Friday, January 25, 2019

Local Exchange Essay

When you send an email from New York to Japan, that email,is sent from your home to the topical anaesthetic anesthetic exchange plosive consonant oer the access communicate. Once it is in the topical anaesthetic exchange it is then sent to aggregating stop consonants in different cities and counties over the regional network. Then it is aggregated and transported over the long-haul network so that it reaches the launching point at the country shoreline where it is then sent over the ocean network to Japan. Once there, the email is sent back over the long-haul or regional network to the topical anesthetic exchange and then on to the individual receiving the email. This occurs utilize mostly fiber optics so the rush alongs at which all this takes is at the speed of light which is approximately 127,000 miler per second.To understand how to interface with the local exchange you essential first understand the different networks that comprise it. The first network being the acce ss network. The access network is the network that connects the individual user or business with the telecommunications system. This is made up of a series of fiber-optic and horseshit cabling and passive and active equipment that connects you to the local exchange. The central office at the local exhange contains the switching equipment to direct your telephone, data , video, etc. to where it needs to go. The access network is very important to the local exchange since its the split up that reaches the end user, who is you, and connects them. The tubing network, sometimes called a MAN (metro area network), is where the information is collected from the local exchange of the service provider as well as other service providers and and then sent on to the regional and long-haul networks. The regional network, sometimes called a WAN (wide area network) is basically just a larger version of the MAN or metro network.This is usually the last point before the information is sent to th e core network. The core network or long-haul networkis responsible for sending the information collected from the metro and regional networks over very long distances to the metro and regional networks of a different part of the geography, for example sending the email from New York to Japan. Because of the great distances this information essential travel on the long-haul network these networks will be set up so that there is always more than one route to expire to the destination point. Ocean networks are the most complicated and technically groundbreaking networks that connect different continents to one another. These networks are also the most high-priced to install since optical fiber cables for these networks have to be installed on or under the ocean floor.

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