competitive advantage compared to its rivals (Thull, 2010). In addition, the relationship helps the organization to work harder to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers need and concerns through addressing various challenges facing the process and discovering opportunities that may arise. This also helps to improve the performance and competitive advantage of organizations especially Small and Medium Enterprises.Essentially, sales process aims to ensure an effective alignment of the salespersons selling process with the customers buying process. Effective alignment of the two processes is vital to organizations as it ensures needs and expectations of the customers or rather the buyers are met in every step of the buying process. In addition, the alignment leads to an effective and efficient sale in the long run hence improved performance (Porter, 2004).Similarly, if the customers needs and expectations are carefully addressed through the sales process, it is more likely that the competitor will not have the opportunity to entice the same buyer to turn to their organization in this way, sales process helps to enhance competitive advantage of Small and Medium Enterprises (Porter, 2004).A critical assessment of how a sales process aligns w ith a customer buying processAccording to Davis et al, (2011), sales have two different sale view points, that is, the sellers and the buyers perspective. However, the two sale point differs based on their importance. The buyers perspective is more essential compared to the sellers point of view due to the fact that satisfaction of the buyers is the utmost objective of the sales process. Davis et al, (2011), affirms that organizations have to ensure diverse initiatives and means to ensure satisfaction of the buyers needs and expectations as their purchasing power depend wholly on their perception on organizations effort to ensure satisfaction (TAS Group, 2014).The buying and selling process are mirror images of each other. Notably, buying process refers to the various steps that current customers use to identify and fulfill their need and expectations (Zoltners et al, 2004). Buying process may vary in time based on the type of product or services a customer want to purchase. However , being short or long, the work of a seller is to ensure buyer or rather customer satisfaction in every step. On the other hand, selling or sales processing is simply the steps or activities that are undertaken by sellers to ensure accomplishment of buyers goals, needs and expectations. According to Handy, (1991), buying and sales processes are mirror image of each other in an effective sale. The two processes align in concert in that they usually start together and end together having common steps or activities between them.According to Kaplan and Norton, (2006), successful alignment of sales or selling process with the buying process in as essential component within an organization especially SME as it ensure effective and efficient sales. The author affirms that the alignment is based on the way the buyer go from one step to other (buying process), as fast as possible with the aim to find goods and services that satisfy their needs and expectations from the seller, turn the sel ler undertakes and closes all steps with the aim to meet customers or rather buyers need throughout the process (Handy, 1991). Dubinsky, (1980/81), suggests that when selling and buying process work together, the result is that sales will be successful and efficient and most importantly, the expectations and the needs of the buyer will be met.In broad spectrum, the alignment of buying and sales process tends to ensure that every step of buying process correspond to a particular step of the sales or the selling process (Dubinsky, 1980/81). The figure below illustrate how the customers buying and salesperson selling processes are aligned to ensure satisfaction of buyers at every step and ensure effective and efficient sales within and organization over a precondition period of time.Aligning buying and selling processesCustomers buying processSalesperson selling processHowever, if there is no close relationship between the two process (customers buying and salespersons selling process es), the entire sales process is likely to be inefficient and ineffective. In this regard, the expectations and needs of the customers will not be fully met by the salespersons. According to Kaplan and Norton, (2006), sellers should be astute during sales process to ensure they do not omit any step or in other words ensure every buying process step correspond with a particular selling process step.According to Kaplan and Norton, (2006), misaligning the two processes has greater negative impacts to an organization. For instance, omitting a particular step in the sales process that is aimed to correspond to a particular step in the customers buying process means that specific need and expectations of the buyers will not be met. This in turn interpret that the customers will turn to other organizations that keen in addressing their needs thus losing their competitive advantage and lead to decline in performance (Dubinsky, 1980/81). unfavorable assessment of alignment of customers buy ing process and the salespersons selling process brings out the need for SME to adopt and implement an effective sales process within their organization to ensure they meet their customers need and enhance sale, competitive advantage and performance in the long run (Kaplan and Norton, 2006).Factors to consider when designing, or redesigning, a formal sales process and to make recommendations to the owners of an SMETraditionally, the sales departments have