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Crisis and Opportunity Essay

1) IntroductionNowadays, we have prep bed our own arena of technology. Convenience and efficiency argon catered through it. Yet, the earth, the natural human, seems to rebel against such artificial human beings, by direct signals of natural crises to us. In this project, we ar going to talk about How mint benefit from piss Crisis surrounding the theme Crisis and Opportunity. The peeing picture crisis is pronged out as cardinal sections, namely irrigate shortage and urine contaminant.The amount of peeing in the world is stable it just changes its somatogenic forms. Nonetheless, the get at of peeing shortages still exists. In fact, what we lack is clean pee. With speedy advancing of human activities and technology, and unfavorable natural features uniform un correct diffusion of rivers, the wet crisis is growingly affecting our lives negatively and takes them at risk. piss is staind by increasing human activities. Industrial wastes which include heavy metals like quicksilver and lead, harmful to living things, are illeg altogethery dumped into pissing comes Sewage is this instant deposited into rivers, which normally is a source of clean irrigate. Ultimately, orbicular thawing, was elicited by human too, depletes clean pee. With changing of climates, just about countries face more floods which pollute clean piddle while some(prenominal)(prenominal) other countries face more droughts which start out massive drying out of clean body of urine system.Now, we start worrying about the crisis be beat water overlooks our lives tightly as we could not survive without it. On the other hand, bulk are developing more and more solutions. By approaching the chore optimistically, this ought to turn this crisis into an opportunity so that we and the world kitty proceed sustainably. Scientists from all around the world have come up with ideas to solve the enigma piecemeal.2) Literature ReviewWe used secondary look into in this con stitution as thither is simply no way for us to fetch our own research on water crisis. We mainly consulted online websites and read some(a) online books. We in addition read articles from credible magazines such as National geographical thither is likewise a website called Global weewee Intelligence which is a Market-Leading website for the analysis of International water industry.From these sources, we mainly found out that water is very limited around the world and there are concourse dying from con sum of moneying polluted water or simply dehydration. We in like manner found out that the water crisis brought out some new technologies that changed the water pattern of the world.Have you ever thought of turning water from your wash-hand basin into crisping water? round people may deem that it is impossible, or even a disaster. However, in capital of Singapore, scientists have developed some methods, which send word change waste water into pure water. The reused water is called the naked as a jaybird pee.How to purify used water? Used water is collected from residence, companies, and schools, and and so it is purified by tercet steps. First, it undergoes microfiltration. Large particles faeces be filtered away in this step. Afterwards, it undergoes reverse osmosis. Differentially-permeable membranes are used in reverse osmosis. These membranes contain bantam holes, which keep only sanction water molecules to pass through, so pollute ways, such as viruses, bacteria can be removed. stick uply, ultraviolet lighthearted is used as a back-up to ensure the remaining micro-organisms were completely killed. This makes bare-ass water supply.On the other hand, some people might worry that in the altogether Water was unclean, and thus may affect the health of citizens. However, research conducted, as shown in figure 1 and 2, the level of organic substance and amount of bacteria in New Water was much bring down than the local reservoir water . Indeed, this shows that the New Water meets the requirement of drinking water so its safety was ensured. Compare to the other sources of water, New Water is even cleaner. Therefore, it was awarded many global water awards among these years, and this can surely tackle the riddle of water shortage without polluting.There is another way to tackle water shortage and pollution. Do you know how sailors obtain neo water when they are on a voyage? They obtain fresh water by changing sea water into drinking water. This method is called desalinisation.Sea water accounts for 97% of the worlds water resource. Only the remaining 3% is consumable for humans. In some countries like Saudi Arabia, there is water shortage. They only have a gauzy amount of consumable fresh water. However, they have a large supply of sea water. However the brininess of sea water is four times higher than our body fluids. When we drink salt water, water molecules in our cubicles will move out of the cell due to osmosis. This net transfer of water may cause our cells to shrink, which may lead to dehydration, and death in serious situations. So how can this modern technology military service us to turn this crisis into another opportunity?desalination refers to the removal of salt and other minerals of saline water to make it consumable. It has produce increasingly popular in recent years due to enhancement in technology. There are two methods for desalination.The most common fictional character is work by reverse osmosis, which is based on osmosis- the movement of substances from a lower concentration to a higher concentration. It is a membrane-technology filtration and removes salt and minerals by pressurizing the sea water, forcing them to move through the selective membrane. The selective membrane has pores that allow only water particle to pass through, so that salt molecules and other pollutants are trapped behind the membrane. The by-product produced in the process is salt. It creates an sparing opportunity.The process in a desalination plantThermal distillment is another way of desalination other than reverse osmosis. It is known as the multi- gunpoint flash distillation. It distillates water by flashing a portion of water into steam in multiple stages and then condense them into portable water.Where do we find desalination plant? In Hong Kong, the Water Supplies Department has two desalination plants which use reverse osmosis. The first one is located in Ap Lei Chau and the other one located in Tuen Mun. The government is also planning to build another desalination plant in Tseung Kwan O. There are 100 countries around the world which uses this technology. Saudi Arabia accounts for 25% of the worlds desalination output, with over 2000 desalination plants around the arena.A desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.Apart from the problem of water pollution and water shortage, water crisis itself can also be an opportunity, if we look at it from another persp ective. It can raise global sentiency and promote world(prenominal) cooperation. Thus it drives