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Compare and Contrast Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle

Comp ar and Contrast Cardiac and haggard MuscleSome beautifulg that differentiates animals from new(prenominal) organisms is their ability to voluntarily feed turn fuck to the fore actions victimization their muscularitys. They do this by muscular tissue cells changing continuance, which is known as contracting. thither atomic number 18 three character references of ponderosity, which atomic number 18 distinguished by their grammatical constructions and functions. These be cardiac, atrophied and smooth sinew. Here I sh alto get hold ofher be comparing the structures of cardiac and haggard ponderosity and looking at how their histological, structural and functional differences allow them to carry out their specific roles more usefully.Cardiac go across is found barely in the b unmatchable marrow and causes condensates, in the gist called systole, which pump the blood out of the aggregate and soul and around the body showing the group O and other springy s ubstances to cells. Skeletal heft-builder builder is attached to tendons, which in turn attach to bones. The contractions of purposeless tendons cause the tendons to pull on the bones, which bequeaths in movement of, for example, an arm.There is just one similarity surrounded by the structures of cardiac and haggard muscles. Both their structures are striated (striped), formed by actin and myosin myofilaments. They are tightly organised into restate patterns so that actin buns slide over the myosin during contraction.Figure 1 shows one of those repeating units in cardiac and penurious muscle, called a sarcomere. For contraction to occur in cardiac and penurious muscle, the actin filaments slide over the myosin filaments in a turn known as the sliding-filament theory. So in show 1 the adulterate pink filaments would slide over the dark blue filaments (not true colours). Myosin heads are attached to the actin. Adenosine triphosphate (adenosine triphosphate) induces the dissociation of the myosin head, the myosin head then attaches again to the actin and eventually inorganic phosphate (Pi ) is released changing the angle of the myosin head, causing the actin filaments to slide over the myosin filament.1This causes a decrease in length of the I band but the A band always stays the same length.One of the main differences between the dickens types of muscle is in the way that their contractions are brought or so(predicate). If one precious to raise their arm, their brain would produce an action say-so via the material awkward system (SNS). The action say-so leave behind lead to a muscle action potential and the T-tubules will depolarize and open calcium ion (Ca2+) channels, hint to cross-bridge cycling, where the actin and myosin slide past each other and cause the skeletal muscle to contract, lifting the bone with it. So the muscle will not contract without the gossip of the neuronic system.Cardiac muscle is also connected to the nervous system. provided as contractions are in self-imposed, cardiac muscle is connected to the autonomic nervous system (autonomic nervous system). However, unlike in skeletal muscle, the actual action potentials that pay back muscle contraction are realized by myogenic cells in the heart. Myogenic means that it is the cells themselves that create the electrical action potentials, without the need for any external input. The cells are locate in the Sino Atrial Node (SAN), which itself is located by the right atrium the cells in the SAN are known as the pace cultivater. They produce a pacemaker potential which sets the frequency of action potentials and so the intrinsic rhythm of the normal heart.2The ANS, connected to the SAN, only modulates the heart rate, with the sympathetic nervous system speeding up the heart rate ready for the fight or flight chemical reaction and the parasympathetic nervous system slowing the heart rate down.It is principal(prenominal) that the heart is cont rolled automatically so that we are not conscious of the heart beating, because it would be almost impossible and probably exhausting for us to choose to consciously think about making every whizz heart beat, e finically when we are asleep. Moreover, because the heart is myogenic, in that location are benefits for transplants because the heart muscle can continue beating while the heart is beingness taken to the new body.Skeletal muscle must be under instinctive control so that every action can be carried out consciously, such as picking up a cup. If it were automatic on that point would be no conscious control of when the muscles should contract and our limbs would not be under our control. Nevertheless in reflex reactions, the skeletal muscle does come under the control of the ANS. For example, if ones hand was to touch a hot object, the ANS would react following a reflex arc of stimulus, receptor, sensory neuron, pass along neuron, motor neuron, effector, response the arm would automatically move away from the raise up reservoir. Generally, compared to the beating of the heart, there is no such pattern in our voluntary skeletal muscle contractions thus an automatic myogenic rhythm of action potentials are not admitd in skeletal muscles.Looking at a fasciculus from both a cardiac and skeletal muscle shows that they are structured slightly differently. Figure 2.1 and Figure 2.2 (see below) show simplified versions of the structure of both muscles. Figure 2.1 shows an example of skeletal muscle. It is made of long thin cylindrical fibres, each being innervated by a single somatic alpha motoneuron. The axon enters the muscle and branches, connecting to single muscle fibres.In cardiac muscle the fibres are linked together by a type of intercalated disc called a gap junction. Also the fibres are held together by adherens junctions. These strengthen the overall structure of the cardiac muscle so the forceful contractions in the heart dont tear the fib res. The gap junctions are vital for the military operation of the heart. They allow the electrical signals produced from the SAN to pass between muscle cells so they all contract in a synchronised way and the atria followed by the ventricles brook systole.3The heart has Purkinje fibres that conduct the action potential so that they go from the SAN in the right atrium all the way to the left ventricle. Damage to cardiac muscle fibres may cause unsynchronised contractions. This irregular and fast contraction of the heart is called fibrillation. If this occurs in somebody, without treatment they are likely to die. It can be treat by a large electric shock delivered across the knocker by the use of a defibrillator. This aims to stop and then restart the APs from the SAN and thus for the heart to beat regularly again.Cardiac and skeletal muscle will both react to a single action potential by producing a single twitch response. When the frequency of signals increase, skeletal muscles show summation, where two APs, which occur very close together, will result in one stronger response rather than two normal responses. Eventually a tetanus can occur and instead of simply undergoing a series of single twitches for each action potential, the muscle remains in a assure state for brief diaphragms, which is far more efficient. This tetanus occurs because the refractory period is a lot shorter than the time it takes for a single cycle of contraction and respite.In cardiac muscle cells however, the duration of the action potential is a lot longer, due to slowly activating calcium channels and the T-tubules being comparatively longer. Because another action potential cannot occur until the response of the previous(prenominal) action potential has been completed, cardiac muscle cannot undergo a tetanus. This is highly important for cardiac muscle because time is needed for the heart to sufficiently fill up with blood before the next action potential arrives. A tetanus would prevent this happening and the heart would undergo systole and relaxation (diastole) at times when there is very little or no blood in the heart. Again, fibrillation is likely to occur. imputable to the fact that cardiac muscle relaxes fully between contractions, it doesnt tire like skeletal muscle does. This is a benefit for cardiac muscle because if ones heart started to tire one would get angina and some areas of cardiac muscle may start to die.Due to the heart being constantly active, a lot more ATP is needed in cardiac muscle cells than in skeletal muscle cells, which only contract when required to. Therefore cardiac muscle has a larger number of mitochondria than skeletal muscle. Cardiac muscle undergoes constant oxidative phosphorylation to provide the ATP required for the actin to slide over myosin and thus for the muscle to contract. This means the cardiac muscle also requires its own supply of oxygen and respiratory substrates to respire aerobically. These are suppl ied via coronary arteries, which branch off from the upgrade aorta. Having this supply and consequently producing a lot more ATP, is very efficient for contractions. Skeletal muscle though, does not have as many mitochondria because it contracts relatively less frequently and does not need the constant supply of ATP.comparatively there is a huge difference in the length of a cardiac muscle fibre and a skeletal muscle fibre. individually cardiac fibre is up to 100m whereas each skeletal fibre is between a few mm to a 10cm4. A muscle fibre is also known as a muscle cell. Most cells, including cardiac muscle fibres (cells), have one nucleus. Skeletal muscle fibres have many nuclei along the fibre ( encipher 2.1).This can be explained by looking again at the lengths of each type of fibre. Each skeletal muscle fibre is at least ten times the length of a cardiac muscle fibre. It would not be very effective for skeletal muscle to have just one nucleus to supply the whole length of the c ell. The rough endoplasmic reticulum, which is positioned in the cell near the nucleus, has ribosomes on its surface where polypeptides are compiled. Therefore even if the nucleus was positioned in the mall of the cell, any polypeptides or proteins will be synthesised near there and would require ATP to transport it to where it is needed along the length of the cell. As a result, it is far more effective to have many nuclei scattered along the muscle fibre. Cardiac myocytes (muscle cells) are relatively a lot shorter, thus one nucleus is enough to provide for the whole fibre (see figure 2.2).Aerobic respiration is vital in cardiac muscle. It is the main source of ATP in cardiac muscle and is as a result of oxidative phosphorylation. The main respiratory substrates in cardiac muscle are fatty acids5, and also carbohydrates. Approximately 1 2% of the ATP in the heart originates from anaerobic respiration in basal metabolic conditions. This can go up to around 9% in hypoxic condition s, but in any more extreme hypoxic circumstances not enough oxidative phosphorylation occurs so theres not enough ATP produced for cardiac contractions, and the cardiac muscle will begin to die.Skeletal muscles have three sources of phosphate to make ATP as and when it is required creatine phosphate, glycogen and cellular respiration. The creatine phosphate gives its phosphate to an ADP to leave ATP and creatine. There is about 10 times the amount of creatine phosphate than there is of ATP, so this is provides a good source of ATP. Skeletal muscle only contains about 1% glycogen. It can though undergo glycogenolysis to convert glycogen to glucose-1-phosphate. This goes on to yield just two molecules of ATP, so evidently this is a check source. Cellular respiration is the main source of ATP during lengthy movement and when converting lactic acid to glycogen.6There are many differences between cardiac and skeletal muscle. Both have striations but beyond that, they have special uniq ue features that make their functions more effective. The heart is myogenic making it self-sufficient whereas skeletal muscle is controlled by the nervous system. It is also vital that the hearts cardiac muscle works without any problems, as even the slightest of problems in the heart can lead to death. Both types of muscle are important to not only humans but all animals. Cardiac muscle, as previously mentioned, is vital to our existence without it we could not survive as it is needed to herald oxygen and nutrients around the body. Skeletal muscle allows us to interact with our purlieu with ease and for humans this is most important as it lets us chock up a car, use a computer or walk to university for example. For other animals it allows them to chase prey or run from a predator. And if the muscles werent as effective, there may be less ease when carrying out such activities. literary productions citedGillian Pocock, Christopher D. Richards (2006). Human Physiology The Basis of Medicine. Oxford Core texts. Pages 84 85, Page 87 figure 7.6http// Marn-Garca Michael J Goldenthal (2002) The Mitochondrial Organelle and the Heart, Rev Esp Cardiol, passel 55, Issue 12, pp. 1293 1310, ISSN 1579-2242http//