insured informally, with each sales person playing in their distinct ways that in most cases are non-documented, personally derived and non-measured. With the current escalating competition in terms of sales, price war and technological development and design of new and redesign of the existing formal sales processes is inevitable. In response to these forces, small and medium size enterprises need to plan, implement and control their personal contacts programs in order to achieve sales and profit motives of the firms. Designing of formal sale process is a complex and critical undertaking that requires careful scrutiny and a logical examination in its development since it is core in the success of a business (Rickman and DeVincentis, 1998).The going concern of a business entity by and large relies on the effectiveness and operativeness of the sales processes in place. Small and medium size enterprises exist with a view to making profit and there fore effort should be made to ensure that they remain competitive and retain a reputable status in the market. Due to, the fragility and sensitivity of formal sales process design and redesign, several chemical elements should be put into considerations in order to safeguard the successful vitality of the firms.For instance, competencies and skills available in the firm, encompasses the qualification and experience of employees especially management and the Sales department staff. For example the less experienced low level manager spend most time in staffing, moni toring and cock-a-hoop directives to salespersons. The top managers on the other hand, are generally concerned with complex issues of planning, budgeting organizing and coordinating sale strategies with other objectives of small and medium size enterprises. The new design should accommodate the available skill and technology.In the character of limitation of the part of staff qualification, it is worthy to reconsider redesigning the sales strategies, to make them possible to implement operate and eventually achieve the objectives set by the management. According to Lodato (2006), business sale strategies should be implemented with cogency with the sole priority of increasing sale despite the completion from rivals.Further more, a look at the geographical coverage and the nature of clients helps determine the correct direction to take. Expansion of business to include a wide coverage necessitates redesigns of sale s process to incorporate the needs and worried of new clients explo red. This is through studying and examining their lifestyles, culture and believes and the ingestion behavior (Tas Group, 2014).The formal redesign will be there fore necessary in as a way of reinforcing new ways of behavior. Additionally, the sales price and the customers economical status should be put into attention. It is worth noting that people consumption pattern entirely depends upon their social economic position and the value of goods and services offered in the market.Visions of the firm should not be trodded underfoot in the process of designing and redesigning the firms formal sale process. The necessity of vision and plan in implementation of firms objectives is immense (Porter, 2004), Incorporating the vision of the firms is instrumental in determining whether or not the existing strategies are decent or not and the need to streamline them to preserve attractive culture of internal work. Solely adding more marketing and sales people is not sufficient .however it s hould be back up by the firms practicable capabilities may produce sale revues needed to increase continuous growth and improvement.Other issue to reflect in designing of formal sales process (FSP) is the workers motivation. The current level of employees inspiration should be assessed and its effectiveness determined. According to Lauby (2005), motivated workers are highly productive compared to their counterparts irrespective of the qualification and skills possessed. There for the factor that drives employees to their peak performances are determined, followed by implementation of the motivation program. Since not every employee is motivated by the same thing, there is need to include diverse programs ranging from bonus pools individual recognition rewards and group performance acknowledgment. This makes workers emotional state appreciated for the job well done (Lauby, 2005, p.291)With a view to improving the sale level with business organizations, the manager and owner need to make realignment and readjusted of the operations within the entity and incorporate mechanisms to link product buying process and formal sales process. Majorly, emphasizing on the competence of sales and marketing staff to ensure the easy and efficient implementation of developed marketing strategies at all level of business operations.Recruiting personnel with high qualification that met the current market demands and cope with the stiff competition. The owners should use this as a competitive advantage to maintain their status and reputation. Additionally they ought to explore the nature of their customers with respect to culture, social economic and consumption behavior and pattern especially in new markets discovered. Moreover, the owners should institute programs aimed at motivating the workers. Establishing individual and group recognition reward will make employees feel acknowledged for their work well done and as a result stimulate their peak performance.ReferencesAdamson, B., Dixon, M., and Toman, N., 2013. Dismantling the Sales Machine. Harvard commerce ReviewAxelsson, B., and Wynstra, F., 2002. Buying Business Services. 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