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The Life of Caroline Phelps :: essays research papers

Caroline Phelps provides an insightful look into the changing locution of America including The changing American economy, the prominence of the American Fur Company, and a shift in white and Indian relations. The years of Caroline Phelps invigoration are some of the most significant years of our countries existence. at that place were umpteen revolutionary modifications to our country and through this journal we can get a clear perspective of life in the mid 1800s.We pick up with Caroline Phelps Life on March second, 1830. This is an important day in her life, as it is her wedding day. William Phelps, her husband is a rugged frontier pelt trader. Carolines parents did not approve of William because of his jagged lifestyle. He (her father) utter William was wild and careless and I would have to live like a squaw if I married him. Throughout the next few years we fill some character traits of Caroline. She lives a very demanding lifestyle her husband is precisely home and is gone for months at a time. Caroline also deals with legion(predicate) hardships with little complaint showing she will do what it takes to get by. I was so sick I could hardly get along and an aged Indian carried my child on his back. We went up a cliff that had cedar bushes to pull up by. The bushes gave way and I rolled down I dont know how far and injured my nose. It bled all everywhere my clothes. I was fatigued. I thought I would never get there. By this time, my dress was covered with blood and my face and hands besmeared all over. This excerpt clearly demonstrates Carolines ability to persevere through around anything. During her life Caroline had three kids, one of which is doubtful be her husbands. There is speculation that it may be an Indians. Caroline learns to become trusted friends with the Indians, Williams business partners. The Indians do many things for the Phelps including taking them places, guiding them to their destinations, and even percentage move thin gs from their houses. This can be seen in the following quote, I indeed gathered a few things and got the Indians to take them to a little pile where Eliza was. Caroline also plays a crucial part in the performance of her husbands fur trade business. She does all the behind the scenes work including keeping the enclose up, and the accounting.

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