Thursday, March 28, 2019

How do I keep my own biases and my own history from allowing me to und

I have a jumbled mess of education to process. I believe that being African America, Black, or of African descent, whichever is soon more than(prenominal) acceptable that I have a plethora of influence pointed in my direction. Being a female doesnt help remedy the dilemma. Growing up in what is considered a textbook black family assort I am the last of six children, my mother having had children by variant men, the home being on public assistance, growing up in a single pargonnt crime syndicate and church every Sunday. With a deceased father at the age of seven I became iodin of the 49% according to that grew up in a single family household lead by a mother only. I felt unlike then as I do now in the guidance I think and process information from a vast majority of people I am related to and whom I have encountered. non many of my views and opinions have a foundation based on my upbringing. I have no strong views in either direction of conservativism or li beralism and no ties to religion. Some may say I am a page ready to be written on enchantment others may say I am damned. Therefore I do carry bias opinions that overall do not fit neatly in any key hole. I find with much scene that I do hold bias against religion being a better form for raising children, the public assistance system, and the education system ability to prepare youth for adulthood. My bias on religion is that children elevated in a religious home or no more or less better than those raised without religion. Of the 83.1 percent of Americans who have any(prenominal) kind of religious affiliation some 16.1 percent have no affiliation this according to The Pew Forum on Religion and humans Life. I do believe that religion is an important aspect of civilization. Religions social organization all... ...each my children how to function as adults and I understand that not all cases are universal. To not accept new information I am doing more harm than good. Works C itedLongley, Robert. Lifetime Earnings Soar with Education - How a Higher Education Leads to Higher Lifetime Earnings. 2011. 04 April 2011 .One in twain African-American children lives in a single-parent home. 2011. 03 April 2011 .Prison Incarceration and Religious Preference. 2011. 03 April 2011 .Statistics on Religion in America Report -- Pew Forum on Religion & usual Life. 2011. Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. 03 April 2011 .

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