globalization.Water crisis is a global issue. It cannot be solved by only the cooperation of a few countries full cooperation from countries all around the world is required. Therefore, some international cooperation was established in order to help countries get together hands to solve water crisis. One of the examples is the realism Water Council.The World Water Council organizes the World Water Forum once every three years. In the forum, representatives from different countries join together and come up with some solutions to solve the water crisis. It includes signing of protocols, reducing pollutants in order to help geographic areas that are facing an immediate water shortage. This can not only help to solve the water crisis, tho also create peace among countries.3) Discussion and AnalysisWhat are the benefits of using New Water alternatively of local reservoir water? First, it can solve the problem of water shortage. In Singapore, there is not enough water because there are only a few rivers running through this small country, unless it is densely populated. Reused water is using the same amount of water many times, so we can have unlimited water source without worrying being used up. Moreover, using New Water can help protecting the environment. Waste water cause water pollution, which can contaminate fresh water source by using New Water, water can be reused and it will not cause any further pollution.This is beneficial to the environment. Furthermore, New Water can elevate tourism. In Singapore, the NEw Water take inors centre is a new attraction. It attracts tourists to visit as it provides opportunities for them to explore Science and learn more about water. Last but not least, New Water can help Singapore to make money, as it can sell this technology to other countries. Some countries, such as, China and Europe has already started using New Wat er instead, as it is purer than local reservoir water. In conclusion, New Water is replenishment solution, which can change water pollution and shortage into a juicy opportunity.Now, let us move on to desalination. Some people think that although desalination may seem to be a solution to our authoritative water crisis, it has received potential implications that cause harm to our environment. Fossil fuels or nuclear power are used in the majority of desalination plants. The burning of fossil fuels releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the air. The development in this disastrous greenhouse gas consequently makes global warming worse. Alternatively, but still, nuclear power is dangerous. The radiation leakage in japan had spread concerns all over the world. Radiation is carcinogenic. People living practiced the nuclear power plant had to be relocated. It even made Nipponese seafood un-consumable. Besides, the food chain is affected since water and soil is polluted by r adiation. Furthermore, membrane-technology is expensive.The production cost of water per meter cube is HK$7.8- HK$8.4. However, the advantages of desalination outweights its be because it can make water available to areas that have a barely supply of fresh water. Why Saudi Arabia needs a draw poker of desalination plant? It is because it is located in a place where there is short supply of water. With desalination, they can change sea water into fresh water. It provides a reliable and sufficient supply of water to the growing communities, which reduces the crisis of water shortage. More people will have a steady supply of water and lives will be saved. People will no long-dated die from the lackage of water. The costs of human lives are much more heavy than the costs of desalination.The cost of desalination is only short-term and it can be solved by using renewable energy instead, such as solar energy and wind power. Also, the cost of desalination will be lowered once it is dev eloped and widely used around the world. To sum up, desalination is another effective way to change water crisis into an opportunity.A coin has two sides. Water crisis does not only bring disadvantages, but it is also an opportunity for countries to join together and solve this global issue. This can improve international relationships and bring peace to countries.On the one hand, some people may argue that water crisis would not bring any peace to countries, but instead it brings conflicts and chaos. Some research show that as water crisis is getting more and more serious, water source becomes a weapon, and it may be a threat to other countries. Therefore, if one country is located at the upper course, while the other is located at the lower course, the one at the upper course can control the flow of water.However, the establishments of international organizations help to solve this problem together by promoting the saving of water supply and improvement of technology. This can cre ate dialogue channels and may help to maintain peace in certain countries. For example, the 6th Water Forum held in Marseille, from 12 to 17 frame in 2012 was a great success. Participants from over 145 countries join this event. They discuss global water problems together. Through debates and in-depth dialogue, they were able to know more about water crisis and many stakeholders commit that they would try their best to conserve water in order to help the needy. This shows that water crisis can raise global awareness and promote international cooperation.(+ but piecemeal and suggestion) (favourable risk and insight)4) ConclusionThe water crisis does not have to be devastating. Flipside, there are advantages of it on obstetrical delivery opportunities to communities, the world and to us. In face with the same problem, people unite and run the cluttered yarn of puzzle, mystery and problems. Because of the water crisis, people start organizing Water Forums so that opinions all arou nd are synthesized, analyzed and become a grand solution. Working scientists, assisting each other and aiming at the target, invented ways like the New water and desalination of water.Even the darkest night will end. And the sunbathe will rise. There is always a solution to a problem. However, we could not just rely on the technology to solve this problem but we should also help conserving water and raise the global awareness. To solve the problem entirely we must start from its roots. Take a shower instead of a bath. Dont leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth. Switch off any dripping taps. This will also decrease your electricity bill and help to build a greener environment where water is plentiful. If we still consume water at a stage like this, we are exploiting resources from our next generations, which doesnt make the planet sustainable. With the cooperation of everybody, we potently believe that water crisis will definitely change into an opportunity and t he world would be a better place to live in.5) Reference and AppendicesAsias Water Crisisand Opportunity (No.2 2011) Solutions http// Water Crisis or Opportunity? 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