Saturday, March 9, 2019

Greed †Good or Bad? Essay

Greed captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. (Michael Douglas, Wall Street). The precise idea of edacity carries a negative con nonation, however, does it drive the economy to larger and better social functions? I think so, because without greed, people wouldnt have a lust to create bigger, better, to a greater extent efficient products. Greed causes competition of companies, all(prenominal) comp each wants to be rated 1 by consumers, and its that greed that leads to more productivity and innovation.Nearly everyone wants to get at least one thing that they dont have, and to want that youthful car, new house, new computer, new bike, or whatever it is, the majority of people are willing to do al or so whatever it takes to get it, that itself is greed. And greed feeds the Ameri shadower economy and keeps it going, greed leads to expansion in foreign hatful and creates tune opportunities. It causes an expansion of trade because people are willing to trade with other cou ntries for goods that we our self cant produce, or that can be produced cheaper. Greed is one of the most powerful tools in the States however, some would argue that greed is a bad thing because it leads to scandals and crime. This can be true, however, greed is used fruitfully more often than not.Greed isnt only good for business owners or producers its good for everyone because it motivates everyone to strive for better things. Greed is the impulsive force of the economic world, and if everyone had the same financial, social, and political status, no one would mete out to strive for a better life. Rich people are not greedy in fact they donate more to the unfortunate ones than any other class of people in America. Greed is especially a driving force in the American economy because everybody in America wants to get rich. Some people say greed is a essential evil, I say it makes America the powerful country it is today, and gives everyone the dreams of making it big.

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