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the color purple Essay -- essays research papers

annotate of Purple is a Novel by Alice Walker, published in 1982. It won a Pulitzer lettuce in 1983. A feminist novel about an ab enjoymentd and unschooled black wo art objects struggle for empowerment, the novel was praised for the depth of its female characters and for its eloquent use of black English vernacular. African-American people have had to climb everywhere many obstacles to get to their position today. First, was the selling of their people into slavery. Then, they endured slavery itself, cosmos case-hardened like an animal. After slavery was abolished, Colored people windlessness had to deal with racial discrimination and hatred. If this sounds rough, black women had it worse. African-American women had to deal with wholly the previously mentioned things, but they were women too Females were oppressed almost as drab as the blacks. White women were not equal to vote until the 1920. Therefore drab women had a double edged sword, they had to fight for freedom, b ut not be to dominate as to effect the men. Alice Walkers The Color Purple is a genuine example of colored womens plight. Three obstacles black women had to overcome to be able to express themselves were Racism, the lack of education, and the stereo-type that women are inferior. Sophia is Harpos wife and a very fortified character. She does not let anyone beat her or slap her. After the city manager of the town slaps her she attacks him and is sent to jail. In order to survive, she is forced to become the maiden over and servant for the mayor. Later she moves back in with Harpo and finally works for Celie in the general store. Black women were known as "the mule of the arena", before, in the 1930s, where this novel takes place. Sofia, one of the fictions characters presented by Alice Walker on her novel The Color Purple is portrayed as a strong woman, one of the "mules of the world", but, blush though she is insulted, beaten and underestimated, she is willing to transport the system and change the image of black woman that American black and white man possess. She is an honorary mule that wants to change the system, but in change, society breaks her. Sofia, a radical woman, is willing to give her life away to her being treated equally to the rest of the world. She wants to see this happening, and fights for it, pays hard, but never experiences this equivalence happening. First, she is discriminated by Harpo, who is taught by Mr. ... ... She stood outside on her side the car clearing her throat. last she say, Sofia, with a petty(a) laugh, This is the South. Yes maam, I say. She clear her throat, laugh some more. count on where you sitting, she say. Im sitting where I always sit, I say. Thats the problem, she say. Have you ever seen a white person and a colored sitting side by side in a car, when one of em wasnt fileing the opposite one how to drive it or clean it ?" (pg. 109). This is the kind of mentality possess by whites in t he 1930s, time of the book. Blacks and whites could not be seen treated as equal, as what was happening with Sofia and Miss Millie. The proof that shows that blacks are not ineluctably inferior, but equal or superior is shown when Sofia teaches Miss Millie to drive. All these examples show how Sofia demonstrates that blacks, nor women are less efficient than the rest of the world, the same or even more. Sofia is a fighter, one who fights for her rights of equality as a woman and as a black. She, as a feminist and proponent of radical equality wants to change the system, but society ends up breaking her, showing the little power of influence that a black woman has on the world.

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