The Great Wall Motors Business Essay

The huge W each Motors Business EssayThis narrative rivet on the warring position of capital groin motors which is angiotensin-converting enzyme of the top privately owned enterprise in China was specified on both A sh ar merchandise in chinaware mainland and H dish out securities persistence on Honkong. The ample mole motors established in 1976 and it is findd after the capacious Wall of China (wiki).The comp each started with manuf subroutineuring of Great fence light vans and peachy jetty deer lams. The great wall deer pickups create a blockadethrough and through in the ware line of the society. By the obliterate of 1998 great wall pickups ranked No. 1 in domestic pickup foodstuff. presentlyadays Great wall motors reach the top level by producing 3 main categories of Haval SUV, Great Wall PC and Wingle Pickup with much than 30 supplementary branches with 45000 employees. Today Haval SUV sustained the top rank in sales and export heap in China for 9 years and Wingle Pickup ranked off do printing in units of mart share, export volume and sales in China. It has achieved a fairly good marque name by producing a monthly sales of above 10,000 units illustrates its excellent capacitance when compared to Joint-Venture leaf blades.Great wall motors brand philosophy stick on specialization, consignment and focus. This philosophy helps to illustrate its strategic vision and specialising spirit from dedicated focus philosophy to effective useable management and conclusively to worldwide direct brand. Moreover its brand outline foc single- placed functions on creating a category of take brands. The brand reading strategy of Great wall motors helps them to be gondolae pace with the world tide.(1 para about the content description)External environsThe Environment is a framework that provides means of survival for the composition. It can append threat as hearty as opportunities to the organisation(Johnson, et al., 2010). This part analyses the external purlieu of great wall motors using Pestle compendium.Pestle analysisOrganisational environment includes all the elements outside the boundary of organisation that can create authorization impact to the organisation positively and negatively(Samson Daft, 2012). Pestle analysis is a instrument used for analysing the macro-environment in which the organisation operates. It is a tool that exclusively scans the semipolitical, economical, social, technological, profound and environmental factors that influences the organisation and it can alike be used to esteem the securities industry emergence and decline. Pestle lists of 6 external environmental factors are explain later in appurtenance 1. However, This part examins in position about the 6 pestle factors that affects the great walls environment .(Downey, J. (2007). strategical analysis tools. London The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)a.TechnologicalTechnological factors covers u nlike methods take by organisation to deliver break away expeditious and gauge ingatherings with in minimum time slots(Njanja, Martin, Rene, 2012). It includes the way company establish its work methods and patterns, knowledge, materials, tools and methods followed for achieving anticipate outcome and finally how the instruction structures used. In this modern world of engineering, It act as one of the answer for many problems that restrict the yield of business(Njanja, et al., 2012).For Chinese car companies its non adequate to clutch performance capacity so they need to implement more than progressive techniques. So Great wall motors significantly encourages technological advancements and innovations and assert on self-sustaining R D in spite of appearance the organisation (CHINA Great Wall Motors counterbalance science-and- engine room festival inaugurated, 2011).During brave out 5 years, Great wall motors has invested more than 3 billion RMB for the ontogenes is and software for R D. So that it has been accredited as High-Tech Corporation, Postdoctoral cognizance look for Institute, National Recognized corporation Technique centre, National innovative corporation, Provincial go engineering technique centre. Great wall motors would apply the exclusive pool of victimization and innovations for Chinas automobile brands. As a solving of these great-leap-forward developments Great wall motors succeeded to achieve foreign forest standards in military operation of vehicles for their existing and future models like Germany vehicles standard in controlling perceptual constancy and bodywork rigidity, NCAP five stars standards in safety, Japanese vehicle standard in NVH, reassure wear, exquisite project and North American, European and other high-end target market place requirements in waiver(CHINA Great Wall Motors first science-and-technology festival inaugurated, 2011).Great wall motors proviso to invest a 5 more billions to R D dev elopment in the coming years so as to build first class well citeed multinational RD with disclose experiment facilities, to set up a well qualified and efficient worldwide RD, to impulse world level first class technical innovations, to satisfy technical necessitys or aspirations of customers so as to rocket their additional value and amend their competitive ability of products .b.SocialIn china, customers are not much interest in hybrid and electric automobile technology, so at that place are not many steadfasts producing hybrid cars and electric cars. It offers better opportunity for great wall motors in this field as they switch only limited competitors. For a short run, they can have a great market share in this field. scarcely in a long run, more competitions volition occur, when more and more firms came to use this technology.Today customers are looking for better playing and mileage cars. Hybrid cars of great wall motors have better mileage and proceeding when compare with other hybrid cars. But it is not up to the level of gasolene cars performance, so silence customers prefer to use gasoline cars because of their standard performance. So it is very much mandatory to cleanse their technology in hybrid cars to make its performance better than petrol cars.c.EconomicAs a result of severe price hike of oil color the demand for hybrid and electric cars are continually rising. Great wall motors is one of the leading automobile company in china conducting its research and development in hybrid as well as electric cars. Because of price hike in oil the demand for petrol cars are falling down. On one hand, they can impose or assert their hybrid and electric car technologies as the demand for this are increasing. But on the other hand, as there are hybrid or electric cars, customers were less interested in buying their petrol cars. As they have hybrid and electric cars, their revenue will not break down even if there is fall in demand of pe trol cars. In a long run, they can improve their sales and productions by concentrating more on hybrid and electric cars.Chinese automobile market shows a severe growth of 1/3 recently. This means still there exist more opportunities for great wall motors to grow and pad their activities. They can expand their sales and revenue more if the market is bigger.d. political role of governmentChinese government is going to invest billions of dollars in hybrid technology. Great wall motors is one of the automobile company well known for its research and development in hybrid technology. If they successfully proved that their technology is worth for investment, they can get billions of dollars for their research development in this technology.Now Chinese government is figurening to buy a sizeable number of hybrid cars for use in china within 2 years. As great wall motors are already producing hybrid cars, the plan of Chinese government may put them forth to increase their production to fulfil the wishes of their government.Recently, the official vehicle options adopted by ministry of exertion and information technology were proclaimed. Including Haval H6 and H5, 25 vehicles of GWM were listed. As a result Haval become approximately large(p) brand in the catalogue.SUV because of its versatility it becomes a model with fast growth among customers and market. Due to this new policy of official vehicles, it become popular not only among common customers but broadly requested by dominancers also. Now a days Haval SUV becomes one of the top brands in the Chinese office cars market for bulk purchase by government departments of fire fighting, roadstead and expressway governance.However in china, there are some obstacle on car ownership in some part of cities, as part of reducing traffic congestion and accidents. To some extent, the wakeless restrictions and revenue increase affects the sales and revenue of great wall motors.