Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Company and Application Exercise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Company and Application Exercise - Essay ExampleMy last(prenominal) work do it, experience and interpersonal skills makes be capable of fitting into the tune requirement. Together with the special packet competence in engineering application, I am capable of achieving the requirements of the job across various cultures as per the job requirement. Therefore, it would only be ideal that i bring in my wealth of knowledge and experience into the companys operation and use my leadership skills and competence to help realize the companys objectives. Name xxxxxxxxxxx Address street number Mobile phone number, Home telephone Email Personal Profile I posses effective communication skills and I am capable of developing a communicating relationship with muckle I may not know it total varied environment making it possible to move with various people across various cultures to ensure accomplishment of tasks. I have a show leadership track where I have managed to lead various groups of craft smen as required in suppose to achieve designated task. Further, I am a team player who is ready and willing to work with others in creating the enabling environment for accomplishing tasks. I have proficiency in various engineering software indispensable to accomplish tasks and analysis or various data to arrive at the necessary conclusion. These include firedog and MATLAB. I am also willing to learn more software application as my job will demand from time to time. Education 1. B. Sc .Civil and Construction Engineering, University of Mississippi, July 2011 The four year training in engineering was inclusive of practical skills such project supervision and design work. 2. A levels, Mississippi refine school, Technical application, graduate, July 2009 At this stage, I acquired fundamental engineering knowledge with exposure on engineering projects and related works. Employment History 1. Field executive program, City Council, August 11 present I worked as supervisor in charge of plumbers with the responsibility of ensuring water connectivity to city residents. Coordinate the works of a team of 20 plumbers to various parts of the city to ensure that water connections were in place and correcting any possible problems. as well reported to the water engineer on the daily developments in the water supply of the city. The city council benefitted through with(predicate) the assured continuity of water supply to the residents and thereby reducing complaints from the residents leading to improved revenue hookup from the residents by the Council. Achievement The major assignment during the attachment period was to research, analyze and propose the causes of water shortages and the lendable methods to solve. Providing a recommendation to be followed in solving the water shortage problem was the ultimate objective. Benefits to employer The city council was able to determine, through my services, the extent of water shortage and projection of such increases if they were not mitigated. The employer also espouse water shortage mitigation strategy as recommended by me which was effective and the pressure was considerably eased. 2. ancillary Engineer-Operations, Hayer Construction-China, August 10 Nov 10 Feature To supervise and coordinate the site operations on the saying project Activity Planning for the supply and availability of quality on the site. Assigning duties accordingly to assorted people to ensure the flow of the project activities. Benefit The benefits the

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