Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Extent To kill a Mockingbird critiques the cultural values of Mayco

To kill a mockingbird is a strong materialisation of harper Lee, the authors, upbringing. Having been raised in the small town of atomic number 13 in the 1920s she was frequently exposed to preconceived notion and this inspired her to economise a track record, her only to date, loosely based on her early days. gobbler Robinsons trial, set in Maycomb County, is a parallel to the Scottsboro Trial, which was an infamous face during Lees childhood, where a negro was accused of rape. However the speech pattern is based more on the lawyer, Atticus Finch, who defends him, as the book is pen from the perspective of his daughter, Jean Louise, known as outlook. Throughout, an importance is determined on the fact that its a sin to kill a jeerer as they only sing their hearts out for us and dont work through up peoples gardens. This is a comment on the fact that Maycomb lodge victimises tom Robinson, despite the fact that he is harmless and only does good, just like the mockingbi rd. This symbolic meaning resulted in the title To Kill a Mockingbird rather than the initial name Atticus as the publishers felt the book was not solely based on Atticus as a person. On the contrary, they felt the values of Maycomb society such as neighborly division and status, racial prejudice, double standards, integrity and courage were the focuses of the book. It is important to treasure the advantages a child narrator brings to a novel of this kind, due to Scouts innocence and youth she does not understand certain complaisant infrastructures which complicate the bighearted world, thus exposing Maycomb in a way that an adult narrator could not. This allows Harper Lee to critique the values of Maycomb society in a more subtle manner, for example Scout does not think people, but instead explains... ...ociety to a vast extent. It comments on the foundations of Maycomb as an marooned and inward looking society which allows racial prejudice to grow. The social division, ster eotyping and prejudice are also emphasized as each family has a bar and Tom Robinsons case is as simple as char and white Harper Lee also exposes the double standards and hypocrisy of the citizens of Maycomb, by using irony and giving the reader a perspective that the charters cannot see. At the forefront of all of the happenings in this book is Atticus Finch, who is represented as an honest man with strong values, he is a contrast to approximately people in Maycomb, and he shows us what it is to be a gentleman. Although Harper Lee does allow the reader to see some hope for Maycomb society and the changing racial attitudes within it, she generally criticizes their values to a some(prenominal) deeper extent.

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