(http// 0106/2011/03/31/pest-analysis/)e.environmental( blue jet) green issues,pollution,wasteEnvironmental factors have greater role in automobile manufacturing as they cause severe hazards to living creatures by air pollution. To conk these harmful hazards and achieving fuel efficiency in their vehicles, Great wall motors introduced technological innovations in diesel engines like turbo charging and emissions technologies. So that they succeeded to achieve narrow emission with attractive fuel preservation and better advocate output(Anonymous, 2011).They are also trying to implement green diesel technology in their vehicles. With this technology in vehicles, great wall motors are demanding an eco-friendly environment with susceptibility parsimoniousness performance. By this technology, the chairman of the company believes that, they created a breakthrough in high-efficiency vehicles with energy saving power(CHINA Bosch cooperates with Great Wall Motors for green diesel technology exh ibition, 2012).f. legal health safety regulationsGreat wall motors give more brilliance for health safety of their customers. For that they introduced advanced all wheel driving technology in their vehicles(Anonymous, 2011).2.Porters five force analysisPorters five force system was developed by Michael E. Porter in 1979 for evaluating and identifying the current strengths and market positions of different business firms.The Pictorial representation of porters five force is shown in appendix 2 and the porters five forces analysis of great wall motors is explained as follows(Downey, J. (2007). Strategic analysis tools. London The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)a.threat of new entrantsThis is one of the severe threats faced by great wall motors. There are several reasons for this threat. As china is one of the growing economies, the market demand for cars is continually increasing. As a result of this, many new automobile companies are trying to walk carefully to the early horizontal surface of automobile life cycle. Then only they can withstand in this industry in future developed stages. Moreover the faint intellectual blank space laws enable new companies to copying the design as well as other properties of others. So that they can develop new innovations in efficient and effective manner than researching and development procedures.b. Bargaining power of buyers or customersThis power is also moderately high for great wall motors as there are so many automobile manufacturers both in china and international markets other than great wall motors. So that its too rideful to withstand in this market without implementing any striking innovations.c. Threat of substitutesIn China, Mass- exile could affect the car sales badly. But today in this growing economy there exist a vogue in china that, people considered car as their status symbol. So if any one comes to be financially stable then he ends up with buying a car rather than depending on cheap est modes like mass- transit or bicycles. So the impact of substitutes doesnt effects great wall largely.(http// Strategic capabilitiesa) Three high strategiesTo enhance the products quality, Great wall motors do three highs strategies namely high performance, high technology and high quality. So that they are encouraged to use high tech innovations and better performing designs to their products for getting excellent and effective quality products. While competing with other international leading brands, the three high strategies made them fit to keep a highly accelerated momentum in their sales. In the aspect of 3 high strategies they recently signed the strategic cooperation agreement with many international companies like TRW, Valeo, Bosch, BorgWarner, Ricado, Mahle, Autoliv, and Brose in product manufacturing. The relationship of great wall motors with these international giants compelled them t o upgrade their product quality by conducting thorough research and development of technologies.b) Established branding based on categoryGreat wall motors is the chinas 1st automobile company that established their brands with the category. According to their view point, historical brand would be the representative of distinguishing model in customers mind. As a result of this category branding, they are respecting solid advantages including For many years, their Haval SUV and wingle Pickup have been recorded as No 1 in sales market. In the coming years also GWM decided to focus on 3 main categories PC, SUV and Pickup and they wants to become top most in the market with each of 3 brands in paramount positions with Haval- as chinas best interchange SUV brand, great wall PC as chinas leading PC brand and wingle -as chinas best pick up brand. With this 3 leading brand positions, the brand name of Great wall motors strongly supported.(http// page_name=about)c)capabilities-GWM continue to keep open a looker sustainable growth in the auto market, because of its steady operation and focusing strategy. They also followed a routine of valuing RD within the company so that they succeed in keeping up the quality of their products by updating technologies (News). Recent data published by NPCA (National passengers cars association) shows that that GWM opens a prominent position in top 10 sales list during the first half of year 2012.When NPCA narrowed the list, GWM is the only independent brand which hold such a fabulous position.Recently, the seminar conducted by GWMs technology centre announced that comprehensive proving ground will be finished by end of 2013. GWM is really proud to have first absolute proving ground among Chinese independent automobile companies. From their beginning onwards GWM gives more antecedence for product quality. They constantly assured their product quality by product quality maintaining systems . As they give more value for product development and quality test, proving ground was one the major project of GWMs research development centre. The effort of GWM on development of proving ground illustrates the strategic thinking of management and original operation of GWM.d)STRENGTHIn 2011, Chinese automobile market faced a recession because of different factors. When compare with the sales record of 2010, it shows a 30 % fall in overall sales volume. Moreover Chinese independent brands are more brittle and their share got skid sharply. Even in such a dim market, GWM kept up(p) an excellent growth within their industry. According to the chairman of GWM, a strong brand might be a leader in their locality and may act as representative of its product kind in customers mind.GWM is the first automobile industry which introduced brands in their products types. To a large extent, branding their products helps GWM to improve their overall performance and to remain competitive in globa l market. Recently GWMs president divided their secret behind success that focusing on high-quality products rather than fashioning low quality and low priced products. Moreover in this year, they are planning to focus on the improvement of sales outlet and terminal services. So they will concentrate on solving customers problems.(Official website)4. Internal environmentThe value twine system is accomplished to recognise the line of activities committed by the organisation for creating a product or service. The primary activities are the activities that the firm engages for creation and delivery of a product within the organization through assorted logistics and external activities include production and sales. The supporting activities are activities that the organisation employs for polishing the efficiency and effectiveness of primary activities. This analysis helps managers to understand the operational level at which the product undergoes for developing value and this unde rstanding is more superior in the success of all the firms (Porter, 2012). This paper centred on various primary and secondary activities undertaken by great wall motors.Value chain activitiesInbound logistics involves activities that concerned with receiving, storing, and distribution of inputs needed for manufacturing products. Great wall motors maintained to receiving goods from suppliers all around the world in order to maximise their availability of goods. Great wall motors follows a just in time set out for handling their goods. Just in time is an approach of reducing in-process inventory and associatedcosts for improving the investment return on business. Operation stage is the most difficult phase as it involves the activity of converting the raw materials true into a final product. Great wall motors are famous for their reliability because of their efficient operations. Here in this phase great wall assembles all the materials needed for Individual operations including systematization of parts for a car and final tuning of car engine. In Outbound stage, great wall distribute their finally polished vehicles to wholesalers, retailers, or to consumers. Great wall managed to maintain their showrooms in different countries for making their products easily accessible to customers.The marketing strategy that great wall adopted was their primary lead for securing a overriding position in the automobile industry. They maintained a customer orientated pattern in their business operations and also they managed to meet their customers demand. Great wall focused more on marketing communication and furtherance mix in this area. Great wall had given more priority for their customers. So in the area of services they focussed more on final checking, complaint handling, after-sales services and so on.(Official website)SWOT AnalysisStrengths muscular distribution network in chinaSucceeded in identifying local market demandLower operating budget depend on economy scale, low cost of land and labor, cheap plant cost, and own production of spare parts for its vehiclesBetter payment collection procedure encourages it with diminished debt.WeaknessesIt is very much weak in its research developments settings. It depends on knowing professionals from other designer companies to develop designs for their models. According to their record, their RD expense accounts only a small percentage of its total sales.OpportunitiesExpansion of SUV sales leads to an outstanding growth for global vehicle market. China witnessed steady sales in SUV market during 2008-2011.Greatwalls low production cost floor and its paramount position in SUV market enable them to achieve a robust growth in global auto market.Its cost structure encourages the demand of great walls vehicles in global market. Chinas VAT rebate policy allows great wall to enjoy the higher margin in exporting their products to overseas market.ThreatsConclusion

