Saturday, April 13, 2019

College Inc Essay Example for Free

College Inc Es severaliseAfter watching the documentary College Inc, I have come to the acknowledgment that colleges atomic number 18 not at all as they seem. Many colleges are a for-profit college which is institutions being operated by profit-seeking business. This video was pretty much roughly for-profit schools tuition being more than company college tuition. It was in any case about the lengths that for-profit schools testament go to get as many community to scratch there and get the currency necessary to keep the college alive.The video also included the many for-profit colleges had so many people enroll and knew that, they were coercing kids and business executives to invest in there college. wiz thing I put up very enkindle was the fact that they are charging people more to take online classes, then to actually be in a class. I also found it interesting that most students are actually taking online classes which is a unsloped idea especially, if they can not take actual classes or if they have a mull that that takes up there time during the day/night.A second fact or observation I found interesting was this has been going on for how long and they are just now telling people about it. These profit schools are only profiting money, just the department of facts of life is finally seeing what is going on with colleges. The governments role in this scam is that they are aware of whats going on but are not really doing anything, other than giving the colleges money to stay afloat. The colleges are in fear of losing there grants/funds because the department doesnt see a growth in education and people finding jobs after they graduate.The colleges are telling kids what they want to hear, if you apply to so and so you will get tour diploma in no-time and find a job soon after. They way colleges are run like a business is the way people advertise and say what they can cop/ earn from the business they are in. What interests me as a busine ss law student was that its in paternity colleges have to do anything to get students to sign up and get started with classes. I do understand that for-profit colleges are putting pressure on there employees to get as many students enrolled in there school, or else they are the ones that are losing in the end.Another interest to me is that community colleges are very underrated, many people go to community college because they are not sure what they want to do in life or, they are working to provide for there families and themselves. Most community colleges are under funded so the expectations of the school are rising and the funds are going down each year, leading to perform with limited resources. One other interest to me is the fact that the colleges paint a picture perfect life when you get your diploma, but they do not tell you the enormous debt they leave you in when your gulle with there college.On the other hand I do believe that people should know what they are in for whe n signing up to a for-profit college, your are paying an arm and a leg for an education and then you are in debt for many years. In my opinion I believe in going to a community college is a good choice for at least a year or two. I believe this because if you dont know what you want to do or you want to stay close to home, you can do that with a community college.You save a little more by going to a community college especially if you are trying to go part-time because you work, you can go to school but also save money incase you want to go to a four-year college. In closing after exhibit the documentary College Inc, I have come to the conclusion that colleges are not as they seem. They will say anything to get students to enroll and then leave them to dry when they can not get a job after they graduate, and left with over a thousand dollars in debt.

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