Friday, March 15, 2019

Yahweh: The Powerful, Soverseign Being God Essay -- text, behind, fron

Since the beginning of time, Yahweh has been illustrated as a powerful, sovereign being, and as the creator of good and satanic. This characterization of matinee idol is presented through a methodological analysis of the three worlds- world lav the text, world in front of the text, and world of the text- in Isaiah 6 and 1 Kings 22. The world behind the text is the era of Ahabs ruling. The king of Aram and Ahab, the king of Israel created a treaty upon their kingdoms. However, in the third year of their treaty, Ahab and his vassal, King Jehosphaphat, realize Ramoth-gilead belonged to the Israelite kingdom. originally seeking battle, King Ahab look fors upon his 400 prophets to determine if the kingdom was in elevate in battle. However, King Jehosphaphat doubts Ahabs royal court. Hesitant of Micaiahs unfavored predictions of Ahab, the king summons Micaiah. Micaiahs descent with the other 400 prophets was stable, until the messenger of King Ahab tries to persuade Micaiah to lie to the king, 1 However, Micaiah speaks the truth and predicts failure for Ahab. Because of Micaiahs faithfulness to Yahweh, the 400 prophets resent Micaiah in concern that his prophecy is accurate. Fulfilling Micaiahs prophecy and the ennobles intention, Ahab is defeated and killed in war.Micaiah and Isaiahs revelation of matinee idol ar analyzed in the world in front of the text. Isaiahs prophet call and the account of Micaiahs prophecy has similarities and difference between the cardinal texts. Isaiah 6 and Micaiah 22 passages describe Yahweh enthroned at divine council. A judgment is being held regarding the emerging of the human realm. The two prophets, Isaiah and Micaiah, witness the discussion of this issue between graven image and the heavenly council. The Lord asks for assista... ...t. In 1 Kings, Micaiah foretells that 8Cyrus carried out the Lords mission and set up Israels salvation he became the new king of Israel, and new shepherd for the Israelites. The Lord i s recognized as being the creator and controller of nature and history, 9 God is the maker of weal and woe, good and evil. Yahweh creates a temporary evil to entice Ahab to seek war. He places a lying spirit in the mouths of his prophets to support his decision to battle Aram. Because of this temptation and evil, Ahab is defeated and killed at war. The two prophets accounts of God have structural similarities however, they both contain differences. In Isaiahs hallucination of God, He is illustrated as a powerful and sovereign being. Whereas in Micaiahs passage, Yahweh is represent as a creator of good and evil. Isaiah 45 combines these two characteristics of God to better explain.

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