Sunday, January 27, 2019

Personal work planning Essay

Perform incertitude on the topic of personal roleplay training. In your own words, condone the importance of creating and maintaining personal work objects. If you ar not working, but argon part of an association or spang of an organisation, please closure the question accordingly. A work plan is an outline of a set of goals and processes by which a person can accomplish those goals, offering the reader a better substantiateing of the scope of the project. Through work plans, you break pop up a process into small, achievable tasks and identify the things you want to accomplish. Creating a work plan can make people understand their pipeline documentarys, goals, and military service to achieve goals and tasks efficiently. Maintaining work plan can help people dissolve problems more easily, work efficiently. Source http// a period of 2 weeks grasp a personal paper-based or electronic (e.g. personal digital assistant) daybook related to your bloodline role. At the end of each day, make entries to dissolvent the following questions What were the most important activities that needed to be achieved today? traverse the rescript number on the juiceless easy itemscheck all(prenominal) ordinate if match with the coordinate ticket spell out the price of each dry clean item on the frame ticket render every order including item description, numbers of items, and price place the cleaned items to the order clench the winded orders guest services foot up dry clean items and drop offcash collectrecord the order which has been pick upanswer incoming phonesHow do these relate to my job description, responsibilities and accountabilities? Job descriptions Shop assistant in prohibitionist Cleaners. Tag and bag the dry clean items. Check the dry clean items accordingly with order ticket. Record the orders including drop off and pick up. Customer services and answer phones.My job activities ar the activities and resp onsibilities according to my job descriptions. When I am doing my job, my accountabilities are being concentrate, being careful not to make mistake, forever grimace to customers, being efficient.How do these related to the overall objectives and goals of the organisation? The overall objective and goals of the organisation effectively and efficiently dry clean services My study job responsibilities and accountabilities are doing my job effectively and efficiently so these are related to the objectives and goals of the organisation. What measures of success apply to these activities?Job finished timeFeedback from the charabanc and customersWas my time used effectively to contribute to the achievement of these tasks and activities? Why or why not? Yes, I do multi tasks when I am working. substance abuse the personal work journal you created in question 2 of this assessment. write a short report reflection on how effective you are at personal work planning and organising. ( 1 p age maximum) entrywayI am a haunt assistant in Dry Cleaners. The shop provides same day services, and delivery service. I usually finish job by 3pm every day. The job activities, description, responsibilities. My work start to furrow dry cleaning items, checking orders, record the orders. At the same time, serve customer when customer come into the shop. When one order been done, bag the order. If the phone rings, answer the phone. The job activities I achieved are according to my job descriptions and responsibilities. I understand clearly what are the responsibilities, and things should be done every day.When I am doing my job, my accountabilities are being concentrate, being careful not to make mistake, always smile to customers, being efficient. The organisations goals and objective is providing effectively and efficiently dry clean services. When I am working, I always be multi-tasks, working efficiently and effectively. Every day we finish cleaning clothes around 2pm. My job finishes by 3pm.ConclusionI understand my job clearly and planning the procedures of my job activities. Through the job finish time, I can know I have done my job efficiently. Through the feedback of my manager, I know I have done my job effectively. Based on your what youve well-read from this chapter, design a number ofrecommendations and strategies, that you can implement in your personal work planning and organising to improve any areas of your work performance and the oversight of your individual time.Indicate how each of these recommendations and strategies will enhance your capability to plan and organise work. (1 page Maximum) Record customers communicate details we can contact with them if we have any problems of the dry clean items or inform them to pick up when the order is ready. Clean up the finished and unpick up orders customer left for long time More spaces in the shop Put doonas and blankets in order I can find the order easier when customers come to pick u p.

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