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Online Sales Tax Policy

Online gross sales Tax PolicyIntroAs the chivalric several familys majority of the sell item purchase be transitioning to the internet, which crap more(prenominal) fiscal distress for the states because they werent able to postulate r n wizthelessuees for gross revenue generated online from awayer states that argon non fleshlyly presence in the state. The amazon legalitys often reference by the attempt by the states to capture valuees on internet gross revenue ar being wildly suitable to capture the un suck uped revenue for the states. The Market Place Fairness perform (virago Tax) arise recently to authorize states to confabulate internet gross gross gross revenue evaluate if the states ar member of the SSUTA. However major states like California and Illinois s are still resisting these Amazon laws to be apply. So far nevertheless 20 states attract sales assess revenue from internet sellers. This is a enigma because these Amazon laws has been proven to commemoratetle conflict in the online retail market, drop- bump off concern organization enthronement and shape future monopolistic line of work. Last year Amazon spends 1.8 million dollars hiring seven law tautens to lobby Washington, hiring 9 lobbyist from for to individually one one firm to fight this let out in the congress. In addition to these lobbyist also recruited two senate majority leader Trend Lott R-Miss and former Sen John Breaux, D LA. Amazon is among at least 135 companies and group that have lobbied for sales assess elevation this year. Their interest is to get rid of these sales tax law so these online retail companies can gain competitive advantage against local anaesthetic retail stores and extend their corporations revenue. The key opposition actors are the plane section of Revenue from each opposing state and certain voice who wanted to collected these sales tax which estimated to be more than 10 billion each year and bequeath contin ue to grow in the next 5 years. The major disagreement is about the definition companies corporal presence in the state and if tax is necessary from conducting sales from orthogonal state. The major agreement is that there ineluctably to be quick and firm action to set up these policies because the numbers of online retail stores are exploitation and the insurance needs to be in place to prevent surprise in the future. Well established corporation giant like Amazon and new(prenominal) Big online retail stores are most likely to work out the decision in the indemnity qualification treat because due to their size, employment effort and political lobbying effort, their interest is most likely going to be recognized.JournalsThe set-back daybook that we are going to examine is the evidence of how online sales taxes influences buyers behavior using the data kickoff of 25000 lot, the results shows that taxation plays an important case in online commerce. Especially for peopl e living in places with higher taxes, those shoppers are much more likely to buy things over the internet. The results shows that there is a reason why there is such a different take of technological sophistication and shopping behavior with different locations. With this study, existing sales tax to internet will reduce the number of online buyers by as much as 24 percent. In total the results of this study property that taxes and prices contrast is the chief(prenominal) factor of purchase decision, and important role for individualist floating money to other systems and people migrating to other states or even other countries, thus creating a world without borders.The second research journal is from Stanford also examine the sensitivity report of Internet retail market. The source results in this paper shows a tax surprises. The study found that kindle buyer falls roughly two percent for every one percent height plus in sales tax. The sensitivity changes aim on the type o f item there is . The second report uses sales tax at the state level. Where one percent point increase in states sales tax will lead to 3-6 percent fall down in line purchase form home state sellers. compendiumThe Market Place Fairness chip is the currently status quo. Where it grants states pledge of collect online and catalog retailers, no matter which state they are located, to collect sales tax at the time of the transaction. It is the exact same process that local retailers are required to do. However there is a look on that the earths must simplify their sales tax laws to make those tax collection. The declare has an option to join the twenty four states that have adopted the burgeon forth Sales and Use Tax Agreement. Or another option would be that the state establish a uniform sales tax rear without the state and determine sales tax rate of out of state. The reason why this coif was implemented because retail has drastically changed from cardinal six years ago. M ajority of the online sales are shipped from tax clear state and therefore allowed to be tax free. In order to remediate this issue of a tax loophole and also, increase tax revenue, the act was set up in place.The majority situationholder of this insurance insurance policy is the section of Revenue from each state. Where due to increase cost and increase in unemployment the states are unavailing to discover new revenue source to collect from. By implementing this policy the State is able to collect 300 plus million dollars each year. On a national level, the total tax revenue from this bill will come out to 23 billion.Another major stakeholder of this policy is the National Retail Federation. Which is made up by large retail businesses such as Walmart, Target and BestBuy, Where the company operates with physical presence in the State. The National Retail Association argued that without an online sales tax it will create and unfair competitive advantage for the online retail business and causing alienated revenue from its store. Traditional brick and plaster businesses view this as a tax loopholeThe second policy is no online sales tax for companies who do not have a physical presence in the states. There are several reason why people favor this policy. First online sales tax is deem unconstitutional and serves as an discrimination against online businesses. According to Illinois independent court Justice Anne Burke, writing for the courts majority, questioned whether there was any pregnant difference between out-of-state businesses reaching Illinois consumers through a chink-through-nexus approach or through other approaches that arent taxed. The click-through tangency makes it easier for the customer to reach the out-of-state retailer, Burke wrote. But the link is not different in kind from advertising using promotional codes that appear, for example, in Illinois newspapers or Illinois radio broadcasts.The second reason why people oppose having online sales tax is because, the Market Fairness Act forces business to collect taxes on their own expense. Small business are already suffering low profit margin in online market, if the States requires online business to collect taxes it will drastically make the tax collection process difficult.The main stakeholder for this policy is the Internet Association Group. The group is made up by internet companies like Amazon, Facebook and Ebay, where they are conduct business online rather than having a physical retail store.The third Policy is a modify policy for the Market Place Fairness Act. Where the States only collect online sales taxes with company that is generating more than 1 million revenue per year. The design of this policy is specifically made for niggling business. Because collecting sales tax understandably hurts sales. The regimen wants to exempt small businesses from having to collect any online taxes, therefore making the herd online retail market place more compe titive friendly.The major stake holder for this policy is the small online business, where they are generating small margins of profit from their online sales. This tax exempt will help small business to take off in a competitive business world and exempt from the leaden work of tax collection for the state.From this chart we can clearly point out the motivation behind Amazon Tax, the division of Revenue is clearly losing 23 billion dollars every year for online sales tax that are not collected.The policy that Im prescribing is policy number 2. Where this policy only require companies to pay taxes with physical presence in the state. Because I deem policy 1 and policy 3 unconstitutional and its a devastation to our economic well-being.Political ReasonOn October nineteenth 2013 the Illinois Supreme Court found the Market Place Fairness Act unconstitutional. It is unconstitutional because the court find that there arent any substantial difference between out of state businesses reac hing Illinois consumers through click through nexus approach or through other approaches that arent taxed. The coupon, discount and other advertisement link is no different from for example, Illinois newspaper or radio broadcasts.. Under the Internet Freedom Tax Act States are prohibit to impose discriminatory internet only taxes on E commerce. So this policy should not even be embossed up because it is unconstitutional in the first place.Furthermore, Amazon and other online retail companies do sales taxes on states that they have physical presence, therefore making the argument of Amazon pays no sales tax Invalid.The Trillion sawhorse ReasonLets examine the economic impact of this policy. either year Amazon and other online retail companies invest billions of dollars into its supply reach management systems and information management systems. This costly investment is what makes online shopping more effectual, less costly than any other method in the retail world. If local gov ernment propose a sales tax on online sales, not only it shines online sales, it also provides no incentives for small businesses to compete with physical retail stores because small businesses have no price/ logistical advantages study to the physical retail store. Decrease in sales and fewer small businesses will lead to less investment into building warehouses, data centers, and transport system and website development. Which will be the next trillion dollar industry.As a side note, because Amazon pays no sales tax. Traditional brick and mortar stores are force to increase its presence online, decrease cost of its product, decrease inefficient warehouses, hire more website/data/cloud developers and improve its slant system. The benefit not only transition to the customers (reduce purchase cost) it also provides more job opportunities for people by introducing business tilt.EmploymentWhen the State of Illinois tries to passport the Illinois Affiliates Law which required out of state online company to collect taxes on its affiliates. 1000 online retailers threatened to terminate their business relationship with the state. 9000 small business were lost. This example shows us that when a state tries to impose an internet sales tax, companies will terminate their relationship with the local affiliates. Not only this will cause less income for the people, it will stagnate employment in the future. The standardised approach to terminating its affiliates will be found more if states continue to impose sales taxes on internet retail companies.Long term vs brusque termShort termStep 1.To fix this issue first we need to repeal every Amazon Tax that is being implemented in states that collect Amazon Tax. Using Illinois Supreme Courts findings and conclusion, I suspect that other states court will soon find this tax is unconstitutional and discriminating towards the online retail companies. By rejecting this tax, customers can applaud no sales tax from online c ompanies that do not have a physical presence in their state.Step 2.To further fix this issue in the short term, we need to fix issues mainly in the Department of Revenue. Right now due to the rising cost of welfare, Medicare and other cost, Department of Revenue is running out of budget on hand. To tackle this enigma in the short term, there are several other polices that decrease spending in some area that are not efficient in the federal system. By convincing legislators that businesses are the future source of revenue for the government, our legislator can look elsewhere to decrease spending or transfer spending to other department.Long termTo get wind the synthesis of my policy to work and to solve the root cause of the problem in the long term, we need to tackle the traditional brick and mortar businesses. By introducing competition from online retail stores, the brick and mortar businesses will have to increase its presence online and invest in online retail business. Walm art actually sees an increase in profit online since it starts to increase its presence online. Walmart is also adopting its inventory, transportation, online retail strategy from Amazon.In the long term, Walmart and other brick and mortar businesses will be able to price match with Amazon and also offer low cost goods and great online services to its customers. When we see traditional brick and mortar business adopt an online retail model, the issues of sales tax will not be surface.Sales Tax The root cause of the problem is actually the existence of sales tax. To fully see this problem go away, we need to examine the real purpose of sales tax in the long term. Should sales tax be implemented? Do states perform better without sales tax? Do sales tax hurt traditional brick and mortar business as well? Is Department of Revenue the sole winner of implementing sales tax? These are the issues that needs to be address in front of the legislator in order to abolish sales tax. By abolishin g sales tax, the question of online tax will not be an issue anymore.JournalsAlm, James, and Mikhail I. Melnik. 2005. Sales Taxes and the Decision to Purchase Online. Publicfinance Review 33 (2) 184212.Alm, James, and Mikhail I. Melnik. 2005. Sales Taxes and the Decision to Purchase Online. Publicfinance Review 33 (2) 184212.Mikesell, John, 1970. Central Cities and Sales Tax Rate Differentials The fence in City Problem. National Tax Journal 23 (2), 206214.Mikesell, John, 1971. Sales tax income and the Border County Problem. Quarterly Review of Economics and Business 11 (1), 2329.Rohlin, Shawn, Stuart Rosenthal, and Amanda Ross, 2012. Tax Avoidance and Business Location in a State Border Model. Unpublished manuscript. Maxwell School, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.ArticlesStudies Agree A Sales Tax Increase Kills Jobs RSS. Web. 4 Dec. 2014. http//

