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Lord Of The Flies - Whats The Point? :: essays research papers

skipper of the Flies - Whats the Point?Lord of the Flies, a literary classic, examines special social and human being natureissues. The boys experience power and leadership struggles, a battle with sadism, andthe never-ending fight for the role of intellectuals in society. The author WilliamGolding, presents human nature as a contrast to the reality of the boys on the island. old salt and Ralph were two boys who both cherished to be the leader. From the verybeginning of the admit the two boys had disagreements. rogue thought that he should beleader. Ralph was the central fount and he had a lot of pressure put on him to make doup with ideas for survival. Thats where Piggy comes in he was the never findsidekick of Ralph. Piggy always came up with the acceptable ideas to help Ralph be thepreferred leader. Ralph was a democrat, he treasured order and things to be accomplished. such(prenominal) as the rescue fire and huts being built. At start everyone wanted to help and getev erything achieved, but soon after(prenominal) the tasks went to a a couple of(prenominal) people. The boys who did notwant to work wanted to play. That is when knucklebones started to do some(prenominal) he wanted. Atfirst poop preferred rules, but after the book progressed he slowly put the things hewanted first thats when the battle for leadership starts between Jack and Ralph. Jackwanted to have fun and to hunt. He was the appointed leader of the hunters and he hadan habituation to kill. Jack got satisfaction out of slaughtering animals, it frenziede him feelcommanding and powerful. Jack represented dictatorship and showed how everythingshould be his way. He played on the venerate of the boys and persuades them to join his tribe. Jack had his own agenda to follow. Now that he had bidding over so many boys, he couldhave his own strengthen with guards. Anytime he wanted Jack and his hunters could go killwithout Ralph getting mad at them for not working. Jack won the battl e for leadership.Jack was the execration or the dark side of the island. The beginning of the story startedout with Jack and the rest of the boys painted as innocent. Jack was just a consort boy, butslowly his human nature was tested. He turns in to a bully, he picks on and fights withPiggy. Piggy is made an outcast by Jack teasing him about being a fatty. Jack as wellisolated Simon from the group by making fun of Simons flock of the beast, shown in this

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