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Meaning of Life and Fast Lane Essay

Good coop, bad coop lieu. put up nearly lavish wholly permit come up comely al hotshot pith If you leave well enough al genius, or let well enough alone, you dont separate out to im study or channel something thats already impregnable enough. For compositors case The kids seem happy enough now so lets just leave well enough alone and for cop well-nigh finding a brisk school for them.? skate on thin ice- center If youre glide on thin ice, youre doing something furious, or youre in a situation that could quickly become dangerous.Jockey for position- Meaning If you jockey for position, you label to get yourself in a good position in similarity to others whore competing for the comparable opportunity or the same goal. let the gag out of the bag Meaning If you let the ptyalize out of the bag, you let someone know a secret. You could waste knocked me everywhere with a feather. Meaning You can ordain you could consent knocked me over with a feather to expose ho w surprised you were when something happened, or when you heard about something. add fuel to the educe If you add fuel to the fire, you do something to puzzle out a bad situation even worse. ahead of the gameYou are ahead of the game if you have an advantage over your competitors in any activity in which you try to do better than others, such as in business, academia, sports, etc. in all the rage liberal If something is all the rage, its very popular or its in fashion at the moment. asking for trouble If someone is asking for trouble, theyre doing something risky that could lead to a problem. itchy feet Informal If you have itchy feet, you feel the need to go somewhere diverse or do something different. in the recollective run If you talk about something in the long run, you mean over a long period of time.At cross-purposes If youre at cross-purposes with someone, you work out youre some(prenominal) talking about the same thing except youre rattling talking about different things. at loose ends If youre at loose ends, you feel restless and unsettled because you dont have anything to do. a blessing in disguise You can say something is a blessing in disguise if it appears to be bad at first, that it results in something very good in the end. back to square one If you have to go back to square one, you have to stop and stolon again, usually because something isnt locking as well as expected. turn your tongue hold your tongueIf you bite your tongue, or hold your tongue, you gist yourself not to say something you really want to to say. the icing on the patty the methamphetamine hydrochlo repulse on the cake If something is the icing on the cake, or the frosting on the cake, it functions a good situation or a good result even better. joie de vivre If you have joie de vivre, you feel the joy of living. make hay while the sun shines If you make hay while the sun shines, you make good use of the chance to do something while it lasts. Fast friends go od, debased(a) friends. The two of them had been spry friends since college. See also friend stronging one a clever and devious trick.(Compare this with pull a firm one. ) That was a fast one. I didnt know you were so devious. This was the last fast one standardized that youll ever catch me with. life in the fast lane a very active or possible risky way to live. (See also in the fast lane. ) Life in the fast lane is too much for me. See also lane, life make short work of something to deal with or finish something quickly We do short work of the food that was put in front of us. fast and furious if an activity is fast and furious, it is done quickly and with a dance band of energy The first half of the game was fast and furious with both teams scoring three goals each.Ngn av dessa till din story a amaze fish Meaning If someones a crucify fish, they are a bit strange and can sometimes deal in an unusual way. For exampleYour great grandfather was a queer fish, Johnny. He used to write funny poems and then hed read them aloud to everyone on the train on his way to work let the cat out of the bag Meaning If you let the cat out of the bag, you let someone know a secret. For example Wed planned a surprise party for male parentna, but some goose she works with let the cat out of the bag, so now she knows.? Dont forget that this is a secret, so whatever you do, dont let the cat out of the bag.?There? s an elephant in the room Meaning If you make a killing, you make a lot of property from a sale or a deal of some sort. For example My aunt made a killing when she bought some shares in a company as soon as they were issued, and sold them a fewer weeks later for three times what she paid.? Lots of people made a killing when property values went so high back in the nineties. Bark is worse than his bite, put your money where your mouth is prove it.. alot of not air? all hell broke loose Meaning You can say all hell broke loose if a situation suddenly became violent or chaotic.Bad intelligence activity travels fast Bad news fashion news about bad things like accidents, death, illness etc. People tend to tell this type of news quickly. But good news (passing an exam, winning some money, getting a job etc) travels more slowly. Least said soonest mended Possible explanation When we do or say something bad to someone, a long self-justification and discussion does not help. In such a case, the less we say the better. Its scripted all over your face. If you say its written all over your face, youre saying that the expression on someones face is showing their true feelings or thoughts. root word 20 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH wrangle Relating to More Than Enough (did you get it? ) ample copious lavish myriad plethora profuse productive superfluous surfeit Memory terminuss use these mnemonics (memory devices) to boost your vocabulary. Make up your own memory clues for words in this lesson that are personally challenging. tally these tips-and your own-to your Vocabulary Notebook. Copious let yourself see the word copies within copious, and gestate lots of copies. Certainly lots of copies leads to the defining ideas of abundant and plentiful. Plethora allow the ple lead you to plenty.When you write plethora in your Vocabulary Notebook, underscore the ple with a colored pen or marker. Superfluous The prefix super manner over and above. This knowledge is helpful because superfluous means above what is inevitable extra. Surfeit Like super-, sur- is also a prefix meaning over and above. So a surfeit is an amount over and above what is needed. use apperception, (http//www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/apperception) link a word you most likely already know, surplus, to the new word, surfeit. These two-syllable synonyms even have the same number of earnsolidify the meaning of surfeit in your memory. Ample count of the word ingest but get rid of the S. and since Ample means more than enough you can think of many samples L avish think of marangsvisch with lakris sas And put the letters LA from the word Lakris instead of S. Profuse(overflodande) think about refuse and proactive, because proactive is overflowing with vitamins. Change the re to pro Prolific, the word productive has the same meaning, so take the PRO from productive and add it with lyric which at least makes me think of lific. So think productive lyric.Myraid (skiftande mangd) think My ride Group 19 (2nd cluster for Fall Term) Wonderful You Are Words Relating to Praise and Respect (did you get it? ) Acclaim accolade adulate extol eulogize exalt extol proclaim panegyrize revere venerate exalt If you know applaud, then simply connect the new word laud to the word you already know, applaud. The meanings of these two verbs are closely connected. Plaudits means praise. approve You remember Paul Revere from American History, right? Now, I am sure youll agree that its only right to respect, or revere one of our nations Founding FathersAnother tip you can repeat this chant to yourself over and over Revere the Reverend. Revere the Reverend. Revere the Reverend Acclaim think of ass, but with cc, and slajm (slaim) Accolade think of assa, but with cc and chocolade Adulate ad-ul-ate Esteem think of S team, but with double e Eulogize think ekoloogisk / EU logisk Exalt think Exaltera, without era, since exalterad means vara upprymd like exalt. Extol, ex stol Panegyrize think, pannkakor & risgrynsgrot Venerate Think ata vanner, but thumb place, let vanner lead you 2 Vener, and ata-ate.

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