Elie and Marion Wiesel Night | Book

Elie and Marion Wiesel Night BookNightThe title suggests a clear setting of the night eon and in a symbolic right smart the setting is during a time as dark and long as the night. Elie Wiesel lived through a time in world hi point that is so sinister many raft refuse to believe it could have level(p) happened. The Holocaust, beingness War II, Nazi Germany invasion of Eastern Europe countries, tout ensemble be the setting and rearwardsground story for Elie Wiesel firsthand account of hold out it all written in his sacred scripture Night.Starting in Sighet, Transylvania a small village that didnt blush make the maps (Birth designate) Elie, his family, and many former(a) Jews felt safe. They were far from the action in 1941 living their normal lives. The years passed and the Nazi threat grew nestled their daily routines were changed, they were forced to move, to wear a star, and finally to be transported in 1944 to Auschwitz a German concentration battalion, the largest o f the remainder camps. (Auschwitz-Birkenau) Arriving at Birkenau men and women were quarantined as soon as they exited the teach. In the moment so many families and loved ones were looking at each(prenominal) other for the last time, and none had the foresight to blush know it. The aforesaid(prenominal) was true for Elie, I didnt know that this was the moment or the place where I was leaving my mother and Tzipora forever. (Wiesel p.29) In the night (around midnight) Elie and his family were in Birkenau in the year 1944 and for two family members this was also their final awaiting place.It hold waters out to me how humans temper is portrayed in the visualise in this book. Even as they were spaced from families, beaten, yelled at, collide withmingly bordered to their death in the crematoria, told to strip, shaved, marched around camp, made to stand in the elements, and all the while smelling the stink of burning human flesh, they were still able to share joy when findin g friends in the equal place as you, in holding a family members hand because at least you werent alone, and having a moral boost afterwards roughly sleep. (Wiesel 33-42) This holds true for the rest of the book, mess always keeping the faith, holding on to some dream, and living for the family they know are still alive. All these things gave them the go forth to go on and the will to choke because it had to get better, didnt it? hardly for the ones who did survive to the liberation by the allied troops I wearyt turn over life will ever be a continuous sunny day, because the night always comes and with it the memories and nightmares that will never be forgotten. But thankfully it will never be forgotten because the people who perished under these circumstances of the Holocaust should never be forgotten.In Birkenau Elie and his start out were made to work in the warehouse and thither the author begins to bill has life in a concentration camp had changed him. After his pro duce was beaten his anger was directed non at the Kapo who beat him plainly at his obtain who should not have provoked the Kapo. (Wiesel p. 54) This is where I began to see the separation of Elie and his father and imaged how it must have been for many others during this time in concentration and work camps. The human body can separate from the content and emotion and learn to only survive and sometimes survival doer only taking care of you. Take the story told on rascal 63 where a pipel was beating his own father because he did not make his bed properly and then demanded he stop clamorous or he would stop bringing his food. (Wiesel)In the winter of 1945 as the allied troops drew closer, the camp was told of evacuation and the decision had to be made to go as told or stay behind in the infirmaries where there was a possibility of being finished in the furnaces. At this point Elie was more than worried about not being separated from his father and they chose to be evacuated w ith the others. Foresight would have saved them his fathers death had they have know those in the infirmary were liberated by the Russians two days later. (Wiesel p 82) SS units evacuate Auschwitz in January. Elie and his father are transferred toBuchenwaldconcentration camp, near Weimar Germany. Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz on January 27. (Elie Wiesel Timeline and World Events 19281951) The evacuation proves to be the wrong choice for Elies father alone it struck me how during the march it was his fathers existence that kept him button and in the snowy night his father was the one encouraging his word of honor who wanted to quit. This was also the time that Elie prayed the prayer to never do what Rabbi Eliahus password had done. He had thought by this separation from his father he could free himself of a burden that could diminish his own chance for survival. (Wiesel p. 86-91) This goes back to the idea of survival being a journey that one feels deal they have to do alone, so others wont bring them experience or get in their way. It is so heart breaking that the boost the group needed to continue came from the very people that were making them march in the cold in the first place. So strange that they were need and praying for the barbed wire of Gleiwitz to appear, to be hoping and pining for another concentration camp where death seemed imminent. (Wiesel p. 92)On the move again from Geliwitz they were put in train cars again this time different people entirely entered the cars. They had different views on life and what it meant to live. They also had different appearances, now so skinny more could fit into the cars. (Wiesel p. 97) Our brains a whirlwind of decaying memories. Our minds numb with indifferenceThe night was growing longer, never ending. (Wiesel p. 98) The author could be speaking of the literal night as they path to their new location but I feel that he was public lecture about the night that they will all live in for the rest of th eir lives. They will never be able to remove those memories from their minds and after experience something so horrific the night must seem never ending. The story of the workers throwing abrasion on to the train car shows another parallel in the story of the fight the human body has for survival above anything else and it takes everywhere the heart and emotions numbing them. When the old man gets bread for he and his son and his son is the very one that is beating him to death to take the bread from his father, the son is beyond human in that moment and does not even recognize his own father calling out for him to stop. (Wiesel p. 101)When they finally devolve their destination, Buchenwald, Elies father has given up. The will to live is the key to survive in any aspect of life. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, when you are garbled in the wilderness, when any struggle arises you must keep the will to live. This was prove in the book when people helpless their will to li ve after learning of loved ones who did not make it they gave up and died soon after. I knew that I was no longer arguing with him but with stopping point itself, with Death that he had already chosen. (Wiesel p. 105) As his fathers health worsens Elie starts to net that he is too is acting the way he prayed he would not. He tried to help his father but was given the advice In this place, there is no such thing as a father, brother, friend. Each of us lives and dies alone. (Wiesel p. 110) When his father did pass in the night no one was alert of it happening and Elie was changed forever. He felt freedom and hunger. Nothing else mattered after his father died but food. This was his body taking over his mind and emotions and driving everything in his being toward survival and to survive you just need food. (Wiesel p. 112-113) When the Front came closer and closer to Buchenwald Elie thought only of food. When the American tanks arrived and liberated the remaining men they only thoug ht of provisions. No thought of revenge, or of parents. Only of bread. And even when we were no longer hungry, not one of us thought of revenge. (Wiesel p. 115) I hope that the survivors still do not think of revenge but instead of preserving and continuing the memory of all those that were lost during the Holocaust and World War II. The families not only lost people they cared for but the world suffered a great loss in losing so many lives and stories and possibilities. I am glad that Elie Wiesel had the strength to write this book and I hope that there is truth in the saying that time heals all pain. Maybe with time he and others have healed sufficient to see the light at dawn and not focus completely on the night.Works CitedAuschwitz-Birkenau.Auschwitz-Birkenau. Pastwowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau W Owicimiu, 1999. Web. 30 Nov. 2014.Birthplace.Birthplace. G. Seila M. Acree, n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. http// .Elie Wiesel Timeline and World Events 19281951.United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. United States Holocaust Memorial Council, 20 June 2014. Web. 30 Nov. 2014. http//, Elie, and Marion Wiesel.Night. New York, NY Hill and Wang, a Division of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006. Print.

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The Turning Points In Three Stories English Literature Essay

The Turning Points In Three Stories slope Literature EssayOne of the most important aspects of a myth lies in the dynamic interactions of the different natures in it. Specially, it is on the chief(prenominal) instance that the fable mainly revolves around and thus, it has the power to direct readers attentions. The main character of a story is called protagonist and there net be more than than one main character in a story. The things happen to the main character, the way they be existence reacted and the consequences or effects they bring are important factors for drawing readers attentions. Katherine Anne Porter, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Zora Neale Hurston on their stories The Jilting of grannie Weatherall, Young Goodman Brown and crusade are able to take their readers all the way down to the land up by wounding the protagonists vanities through breaking what they value most promise, swan and patience.Porters The Jilting of Granny Weatherall usher the main character, E llen Weatheral, also called Granny Weatheral, as a sick eighty-year-old charwoman who has been through up and down of liveness and this instant laying on her dying bed. On this last day of her career, flashes of memories squeezes verboten from her heart-both to satisfy and to frustrate her (Kennedy 82). Porter moves buns and forth freely from the present realities to the past memories without visible time boundaries and confuses readers so that to show the confusions in the Granny Weathers mind. As the title itself foreshadow, Granny Weatherall had been jilted. Sixty years before, she was being remaining alone at the altar sweating in spite of appearance a clean veil and in front of an untouched white cake (82). By then her husband to be, George, did not show up at all. The tonus of being jilted was so devastating and it has been affecting her throughout her lifetime.However, as time passes, she is able to go through changes that to some extent ameliorate parts of her wou nded vanity. Even if he is not alive today, she wishes to let George k straight offs that she is given back everything he took away and more (83). Somehow, she is satisfied in her accomplishments in life. After he jilted her, she married another(prenominal) man called tail and bore four children with him. Even though John died at a infantileer age, she was successful to raises the children alone. She fantasizes the memories and wishes the old days were back again with the children young and everything to be done over (81).Some twenty years before, she was assuming of dying soon. However, death had never come by. Now, at the time she slight think of it and unprepared for it, it comes to her as an endless mass of darkness. Even intellection she hates the surprise, she believes that she has already secured a straight road to paragon (84). Her life, as a dot of light in the bottomless of the darkness, is waiting sign from God so that to be taken to promised land. God might be la ter(a) or does not come at all. Nevertheless, Granny Weatherall, as a person who had been jilted before, has no courage to withstand the feeling and to wait. She at once again feels being jilted. However, this time it is by what she value most and theres nothing more cruel than this-shell never forgive it (85). With this break of the promise of unfading life, her self-importance become permanently lost and she decide to end her life by blowing out the spot light.On the second story, the Young Goodman Brown, Hawthorne presented a young man called Young Goodman Brown who is newly married with a young woman, called Faith. Hawthorne used such symbolic naming so that to hit the ceiling the roles of the characters. The story opens with Young Goodman Brown leaving to a forest at night with a curious evil purpose -a mysterious journey to see the devil (420). When he leaves home, he feels sad for abandoning Faith at night and promises for himself that this will be for once and for all. H owever, what he is going to realise at this night would change him far more than what he imagined. fleck Brown upkeepfully hurries into the forest, he encounters an old man who seems the devil himself. in short after, Brown feels bad and begins cursing himself for being the first to participate in such wickedness in his family line, whom he assumed them as a race of honest men and good Christians (421). The traveler argues by evidencing himself as collaborator of Browns ancestors while they were committing crimes of persecution and genocide. Later on, Brown noticed an old woman, who had model him catechism as youth and who currently is his counselor, proceeding into the darkness. Even though this tempted him for a while, he realizes that this womans choice to ruin her life has nothing to do with him and decides to spare to move forward-hoping to return home. However, before long he hears horses riders and recognize the voices of the minister and Deacon Gookin, discussing about the exciting meeting and the attractive young woman they are going to see (424). Even later, he recognized the voices of his villages peoples whom he presumes them as good peoples. The whole thing shocked him to death However, thus far with all these, he is quiet determined to resist the wicked with heaven above and Faith below, I will yet stand pie-eyed against the devil (424).Nevertheless, after a while he hears the voice of his lovemaking Faith and sees the pink ribbon, which was in her head when he left home, temporary down to the tree in the forest. This collapses him he loses his trust in creation completely and acknowledges, there is no good on earth (425). This is the turning point where he rejects the vanities of the world and his moral code becomes completely paralyzed. In resentment and grief, he rushes to the congregation. At some point after he r all(prenominal)ed, when he was not able to find Faith there, he was hoping that his backsliding would heal. Yet, the on e assure at his pale wife makes the change irreversible (428). This disquietudeful experience, whether it was romance or reality, make him to lead a distrustful and gloomy life afterwards.Lastly, in her story, Sweat, Hurston present the main character, Delia John, as a suppressed and ill-used washerwoman who is married to an oppressive husband, Skyes Johns. Even if she has been in this abusive kinship for fifteen year, they had different expectations from the beginning she had brought love to the union and he had brought a longing after the flesh (531). Throughout their life together, he has been mistreating her both physically and mentally, wasting her money and cheating frequently on her. However, still she is trying to cope with the situation by neglecting him and by avoiding the villagers and meeting places in her efforts to be blind and deaf(534) Even if she tried to bring peace back piece many times, he refused to do so as he has now another intention.Now, he wants to thr ow out Delia as sugar-cane and lives with another woman at Delias house (533). While he knew that she has an extreme fear for serpent, thinking it would help him to push her out, he allows a rattlesnake to wedge at the house. One time, when she complains that she is starving, as she is not able to go to the kitchen for fear of the snake, he affirms her that he has no plan to get rid of the snake at all. At that moment, her love to him grow blurred-Ah hate you tuh de same floor dat Ah useter love yuh. Ah done took an took till mah belly is full up tuh mah neck.(535) However, it seems that he is not yet thrown out completely. She still hopes that he might feel troubleful perhaps he was sorry (536).On the next day, while she comes home with relaxed mood from church and after she began working inside the house, she finds out that the snake is inside. Frightened to death, she is manages to escape and to lie on the boron of the house. While she is there, coherent thought comes towar d her mind and she begins to make self-examinations (536). She realizes that, her life is now endangered and it is vivid that Skyes wants to kill her. She also becomes conscious that, it is futile to shake for this unfortunate marriage and there will nothing she will regret about Well, Ah done de bes Ah could. If things aint right, Gawd knows taint mah fault (536). After that, Skyes entered to the house and attached by the snake. As she is already utterly broken and wounded, even though she can hear his horrible screams, she does not have the gut to help. Even at the end, she rather wants him to realize she had been there the whole time he was being attached.These three stories are similar in that they all have a turning point in which the main characters totally wounded their vanity. However, each was used for different purposes. Porter used that point to conclude the story as a loser, Nathaniel for brining permanent behaviors changes and Hurston for ending suppressions and miseri es.

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How do I keep my own biases and my own history from allowing me to und

I have a jumbled mess of education to process. I believe that being African America, Black, or of African descent, whichever is soon more than(prenominal) acceptable that I have a plethora of influence pointed in my direction. Being a female doesnt help remedy the dilemma. Growing up in what is considered a textbook black family assort I am the last of six children, my mother having had children by variant men, the home being on public assistance, growing up in a single pargonnt crime syndicate and church every Sunday. With a deceased father at the age of seven I became iodin of the 49% according to that grew up in a single family household lead by a mother only. I felt unlike then as I do now in the guidance I think and process information from a vast majority of people I am related to and whom I have encountered. non many of my views and opinions have a foundation based on my upbringing. I have no strong views in either direction of conservativism or li beralism and no ties to religion. Some may say I am a page ready to be written on enchantment others may say I am damned. Therefore I do carry bias opinions that overall do not fit neatly in any key hole. I find with much scene that I do hold bias against religion being a better form for raising children, the public assistance system, and the education system ability to prepare youth for adulthood. My bias on religion is that children elevated in a religious home or no more or less better than those raised without religion. Of the 83.1 percent of Americans who have any(prenominal) kind of religious affiliation some 16.1 percent have no affiliation this according to The Pew Forum on Religion and humans Life. I do believe that religion is an important aspect of civilization. Religions social organization all... ...each my children how to function as adults and I understand that not all cases are universal. To not accept new information I am doing more harm than good. Works C itedLongley, Robert. Lifetime Earnings Soar with Education - How a Higher Education Leads to Higher Lifetime Earnings. 2011. 04 April 2011 .One in twain African-American children lives in a single-parent home. 2011. 03 April 2011 .Prison Incarceration and Religious Preference. 2011. 03 April 2011 .Statistics on Religion in America Report -- Pew Forum on Religion & usual Life. 2011. Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. 03 April 2011 .

Abortion Essay -- essays research papers fc

Does a mother have the right to take the heart of her unborn child, n of all time giving it a chance to walk this existence and fulfill its immortal given purpose? Or is it Gods volition for that child to be taken at that time, to play an ever constant reminder to the mother of her past lasts, having God use that guilt trip or experience as a source to steer her aliveness? We neither have the ability to create nor abolish life, as it is God who last decides whether the person terminates that life. From a non-biblical standpoint, it is based on whether a adult female finds it ethically right to terminate a pregnancy and what effect it would ultimately have on her happiness. Therefore, stillbirth is not philosophically incorrect. In this paper, we will discuss the cosmological argument, individual relativism, and act-utilitarianism, all as they pertain to abortion, and how vivid law and ethical relativism cause opposition to these theories.As humans, we cannot create nor de stroy life, as nothing we do is of true free will. God is who dictates what comes into existence, and our actions, harmonise to cosmological argument, are not self-caused. According to this argument, a person cannot buck what it didnt create because is it ultimately the creation of God, not us, and it is up to Him as to how long each of his creations are in existence for. In this light, abortion cannot be viewed as wrong, as it is God who leads a woman to the decision to...

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Describe a Person who has influenced you in either a bad or good way Es

Describe a soulfulness who has influenced you in either a bad or good officeBright blue paint was chipped off the tarnished wooden siding. The glassy images were blurred, and their sills seemed to be decaying under the large collections of dust. There was a young girl performing by herself in the unkempt front lawn. This dwelling always caught my anxiety it attracted me in a peculiar way. Whenever I walked down my block, my awareness was displace to this particular plate. Its run-down look set it apart from the rest of the houses on Tuttle Street, but I soon realized the contents within this house were priceless. We have a new student today, Mr. Kurys ecstatically said. She seemed familiar, but I couldnt pinpoint exactly why. It didnt matter to me anyway I already had my group of friends. Wait a minute. Whats her bid? Thats impossible I have never met another rightyna before. From that day on, I looked at this girl from a completely different perspective. Just because we had the same name, I began to pay a little more guardianship to her. Before I knew it, two years passed and we were now in ordinal grade. Justyna & Justyna BFF was written on practically anything we could think of. Her move from catholic naturalize to our small public school became a huge impact on the next few years of my life. I was always over her house, if she wasnt over mine. Having different classes was fine we always managed to meet in the arse or by the water fountain to d...

Genesis, the Gospel, and Theistic Evolution Essay -- Science Religion

Genesis, the Gospel, and Theistic ontogenyIntroductionHumans have asked questions about their dividing line and their purpose on earth for eons. The Bible tells humans that God created them and explains their purpose. However, since the Renaissance, humanism answers questions about institutions by naturalistic means and intelligence has been re outlined in the process. roughly institutions of higher education and many individuals have adopted the naturalistic supposition of evolution to explain human germ without considering its effects on faith. In contrast to prevailing thought at Goshen College, a literal six-day cornerstone is foundational to the Gospel message. Combining evolution and Christianity makes ones faith slight(prenominal) logical and opens ones knowledge to new quandaries. Theistic evolution A Definition Before delving into the problems with theistic evolution, let us make up ones mind it. Theistic evolution rejects the Christian tradi tion of interpreting the insertion eld as having been normal 24-hour long time. It insists that only naturalistic mechanisms be considered when considering creation and the ascendent of life. Theistic evolutionists believe that humans and all other life forms evolved from a bacterial precursor in the distant past. For theistic evolutionists, naturalistic science carries precedence over the Word of God. However, in order to justify Christian faith, theistic evolution allows for the supernatural in order to explain forward-looking Testament miracles. In Biology Through the look of Faith, theistic evolutionist Richard Wright explains that theistic evolutionists rearrange the first chapters of Genesis into topical sections instead of interpreting them in a straightforward manner (2003, p. 92). He argues that the chr... ...(1995). The Beak of the Finch A humbug of Evolution in Our Time. Vintage Books recent York. Wright, Richard. (2003). Biology Through the look of Faith. HarperCollins San Francisco. 1 This problem with the surmisal of evolution was addressed by Stephen Jay Gould and other evolutionists. They postulated the punctuated equaliser possibility of evolution, which does not predict the numerous fossils predicted by the orthodox speculation of evolution.2 It may be noted that some people have objected to the apostle capital of Minnesotas assertion that death first came to earth when Adam sinned on the grounds that animals and humans ate plants. Therefore, plants died before Adam sinned. However, this objection ignores the scriptural definition of death. Death is repeatedly defined as being the spilling of origin in the Bible. Consequently, these objections are invalidated. Genesis, the Gospel, and Theistic Evolution Essay -- Science organized religion Genesis, the Gospel, and Theistic EvolutionIntroductionHumans have asked questions about their origin and their purpose on earth for eons. The Bible tells humans that God created them and explains their purpose. However, since the Renaissance, humanism answers questions about origins by naturalistic means and science has been redefined in the process. most institutions of higher education and many individuals have adopted the naturalistic theory of evolution to explain human origin without considering its effects on faith. In contrast to prevailing thought at Goshen College, a literal six-day creation is foundational to the Gospel message. Combining evolution and Christianity makes ones faith less logical and opens ones science to new quandaries. Theistic Evolution A Definition Before delving into the problems with theistic evolution, let us define it. Theistic evolution rejects the Christian tradition of interpreting the creation days as having been normal 24-hour days. It insists that only naturalistic mechanisms be considered when considering creation and the origin of life. Theistic evolutionists believe that h umans and all other life forms evolved from a bacterial precursor in the distant past. For theistic evolutionists, naturalistic science carries precedence over the Word of God. However, in order to justify Christian faith, theistic evolution allows for the supernatural in order to explain New Testament miracles. In Biology Through the Eyes of Faith, theistic evolutionist Richard Wright explains that theistic evolutionists rearrange the first chapters of Genesis into topical sections instead of interpreting them in a straightforward manner (2003, p. 92). He argues that the chr... ...(1995). The Beak of the Finch A accounting of Evolution in Our Time. Vintage Books New York. Wright, Richard. (2003). Biology Through the Eyes of Faith. HarperCollins San Francisco. 1 This problem with the theory of evolution was addressed by Stephen Jay Gould and other evolutionists. They postulated the punctuated symmetry theory of evolution, which does not predict the numerous fossils p redicted by the orthodox theory of evolution.2 It may be noted that some people have objected to the apostle capital of Minnesotas assertion that death first came to earth when Adam sinned on the grounds that animals and humans ate plants. Therefore, plants died before Adam sinned. However, this objection ignores the scriptural definition of death. Death is repeatedly defined as being the spilling of logical argument in the Bible. Consequently, these objections are invalidated.

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Alphagan P Essays -- Drugs, Treating Glaucoma

There has been a new step in science guide towards evolution. Alphagan P has been recognized as the next leading pharmaceutical in treating Glaucoma. It is gentle to the ocular surface, unlike other musics which john harm it. Alphagan P provides IOP lowering which is comparable to beta blocker, but is without the unbecoming partakes that most other medications cause. It is an alpha-2 agonist, which is a class of drugs that bind to and stimulate alpha-2 adrenergic drug receptors, causing responses comparable to those of adrenaline and noradrenaline.Alphagan was first introduced in 1996. The latest propagation of adrenergic agonist is thrity times more selective for alpha 2 receptors than apraclonidine. Because of its selectivity, it does not include the alpha 1 side effects that affect the total and blood pressure. The most significant side effects argon drowsiness, a dry mouth, and fatigue. There is also surface irritation, with about 7 to 15 percent of patients experiencing a llergic conjunctivitis. Alphagan has stayed popular since it first came out patronage its side effects. What should you know about Alphagan P before using it? fix sure to not use brimonidine ophthalmic (Alphagan P) if you have used an monoamine oxidase inhibitor such as isocarboxazid (Marplan), phenelzine (Nardil), rasagiline (Azilect), selegiline (Eldepryl, Emsam), or tranylcypromine (Parnate) within the by 2 weeks. Inform your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease, heart disease, circulation problems such as Raynauds or Buergers disease, high blood pressure, have a history of fainting or low blood pressure. Make sure to not use the medication if you use contact lenses because the medication contains a protective that can be absorbed by soft contact lenses. If ... ...wing finished with their education. Studies are now being done to further investigate this occurrence. Although Alphagan P has a list of adverse reactions reported, it is still the most used medication used to treat patients with Glaucoma. Many clinical studies have been done on the drug since it came out in 1996, and further enhancements have been made since. plant life CitedOsborne, S., Montgomery, D., Morris, D., & McKay, I. (2005). Alphagan allergy may increase the propensity for multiple eye-drop allergy. Eye, 19(2), 129-137. inside10.1038/sj.eye.6701441Bowman, R. C., Cope, J. J., & Nischal, K. K. (2004). Ocular and systemic side effects of brimonidine 0.2% eye drops (Alphagan) in children. Eye, 18(1), 24-26. inside10.1038/sj.eye.6700520ALPHAGAN P THE NEXT STEP IN THE EVOLUTION OF GLAUCOMA THERAPY. (2003). Review of Ophthalmology, 10(9), 8.

The Weary Blues and Lenox Avenue: Midnight :: essays research papers

The aweary Blues and Lenox route Midnight by Langston Hughes are two poems indite as scenes of urban life. Although these poems were written more than than seventy years past, it is surprising to see some normal similarities they share with new(a) daytime city life. Dilluted down with word fun and irrelevant lines such as And the gods are laughing at us., the rudimentary theme is evidently urban life. The Weary Blues and Lenox bridle-path Midnight go about the general topic of urban life from two different aspects also. The Weary Blues speaks of a person hearing a pitch blackness performing the vapours on a piano Down on Lenox Avenue the other night,. The poem is centered around this event, explaining He did a purposeless swayHe did a lazy sway It seems that Hughes was addressing the earthy intimacy of Negros, urban life, and the blues music seventy years ago quite a different approach than his other work.Lenox Avenue Midnight, my individual(prenominal) favorite of the two, is more of an outlook on urban life endorse then, stating that The Rhythm of life/ Is a jazzy rhythm,. There is an uneasy fellowship between urban life itself and the blues music that was so common during that time in that urban life itself is nothing but the blues and that the gods are laughing at us. Lenox Avenue Midnight is a more meaning(prenominal) poem, reaching out to anyone that could relate. In a way it relates to modern day hip-hop in the sense of reaching out to the common community of that culture and time. The Weary Blues on the other hand is more of an observation thing going on in the poem, observing the Negro man playing the blues on his piano. The poems indirectly relate to modern day city life. Instead of the blues, hip-hop has taken its place.

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The Right Key :: Free Essays Online

The Right KeyToday many common, everyday functions ar governed by punching the right keys. Whether you are surfing the World huge meshwork or making a long-distance phone call, you essentially insistency some type of key to manipulate some form of engineering. This susceptibility to manipulate engine room can be considered a literacy a control of the specific skills and familiarity gather upd to usage technology to a persons advantage. Beca drill of their far-flung use in everyday life, a literacy of different forms of technology is a necessity for people today. The ability to use some form of technology to your own advantage is to be technologically literate. Technology encompasses everything from computers, the World Wide Web, and e-mail to telephones, cash machines, and program library cataloguing resources. This definition implies just a working(a) knowledge and familiarity with the technology in the world today and not a complete, in depth knowledge. A knowledge is m andatory for all because technology is constantly surrounding people today. Computers and related objects are now utilize by not only scientists and engineers but also students and parents. A knowledge of how to search the World Wide Web can be multipurpose when a student is looking for references for a report. Checking a bank broadsheet balance over the phone can be a helpful skill for a parent with little time. Both skills however require a literacy of computer, telephone, and banking technology. In my own experience, a technological literacy is essential in my life there is not a day where I do not use some form of technology. Not only do I use a long distance code when art home but I also acquire money to lucre my phone bill from a cash machine. I frequently e-mail friends at other colleges and have an electronic meal plan on my college ID card. When writing papers I do research with the on-line library catalog and actually write my paper on my computer. If I did not know how to use these forms of technology I would certainly not be able to pass my english class. Thus for people who are illiterate person technologically their lives become more complex and at times tricky in a world which is very dependent on technology. If you urgently need money at midnight, and do not know how to use a cash machine, can you wait till the bank opens in the morning? A person can only search for references on a computer and save themselves large amounts of time if they know how to use a computer.

Napster - Stare And Live The Nightmare :: essays research papers

For many years the unload companies have rooted(p) record prices to avoid competing with each other and to maximize their profits. Currently, the record companies be collaborating in order to force Napster to shut down. The record companies are claiming that Napster is break of serve copyright laws. Napster is a peace of software available for free on the Internet, which allows you to download almost any song you can think of. exclusively you need to get Napster is a computer and Internet connection, the faster the better. Should lot feel sympathy for the record companies because of the supposed starvation as a dissolver of Napster file communion? Or should the sympathy lie with the users of Napster? allow us examine who is trying to shut down Napster and for what basiss. Let us also determine the reasons why people want Napster to remain open. The ledger Company is strongly opposed to Napster for one reason and one reason only. Apparently, the record companies are losing more and more of the market to Napster file sharing on the Internet. Record companies justify their lawsuits against Napster with the line so often use in press conferences, Napster breaks copyright laws. This phrase seems like a legitimize argument. One could understand the reasons for feeling this way. For simplicity sake, we will use Dave as an example. Dave developed a merchandise and sells it, and, at first, his product does very well. His product is then duplicated again and again by a person who purchased his product. Dave watches his gross sales plummet and, of course, feels cheated. Should Dave have the right to sue the person who copied his product? around people would say yes. This is the argument the record companies are making in defense of the lawsuits against Napster. However, let us look deeper into the matters of sales within the record companies. Record companies say they are suffering as a result of Napster. The price of a CD has stayed the same for many yea rs as far as I can remember. Why would the record companies non raise the price of a CD if their profits were dropping? Also, the sales of records from1999 to 2000 have actually increased 2%. Why would there be an increase in sales if, the record companies claim, Napster is hurting their business and pickings up some of the market? I am sure if Napster was untroubled for business in the record companies eyes, the record companies would not be complain about copyright infringement laws being broken.

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Karl Marx :: essays research papers fc

KARL MARX HIS WORKSThis radical testament be round the main elements of Karl Marxs work, which includes the Paris Manuscripts, which will focus on madness. The Communist manifesto, which will focus on Marxs political and economic theories and Capital Vol. 1., Marxs final work about how profits are made by the capitalist.Karl Marx was a liberal social reformer who believed that capitalism could be reformed and inequality and exploitation of the working classes could be addressed and abolished. (Stones, p.22) . In 1844 Karl Marx wrote and published The economic and philosophic manuscripts of 1844, better know as The Paris Manuscripts. This was Karl Marxs first work, where he writes a postulate about delirium of workers. (Hughes p.27) What does one mean by alienation? Karl Marx states that the estranged person feels a lack of meaning in his life, or a lack of self-realization. (Hughes p.27) One must understand, he argues, that there are trinity types of alienation. The first t ype of alienation is alienation from oneself. The second type of alienation is alienation from his fellow human beings. The third type of alienation is alienation from the world as a whole. These three forms of alienation are interconnected, and Karl Marx describes the connections among them. This is the core of his approach to the problem of alienation (Monthly Review, 2000, p.36-53). An example of alienation does non have to stem from the workplace, however. For example, I know many persons who get a line the akin church as I do, but attend it for completely varied reasons. I go to church to pray, to continue the family tradition, and to enjoy in the church functions. People go to church for a variety of reasons. People who attend the church only to be seen there and be superficially sensed as believers, are soon discovered and identified as such, and are usually alienated from the congregation. In 1844 Karl Marx met Fredrick Engels, another intellectual, and they became go od friends and collaborators for life. The Communist Manifesto was Karl Marxs best-known work. The Communist Manifesto was intended to be a book easy to read and understand by the working class. (Manning, shell Notes) Karl Marx believed that if everyone understood what the bourgeoisie was doing in order to exploit the worker, the proletariat would plug into and stage a revolution against the bourgeoisie. The Communist Manifesto was published in 1848, just before practically all of Europe became engulfed in revolution.

European Imperialism Essay -- essays research papers

European imperialism during 1450-1750, began as a plan to gain more riches for the European nations. The Europeans did this for three main reasons, which were for God, Gold, and Glory. The Europeans domination over Latin the States, Africa and Asia were made turn out to be good for the native people of these lands. However, the Europeans were not there to serving these geographic areas. They were there to spread their influence and gain riches for themselves and the European nations. The successes and failures of the Europeans and non Europeans would decide their relationship status for as long as they could co-exist.In Latin America, Cortes who was the conqueror of Mexico, and Pizarro the conqueror of Peru and the Incans, would avow the ancient Latin America civilizations for many years to come. In order to maintain steady control over the area, the two conquistadores would relieve oneself to create a faade for the Incas, Mayans, and Aztec tribes. This faade, would ache to hid e the fact that the Europeans had no intentions of providing aid for these natives. The extraction of riches and slaves would have remained a secret, while the Europeans would settle and pretend to help the natives out. Bringing guns, medicine, and new(prenominal) European inventions to the Latin American tribes and trading for more gold and new(prenominal) spices gave a peaceful demeanor to the Europeans. The slave trade involving the Latin Americans would fabricate the hardest thing to justify and later on it would be the cause of man...

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The Life of Caroline Phelps :: essays research papers

Caroline Phelps provides an insightful look into the changing locution of America including The changing American economy, the prominence of the American Fur Company, and a shift in white and Indian relations. The years of Caroline Phelps invigoration are some of the most significant years of our countries existence. at that place were umpteen revolutionary modifications to our country and through this journal we can get a clear perspective of life in the mid 1800s.We pick up with Caroline Phelps Life on March second, 1830. This is an important day in her life, as it is her wedding day. William Phelps, her husband is a rugged frontier pelt trader. Carolines parents did not approve of William because of his jagged lifestyle. He (her father) utter William was wild and careless and I would have to live like a squaw if I married him. Throughout the next few years we fill some character traits of Caroline. She lives a very demanding lifestyle her husband is precisely home and is gone for months at a time. Caroline also deals with legion(predicate) hardships with little complaint showing she will do what it takes to get by. I was so sick I could hardly get along and an aged Indian carried my child on his back. We went up a cliff that had cedar bushes to pull up by. The bushes gave way and I rolled down I dont know how far and injured my nose. It bled all everywhere my clothes. I was fatigued. I thought I would never get there. By this time, my dress was covered with blood and my face and hands besmeared all over. This excerpt clearly demonstrates Carolines ability to persevere through around anything. During her life Caroline had three kids, one of which is doubtful be her husbands. There is speculation that it may be an Indians. Caroline learns to become trusted friends with the Indians, Williams business partners. The Indians do many things for the Phelps including taking them places, guiding them to their destinations, and even percentage move thin gs from their houses. This can be seen in the following quote, I indeed gathered a few things and got the Indians to take them to a little pile where Eliza was. Caroline also plays a crucial part in the performance of her husbands fur trade business. She does all the behind the scenes work including keeping the enclose up, and the accounting.

Anorexia Nervosa Essay -- essays research papers

Anorexia Nervosa is characterized by a refusal to maintain a nominal normal frame cargo. A disturbance in perception of body shape and weight is an essential feature of anorexia nervosa. It appears to be far more(prenominal) present in industrialized societies, in which on that point is an abundance add up of food and in which being considered attractive is linked to being thin. The discommode is most common in countries like the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan. More than 95% of cases of anorexia nervosa occur in females between the ages of 14 and 45 years. Most researchers checker that out of every 200 American girls between the ages of 12 and 18, hotshot will develop anorexia to some degree. Therapists find that persons with anorexia usually lack self-pride and feel they can gain admiration and attention by losing weight and becoming thin.There is no single cause of anorexia nervosa, because its a complex disorder with multiple causes that may be diffe rent for every person. From what is know it seems that this is a disorder of many causes that come together to let out the illness. These recognized causes include the nature of the personality of the girl herself, aspects of her family its members and relationships, and stresses and problems occurring outside the home, oft at school. There is an increase risk in families in which there are other anorexics and this probably indicates a genetic cause also. whatever theorists have pointed to socialcultural factors as potential causes ...

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The Shepard’s Keeper :: Essays Papers

The Shepards flight attendantThroughout time there has been at least one perpetual that I am aware of. That constant is art. One particular parting of art deports out and catches the core. That prepare of art is The Shepherdess and Her Flock constructed and perfected by Jean Francois Millet. When one makes a certain judgment on a piece of art, one must be precise and certain nearly that judgment. When observing Millets piece I will take in to consideration three things to make my judgment use of color, theme, and meaning. The Shepherdess and Her Flock catches the eye real quickly. The painting consists of a shepherdess tending to her sheep in almost impertinent hills perhaps and most akinly in Western Europe. The shepherdess herself is standing secure a few paces ahead of her mint while they are all in all grouped together tightly apparently feeding. She is holding a cater while studying the ground. The look on her face makes her seem like she is disturbed for some unknown reason. The shepherdess is wearing many articles of clothing. Her first story is blue and reaches down to her ankles. The next layer appears to be some smorgasbord of shawl. The shawl is cream colored and only reaches just past her waist. The final piece of clothing is red and only covers her head. The grass beneath the shepherdess, which covers the entire land, has denuded spots and contains dandy lions giving it salient character. This is the grass on which the flock is feeding on. Watching over the sheep is a shepherd dog stand just to the right of the flock. The dog stands very proudly and has a great pride in his job. The sky in this work is covered on the whole with clouds. The only bare spot in the sky is at the very top of the painting where the clouds begin to split. Millets work appears to be situate early in the morning. Looking beyond the flock as far as the painting will allow, one can see some hills and trees and perhaps a small village or town. This painting is evoke with beauty and style and elegance. Millet comes to the edge of perfection is his work, The Shepherdess and Her Flock. When an artist creates a piece, in this case a painting, the artists must take into consideration the colors that he/she uses.

Ancient World :: History

Ancient WorldIn the beginning of this chapter it discusses how the pyramids were built, what adjudicate they served, the three pyramids at Giza, some messages found on the stones that were used to establish pyramids, and what a mastabas is. Pyramids be tombs built for Egypts pharaohs. Pyramids be large structures with four sides that are the shape of a triangle, that meet at the pourboire to realize a point. The ancient Egyptians used the pyramids as tombs for the pharaohs and temples for their gods. The pyramids engender one or ii little temples attached to them, which holds their relatives and servants. A few pyramids still stand today, and are great attractions for tourists. The pyramids were built by taking blocks of granite to the workshop, measuring the blocks down to size, cause the blocks, and placing the blocks into the body of the pyramid. The core of the structure is now completed. Then, you place the limestone blocks on the top of the structure (they started putt ing the blocks on top and then worked their way down). They leave two empty rooms to place the pharaoh and his belongings in. They sealed the pyramids so well, it took four hundred years for two robbers to figure out how to nonplus in. Free citizens, drafted for public work, not by slaves of any sort, built the pyramids. quaternary thousand expert stone sculptors built the pyramids all year round. An special work group of about ninety-five thousand men worked on the pyramids during the four-month period of the inundation (the time of enforced idleness for farmers, since the field were cover with the Nile water flood). The pyramids were built between the year 1600 B.C. and the year 2700. Many scholars conceptualise that the reason why the pyramids were built in a triangular form is because it has a religious meaning to the Egyptians. The slanting side might have reminded the Egyptians of the slanting rays of the sun, that the pharaohs soul could climb to the sky and join the god s. In the pyramids they hide the pharaohs body. There was a sleeping accommodation for the body. There was also a chamber for treasures of gold and other priceless items for the pharaohs afterlife. Sometimes a boat is set inside so the pharaoh would have a way to transport himself into his afterlife. In Pharaoh Cheopses pyramid, there was his mummy, caskets full of jewels, furniture inlaid with ivory and gold, silver and oriental alabaster bowls and vessels, chests filled with clothing and precious ornaments, and jars filled full of nourishment and wine.

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Lord Of The Flies - Whats The Point? :: essays research papers

skipper of the Flies - Whats the Point?Lord of the Flies, a literary classic, examines special social and human being natureissues. The boys experience power and leadership struggles, a battle with sadism, andthe never-ending fight for the role of intellectuals in society. The author WilliamGolding, presents human nature as a contrast to the reality of the boys on the island. old salt and Ralph were two boys who both cherished to be the leader. From the verybeginning of the admit the two boys had disagreements. rogue thought that he should beleader. Ralph was the central fount and he had a lot of pressure put on him to make doup with ideas for survival. Thats where Piggy comes in he was the never findsidekick of Ralph. Piggy always came up with the acceptable ideas to help Ralph be thepreferred leader. Ralph was a democrat, he treasured order and things to be accomplished. such(prenominal) as the rescue fire and huts being built. At start everyone wanted to help and getev erything achieved, but soon after(prenominal) the tasks went to a a couple of(prenominal) people. The boys who did notwant to work wanted to play. That is when knucklebones started to do some(prenominal) he wanted. Atfirst poop preferred rules, but after the book progressed he slowly put the things hewanted first thats when the battle for leadership starts between Jack and Ralph. Jackwanted to have fun and to hunt. He was the appointed leader of the hunters and he hadan habituation to kill. Jack got satisfaction out of slaughtering animals, it frenziede him feelcommanding and powerful. Jack represented dictatorship and showed how everythingshould be his way. He played on the venerate of the boys and persuades them to join his tribe. Jack had his own agenda to follow. Now that he had bidding over so many boys, he couldhave his own strengthen with guards. Anytime he wanted Jack and his hunters could go killwithout Ralph getting mad at them for not working. Jack won the battl e for leadership.Jack was the execration or the dark side of the island. The beginning of the story startedout with Jack and the rest of the boys painted as innocent. Jack was just a consort boy, butslowly his human nature was tested. He turns in to a bully, he picks on and fights withPiggy. Piggy is made an outcast by Jack teasing him about being a fatty. Jack as wellisolated Simon from the group by making fun of Simons flock of the beast, shown in this